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The Start of Something New, Chapter II

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Uncle and nephew get hotter, closer… and take the next step.

This story is loosely based on the truth. Names have been changed.

The Start of Something New, Chapter Two: The Next Day

We had woken up and had breakfast with Naomi and Terrence, my other uncle, Chris’s other brother, who had married Lena’s divorced mom several years ago. So, Lena’s brother-in-law was also her stepfather. Kinda weird, but normal for small-town Appalachia. After breakfast we drove back to their house.

“Jr, make sure to give me your laundry so I can have it washed for you to take home with you when your mom comes to pick you up later”, my aunt Lena said to me as we pulled up outside their small house on a street right off main street in the small town that they lived in.

“Ok”, I replied quietly. I didn’t really want to go home. I had fun with them, not even thinking about the things that I had done last night to my uncle while he slept, or the naughty words he’d whispered as he kissed my little boy lips. Nah, in general, they were cool and seemed to enjoy having me around, unlike my very unlikely to win any mother of the year awards mother, who treated me like an obligation that she needed to escape from. I digress. I always enjoyed the time I spent with my uncle Chris and my aunt Lena.

I got out of the car and followed my aunt and uncle into the house, noticing how snug my uncle’s jeans were on his ass. Even though I was sure I was a bottom, I could still appreciate a nice bottom. My uncle’s ass was fat. Damn. As Lena unlocked the front door, my uncle turned around and looked down at me.

“You want to stay the rest of the weekend? He asked. “Lena’s going to sleep off her hangover and you and we can beat the game.” He and I had been playing Syphon Filter while I had been visiting.

The way he was looking at me while he said this made my tummy flip.

“Yeah, that would be fun. If it’s ok with Lena, mom won’t mind.”

She unlocked the door and turned around grinning at me. She was in. She and I were always partners in crime pranking and ragging on my uncle whenever I visited. She was a big kid at heart.

“You can stay until you go back to school next week if you want. Call your mom and ask.” She said.
I ran and grabbed the cordless phone from its dock and called my mom, walking into the kitchen, hoping she wasn’t already on her way. She was probably still knocked out, knowing the NYE that she had probably had and with whatever skank of the month she had had it with. The phone rang like 6 times, and I was sure I was fucked. No way she’d let me stay if she came all the way to get me.

“Hello,” she slurred groggily. Thank God.

“Mom, it’s Jr. Chris and Lena already said it’s ok, but is it ok with you if I stay with them for a few more days?”, I asked.

“Fine but ask your uncle if he can bring you home on Wednesday since you go back to school Thursday”, she replied. I peeped around the corner at Chris and asked if he could take me home on Wednesday. He said yes. He didn’t have much going on right now. He was a construction worker and the winter weather had pretty much dried up work for him. He said that he could, I relayed that to my mom, and hung up the phone.

Lena said that she was going to take a shower and go back to bed for a little while.

“I’m going to shower and sleep some more since I’m going out with Sherrie and the girls this evening.”

Lena said as she walked out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom. Saturday night was ladies’ night down at the lounge, she and her friends were regulars.

“How do you feel like drinking after last night?”, my uncle asked her. She didn’t answer as she went into the bathroom and shut the door.

I heard the shower start as I walked down the hall and into the spare room, thinking that I would jump in the shower when she got out. I didn’t know it, but my uncle had followed me into the spare room. He shut the door behind himself and strode across the room to where I stood by the bed. He got real close to me which caused me to shift and back up against the wall. He looked so intense as he kept moving into my personal space until I was completely up against the wall facing him. He stepped even closer to me and put his arms on either side of my body, his palms against the wall, boxing me in. He moved his lips close to my ear. My balls tingled when I felt his breath on my skin.

“She’s going to sleep all day and then be out all night,” he whispered. He stepped closer and pushed his body into mine. I moaned quietly when he pressed his big adult body into mine.

“What’s that? Do you want to have some fun with me boy?” He asked me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My boy nail was harder than it had ever been.

