Uncle jahleel

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What happens when a thick chubby princess moves in with her uncle?

Good morning princess is what I hear walking  Into the kitchen. In there waiting For Me is my Uncle jahleel. I had on a fittedShirt with leggingsAnd proceeded to walk to him and hug him. He puts his hand on my lower waist And kisses me on my forehead. I say Good morning to him as I hug him. He held me for a bit while I placed my head on his chest. I could feel his large dick print against my tummy as he pressed against me gently. Uncle jahleel is a strong bralick 6’4 man. He has milk chocolate skin with medium length dreadlocks and full lips, he’s also in his mid 30s. I’m 5’3 with milk chocolate skin & full lips as well.  I have a tummy & super thick thighs. I have a chubby hourglass figure & im definitely a head turner. My body has always been mature for my age & has caused me lots of attention from older Men. I started liking older men when I was 14 due to how many of them wanting me while knowing my age. Some men have told me that they wished I was there daughter or niece or younger sister so they could fuck me. I never had those experiences but the more I was told this, the more I started liking the idea of it. Jahleel definitely had a type Thick woman but he never seemed interested in taking a girlfriend only friend’s with benefits. I started living with him when he moved closer to the neighborhood I wanted to go to school in. It was convenient for us both. Now at 21 I noticed my uncle was attracted to me when I’d catch him staring at me. He always liked my outfits that showed off my pretty chubby legs. He plays a big part in my confidence. One time I was sad that I was cubby & not thinner bc I felt I didn’t look good in any outfits for a party we were going to. He was dressed knocking at my door “baby girl are you ready ?” No im not going I told him. He came in my room & sat on my bed. “Why not?” I don’t look good in anything my clothes are getting tighter on me & dosen’t look right. He placed me on his lap & said. “Your so gorgeous your my little princess, you have such an amazing body for your age woman my age would kill for. Girls look better with meat on there bones & your a thick little baby you’ll understand when you get older ” and he kissed me on my forehead. He went to my closet & pulled out my short strapless black dress. It was fitted at the top and flowy at the bottom. He left so I could get dressed and it stopped 4 inches above my knees. When I came out he nearly drooled instantly picking me up placing his hands under my ass while I wrapped my legs around his waist. “Your perfect princess ” and began walking to his car while carrying me. He often picks me up like that a lot whenever I come home & he’s there. Ever since that night I started having a crush on him. I started dressing more provocative in front of him getting his attention more. One time we were watching movies on the bed in his room together I was planning on just going to sleep but he called me. It was late so I only wore a oversized T shirt and went in his room. I laid on his chest as the movie played while he sat up. I fell asleep but when I opened my eyes my head was on his lap & seen a   Big  bulge  I laid there without speaking. My uncle was hard and my face was inches away from his huge dick. He started rubbing my hair stroking my face. He put his hands on my full D cup titties and asked me if I was awake.  I didn’t respond. He then moved to my ass & put his hands under my shirt and rubbed it. It felt good but then he got a phone call, & left in a hurry. Once he left I fell back to sleep. Time went by & now im laying on my back with my legs open under the covers. I didn’t hear him come in but I was awoken to a wet pressure on my clit. My uncle was eating me out I gasped and sat up. He moved on top of me holding my face. “Princess your so fucking sexy, I can’t help myself around you
Seeing your phat young pussy when I moved the covers drove me to the edge. Let me have you” But your my uncle. I know baby girl I’ve been wanting to give you this grown man dick since you moved in. He leans in and kisses me. I started getting wet & horny by his touch. He moved back down & devoured my pussy while rubbing my titties. He held me down from running & ate me until I nutted.
I went down & rubbed his 10 inch pole. I put the tip in my mouth & hearing this grown man grunt made me so wet. I kept going until he picked me up & put me in missionary.
It took a while for him to get the tip in even tho I was soaked. I’m extremely tight. He got it in and he moaned baby your soo tight I love your young pussy. He rubbed my clit with his thumb until I nutted again. We fucked for 2 hours straight I nutted 8 times. Afterwards we showered & he baked Brownies and gave me ice cream. I woke up to breakfast in bed & my uncle telling me he wants to eat me again I have the best uncle ever.

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