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Train my little sister part 2

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As I was cuddled up to Faith that night, I barely slept. However, she was fast asleep.
I wanted to shove my dick in her tight little pussy and choke her, as she begged me to stop.

“Goddamn laws,” I murmured

It was too soon to fuck her, but with time I would turn her into a dick loving slut slave.
Using my fingers, I gently squeezed the beginnings of her breasts. Being careful as not to wake her, but train her body to be lustful.

After a few hours I couldn’t take it anymore, and got up careful not to wake her and went into the bathroom then jacked off thinking of picking up her tiny smooth body and ramming my dick into her until she leaked cum from her smooth, tight, little pussy.

Once I had finished, I picked up her bra and panties and threw them away. The next day I would take it to the next level I then slid back into bed now with my dick soft but still putting it next to her pussy and fell to sleep

On waking up that morning, I found faith on the ground bent over, ass in the air while she was searching for her undergarments on her hands and knees.

“Huh, how did you do that with your private?” She asked

For the First time she seemed particularly interested in my dick. I guess it wasn’t a big deal the day before because it was hard and stayed the same. Or maybe she just wasn’t paying attention to it until now.

I looked down and swung it around like a small sword as she locked eyes on it. Ass still sticking up in the air. Frim slim young preteen body with muscles tensed from her bending over.

“It does that when it is ready to be milked” I said grab it and rubbing it lightly

“Milked? Like a cow?” She said standing up. Her bright blue eyes shimmered with curiosity, we her eyes stayed locked on my dick. Her cheeks turned a light red.

“Yup, but it tastes even better than milk and makes you grow tall and strong” I said smiling

She stared at it for a little longer, then went back to looking for her underwear.

“Have you seen my clothes?” She asked looking around

I put them in the washer last night after you peed the bed. Some got onto our clothes, so we can’t go anywhere until they are all cleaned”

I stood up heart beating and leaned down and gave her a kiss on the lips. She took a step back surprised for a second.

“Besides I like you better like this, you have a sexy body” I said I leaned back from the kiss

She stood there frozen for about 10 seconds thinking about what happened. Then licked her lips making a funny face.

“That kiss felt funny” she said making a gross funny face leaning her ass out and her face fords

“Well, let me get my special milk and mix it in to make the cow milk taste better” I said
She watched as I grab a bowl and came back then sat down on the bed grabbing my dick with my hand

“That sound gross!?” She said but sitting down next to me to watch

if you want to have pretty hair and grow tall you need to mix this in with your food” I said

Then I started to jack off looking at her sexy body knowing soon it would be all mine. Faith leaned very close and as she did I grab her hand causing her to jolt face turning red. I pulled her hand with a little force to touch my dick.

“I-it’s so-oft” she stammered hiding her face in her hair

“If you help I will buy you whatever flavor of ice cream you want after the clothes wash and dry”

I then wrapped her hands around my dick moving them up and down keeping my hand around hers

“I don’t wanna do this my hands are sore” she said trying to pull away

I kept on though, with my hand holding hers tiny smooth hands around my dick moving them up in down. God, it felt so good!

“Ohhh fuckkk” I said as my body tensed up, and I began to ejaculate into the bowl

“Your milk is coming out?! It’s going to get on my hand!!” she protested, but I held her hand firm on my dick watching a little drip onto the back of her hand

She stood there staring confused, frightened, and intrigued. I stood up and kissed her on the lips for about 10 seconds then smiled at her.

“I’m so proud of you! You’re so talented and beautiful!” I said as I stood up from kissing her

She stood there dazed then looked at me smiling proudly, not to sure what she did but knowing she did a good job

We went to the kitchen and I made two bowls of fruit pebbles cereal acting as if I put my “milk” into both but really leaving it in just hers

“Remember you don’t want to waste this! It will help you from getting sick too.” I said I started to eat my cereal

“Will it taste different?” She asked, as she stared with her spoon in her hand

“Nope, taste the same to me” I said taking a big bite.

She played with her food then took a bite

“I can’t taste it! Your right” she said as she dug into her food

I had her clean up the house as I went and checked the stocks online happy to see everything was steady and made a few phone calls sorting everything out

Faith took some covers and built a cover fort.
I believe she found all the extra covers in my closet and built the whole thing while I was working.

I walked into my living amazed at what she had done in such little time. On top of the couch there she stood sexy little body standing proud as she proceeded to proclaim

“I am queen of this castle! Who dares enter!?”

I saw the perfect opportunity to get close to her body and start the real training

“I do! The goblin king! I will capture and torture you until you pee yourself” I said jumping under the blankets crawling after her.

She let out a loud scream and then jumped down trying to get away giggling as I grab her by the foot dragging her back under the covers

“Now I will tickle you until you pee!!” I yelled as began to tickling her body making her laugh and squealing

I then slid my hand over her mouth holding and clamping her mouth shut. I moved my other hand, and took and slammed my fingers into her pussy. It squeezed tight around my fingers probably the first thing to ever enter her petite smooth pussy

“Mmmum!!!” She tried screaming but not making any sound as I made sure my grip on her month stayed there. Her body tensed up straight as a beam as her legs shook eyes going wide. She began to try to move, but I soon put all my body weight on top of her making her unable to move

I was so intoxicated by her body. The only sounds were her muffled screams and the sounds of my fingers slamming in and out of her pussy now soaking wet. Her feet went straight out as she tried to kick head jerking around trying to get free

“Pee for me queen of the cover castle!!!” I hissed as a grin split my face

Her face turning bright red and her body slightly losing as she finally gave in as a tear rolled down her face.