“Um, yeah?”, I answered, unsure how to respond. Fuck yes, I wanted to, but I couldn’t help wondering if my uncle was setting me up. Though we had fun together when it was just us, he always joined in on the teasing of me whenever he was around my other uncles.

“Yes sir,” he instructed as he moved back and grabbed my chin making me look right into his eyes.

“Yes sir…uncle.” I replied. I heard the shower shut off. Fuck.

“You never had a real daddy before. Yours was a piece of shit.” He said as he stepped back from me.

“We are going to change that.” He reached down and grabbed his bulge, showing the outline of his dick to me, then turned and walked out the door.

I couldn’t breathe. My heart was beating so fast that I thought it was going to beat through my chest. Did that just happen? My uncle wanted to be my dad. No, he said daddy, not dad. I had just turned 12 but I was already experienced in porn and naughty words, and I knew what a daddy was. Did my uncle want to fuck me? Or at least let me suck his cock? I had never done it before, but I wanted to so bad. Whenever I watched porn, I would always look at the men and their dicks. The women, with their stupid loud noises, always annoyed me. They were so loud. Occasionally I would hear a sexy groan or moan from a man, and it would make my little dick so hard. I wanted to please a man and make him make those sounds. I heard my aunt open the bathroom door and walk out and down the hall into the kitchen. My uncle had poured her a glass of water to take to bed with her. She grabbed it and walked back down the hall to the bedroom that she and Chris shared. She closed the door. I doubted that we would see her until it was time to roll out with her friends tonight.

“You’ll have to wait a little bit for the water to heat back up, Lena always uses the all the hot water”, he replied, not looking at me, browsing the channels on the TV. I stood there awkwardly for a few seconds before I decided to head back to the spare room and strip out of my pants. It was warm in the house, so I just kept my shorts on, and walked back into the living room, flopping down on the sofa. My uncle had decided on an old episode of Match Game on some gameshow network and had kicked back in his recliner. The old host of the show was sexy for an older grandpa type dude.
“I bet he has a big cock,”, I thought to myself. I was shocked at myself, what was happening to me? I’ve always been attracted to men, but when did it become about their cocks instead of about their cute faces and broad shoulders? When had I become a cock hungry little slut?

I pondered this as I lay there on the sofa, one part of my brain focusing on the hot grandpa tv host, and the other part of my brain lost in a haze as I tried to remember when my innocent attraction to the male form had turned so wantonly sexual. I remembered the first time I had touched myself. I had woken up in the middle of the night to my mom’s moans. She had been out that night to some bar and had dragged some guy home with her. No mother of the year awards, remember? I crept down the stairs of our two-bedroom apartment and peeked around the corner at the bottom of the staircase. There was mom getting railed missionary style on the loveseat. I thought about how sexy the guy had looked from behind. My eyes had fixated on his thrusting ass and lower where his big shaven ball sack swung and swayed as he pounded into my mom. I was mesmerized at the size of his nuts as I rubbed my own and had felt that first tingle in my boy dick. I thought about what it would feel like to run my tiny hands over his balls. To feel them shift and roll in my little boy hands.

