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They know where I live

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My address is on the bathroom stall door : “ Sucking cocks Saturday nights until 3am b4 my mom cums home from work.. Danni .. was all it said

It all started when I sucked my first cock an older guy at the park.. I was high young stupid horny and b4 I knew it I was falling in love with a strangers cock. I moaned like a girl begging him to fuck my mouth like it was a girls pussy..
Instantly I felt regret as his cum was filling my belly, I got scared confused embarrassed at what was happening I’m naked on my knees sucking a stranger in a public restroom at the park.
I stood up getting dressed head down. “;I’m sorry mister that was wrong stupid please don’t tell on me I can never do anything like that again “

He smiled at me showing me his iPhone it was me sucking his cock cum on my face begging like a cheap slut… “ Your mine now boy I always wanted a pretty little boy like you I’m gonna be your new daddy look at you so innocent looking pretty like a girl cum on your face “

“ Fuck off old man or I’ll tell on you I’m just a Kidd leave me alone or “ I screamed as I ran home
WTF did I do and why was it so exciting dirty sexy. I wasn’t paying attention or I would have noticed someone was following me. Walking up the driveway a van pulled up it was that old guy.
“ What the fuck get out of here I told you to leave me alone”;
“ Don’t worry boy I’m leaving but you forgot something I’m just giving it to you”
Curious I walked to his window wondering when I saw that video of me I was pleading for his cock begging moans lust in my eyes.
“ Please mister I…I… can’t this is wrong… a mistake…” I heard myself on his video telling him i loved sucking his cock and wanted to be his little Faggotboi. I blushed smiling to myself

“ We can’t not now not here it’s wrong.. in a trance i opened his door he was naked..
=“ Oooh god no can’t…don’t tell..wrong…oh good hurry oh Fuck yes oh my daddy use my mouth as a girl like a pussy oooh fuck hurry seed my belly with your hot cum”
He came in my mouth I came hard I was panting like a bitch in heat.

Again I felt guilty embarrassed what the Fuck got into me .. “ I won’t tell if you don’t but this will never happen again so leave me alone “ I told him as I ran into the house… I kinda heard him mumble something about strangers but put it to no mind.

I got out of the shower almost midnight when I heard the doorbell ring.. Strange I thought who could this be without thinking I opened the door just wearing a towel…Shocked at what I saw.

It was a guy completely naked playing with his cock.
“;What..what the fuck..who.. what.. why.. I was stuttering trying to make sense and how this guy is at my door so confused scared that someone would see a naked man at my mom’s house.
“ I..I..I.. you gotta go how..how..how did you get here “ I’m stuttering again

“ your address is on the bathroom stall at the park saying you suck cocks at night before your mom comes home.. damn boy you look so young pretty you can suck my cock “

I’m confused who would do something like that then I remembered the old man.

“ Sorry wrong house i whispered “; as the towel fell down now I’m naked this guy is naked in the doorway my eyes never stop looking at his cock I felt myself getting hard.

“ Oooh god no no I..I.. we can’t people will see… oooh yes Ooh yes this is the right house hurry before…before “. I was on my knees sucking this stranger lost in lust not caring if neighbors saw me I’m moaning loudly like I want to get caught.

He starts to cum in my mouth when I feel hot cum splashing on my face more cum splashing on my naked body… i opened my eyes 3 other guys are jacking off on me naked. I’m rubbing cum all over my body my face giggling reaching for more cocks slurping sucking wanting more.

I felt someone picking up my cum soaked body carried me to my bedroom threw me on my bed spreading my legs wide.. I looked up lost in lust it was that old man my daddy as he said.

“ Yes oooh yes daddy take me make me your little girl fuck meeee seed me oooh daddy yes fuck your girl your slut your Faggotboi make me pregnant I need your cock deep inside me filling me with your cum “

I never felt so compelled to be like this but as he was fucking me I kept screaming for more telling him I loved him needed to be his girlfriend his cumdump slut for him his friends I was squealing loudly as he seeded my virgin ass my boipussy .. we were French kissing swapping tongues as I was ready to Fuck him..

WTF my mom’s home … “ Shhh I whispered it’s my mom.. daddy then slipped his finger deep in my ass sucking on my neck giving me a hickie.. “ Oooooh I moaned loudly giggling “ shhhh

Daddy fucked me again I’m sure my mom heard the bed squeaking hushed moans.. He spanked my ass calling me his little slut loudly like he wanted my mom to hear . Got up dressed spanked me again hard leaving me panting trying not to scream and left.

The next morning my mom asked if I was alright sounded like you were sick are you ok she asked.

Told her I was kinda sick last night stomach ache I said.. smiling to myself
I was in the garage Sunday afternoon listening to music so horny reliving last nights cocksucking episodes so much cum so many cocks and I lost my virginity to my daddy.

Wasn’t paying attention I was swaying my hips to the music when I felt a hand on my ass.
Shocked excited I turned around a naked stranger was squeezing my ass without thinking I went to my knees smiling.. Now strangers are coming over anytime even when my mom is home… Oh god I thought I hope she doesn’t come out catching me on my knees sucking a naked stranger in the garage the door wide open.

I heard a car pull into the driveway I smiled

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    Great story, I’d love a part 2