I went as fast as I could feeling her pussy squeezing even tighter as her whole body started to shake. She closed her eyes as she let out a quick, but loud moan as she orgasmed

Her body went limp, as I let my hand off her month as she gasped for air

“Now you can milk my cock or let me make you pee again using my cock” I said sitting up as much as I could, pointing to my dick

She laid there confused, terrified, and yet in pleasure. I leaned her up and put her hands on my dick. I then left her hands there and leaned down kissing her lips and biting her lip

“Good girl, I’m very proud of you. I like this game”

She sat there face bright red and then looked me in my eyes, with what looked like passionate love.

“Y-you scared me! I didn’t wanna actually pee” she said puffing up her cheeks

I began to move her hands up and down, and she looked down at my dick. To my surprise she picked up speed on her own and seem very focused on it.

“You promise not to make me pee again” she paused and looked at me with a glare in her eye

“I promise if you do what I say” I said kissed her forehead

“Fine” she said face bright red as she moved her hands up and down once again. Tiny hands wrapped around my dick.

I leaned back groaning as she did, and she watched me with big eyes then watched the tip of my dick.

As I got started to climax I grab her head and slammed it against my dick. Nearly not getting to her month in time as I cummed.

She spate it out coughing
“Ewww it’s salty!” She said wiping her face and mouth.

Laughed and then picked her up carrying her over to the bedroom to lay her down. I then cupped her face placing my other hand over her nipple kissing her seeing how much progress I have made with her

“I love you” I said, standing up going back to the living room to clean up the “fort” I destroyed when I stood up to carry her in the bedroom.

“I love you too” she said biting her little lip face turning a dark crimson red

She wrapped up in the blank going to sleep not even before noon as I cleaned everything up. After I was done I went and cleaned our dishes. Then actually went to start a load of out clothes. I did my morning workout and chores then went in laid in bed. As I wrapped my self around her, she slid her little slit to my dick making instantly hard.

But this time, she moved her hips ever so lightly as I moved mine. She let out little gasp of moans out and placed one hand down on her slit keep it still. Her body tighten as she let out one big gasp. I kept going as her little legs squeezed my dick until I let a load out all over her pussy and belly.

She lay still, not making a sound

“We can shower later” said wrapping my body around hers

“Ok-ky” she said turning her head, eyes shine as she looked at me

I lean down my head kissing her, dare I say making out with her then lay and fell asleep next to my 10-year-old sister.

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  • Reply Dearbrother ID:1dxo0dqsem34

    I apologize for the long wait! I was injured and have just gotten back! I will start work on this story again! I am also will to write many other stories and will have a way for you to contact me about ideas or just the start of one.

  • Reply Lil D ID:sfivffh0k8a

    When are you putting out a part 3?

  • Reply Keep it going ID:1cyit7azkgqz

    I could see a story line in this thing it takes like 6 months for him to get his dick in her then on 13th birthday she fines out she’s pregnant they moved out to the middle of the words shortly after the parents died, so we had full control over her and she never learned about sex then they several kids when the girls get to just before their 11th birthday he starts it all over again but this he started her training submissive at birth by the time of her 11th birthday her only thought will be will please daddy and if it’s he’ll be mad then they don’t do ever he teaches his sons to have sex with their sisters and mothers he kept this up until he died in his 90’s with a 13 year old daughter sucking on his cock

  • Reply lol ID:10ws7nvwxqal

    cant wait to read part 3 this story is awesome!

  • Reply Mr. C ID:5u0zqyy6ia

    Should you add animals at some point like dog perhaps when you get to the end of the set of stories

    • Big red ID:vuf1n20d

      I would love that

  • Reply Lil D ID:1eonwlu7yuka

    You should teach her about sex education and then give her the seed of life

  • Reply Lil D ID:1eonwlu7yuka

    I would love to see her become a personal cum dump

    • Dearbrother ID:1dxo0dqsem34

      In due time.

  • Reply Trickster ID:7zv3ga63d3

    Not only do little girls need to be taught how to take cocks inside thier tiny bodies they need to be taught to eat other little girls pussy and ass. W I c k r. Littlegirlsmmmm

  • Reply Dearbrother ID:1dxo0dqsem34

    I will be adding some suggestions from the comments in part 1 in part 3! Make sure to throw out any suggestions

    If anyone is interested I may make a discord for input for stories. Let me know if I should.

    • Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0b

      Deine Geschichte ist so verdammt heiß du solltest deine kleine Schwester in die Freuden des Analfickens einweihen

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1cvwq9idxptb

    Part 3 🙏

    • Dearbrother ID:1dxo0dqsem34

      Will start working on it Wednesday!