“Jr, the water should be warm enough for you by now,” my uncle said snapping me out of my mental walk down how I became a horny little boy lane. “You’ve got 10 minutes and then you’re mine…erg, it’s mine. The shower.” I glanced over at him and saw him smirking at me. I stared right back at him, trying to convey to him that I wanted him to use me. He had been the aggressor, teasing me. Now it was my turn. I stood up and pulled my t-shirt over my head, revealing my smooth boy pits and chest. I stared at him the whole time. I rubbed my hands down my chest until they reached the waistband of my shorts, and I hooked my fingers in my shorts and turned around so that I was facing the sofa, away from my uncle. I pulled my shorts down and stepped out of them. I stood there clad in only my little boy FTLs. They were a little small on me, and my bubble butt filled them out very nicely. I stood there for a beat to give my uncle a good look, then bent over to pick up my t-shirt and shorts. I took my time before standing back up, I could feel my uncle’s eyes burning into my skin. Still bent over, I glanced back at him, through my legs, and saw that his right hand was moving very slowly in his lap. I couldn’t tell what he was doing for sure, but thought he was rubbing his cock. I was on fire as I watched his hand move just slightly back and forth in his lap. He saw me peeking at him through my coltish boy legs.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Undressing here, I don’t want this stuff to get wet in the bathroom,” I replied as I stood up. I wadded the shirt and shorts together and went to put them with the rest of my dirty laundry in the spare room that I was sleeping in. I smiled as I knew that I had successfully teased my uncle like he had been doing to me for the past 12 hours or so. I walked into the bathroom, intentionally not closing the door. The door opened out and if you stood in the hallway right outside the bathroom door, you could see the person getting in and out of the shower in the mirror. I wondered if my uncle would risk peeking at me, with his wife asleep in the master bedroom right next to the bathroom. I hoped he would, and I planned to make it entertaining if he did. I stripped out of the underwear, my pale boy ass on display. I heard a floorboard creak in the hallway and smiled as I knew my uncle was going to try to get a glance at my hot, naked boy body. I may have been a little nerdy, but I was a hot little boy. I had dark brown hair that was spiky and messy, dark blue eyes, and bright red lips. I got teased often that I was wearing lipstick because my lips were so red. My body was slim and very smooth, not a hair to be found, much to my regret. I had read a book from the public library about body changes when boys go through puberty, sometimes as early as 10 years old, and here I was nearly a teenager and hadn’t started to develop at all. I bent over the edge of the tub to turn the water on. I heard another floorboard groan, right outside the bathroom door, and I knew that my uncle was watching me. I stayed bent over the tub, my bubble butt boy ass on display. I hoped Chris was getting a good look. I put my hand under the water and tested the temperature. It wasn’t as hot as I normally like my showers, but it was warm enough, so I pulled the stopper to turn the shower on. I stood up and stepped over the edge of the tub, turning around so that the water would cascade down my back and over my creamy white ass. I couldn’t believe how horny I was. I played with my cocklett thinking about how I had just undressed myself in the living room. I picked up the bottle of body wash and squirted some into my hands, I had forgotten to grab a washcloth out of the closet in the hallway. I lathered up the cool gel and soaped up the front of my body. I ran my hands slowly over my chest, my palms sliding over my tiny nipples, making them tingle and stand out from my chest. That was a new feeling I had never had before, and I let out a low involuntarily moan as my body reacted to this new sensation. I took both pointer fingers and rubbed them softly over the hard points on my chest, sending shockwaves down into my boy dick. I was already somewhat hard, but this completed the process as my little uncut boy spike stood at full attention, throbbing and jerking with every beat of my heart. I lathered up some more soap and ran my hands between my legs, under my balls and over my delicate pink taint, my breath catching in my throat as I kept going until my right hand dug into my most secret place and brushed over my little hole. Caught up in my own pleasure, I had forgotten that my uncle was in the hallway watching me.

“You almost done?”, I heard him say in the hallway as I heard him open the hall closet. He must be getting himself a towel. Crap, I had forgotten to get myself a towel. He closed the hallway door and pushed the bathroom door open. I pulled the shower curtain closed.

“Um, yeah. Can you grab me a towel?”, I asked. He didn’t answer me but I heard him step back out into the hallway. I heard him open and close the closet door. I turned off the water and held my hand out of the curtain, expecting him to put the towel in my hand. He came back into the bathroom.

“Go ahead and step out, I’ll give it to you,” he said. His voice sounded a bit weird. Deeper than usual, even though he already had a deep sexy voice. I was very attracted to my uncle.

I took a deep breath and pulled the shower curtain back. I tried to play it cool and act like it was no big deal that my uncle was seeing me completely naked for the first time, but who was I kidding? My uncle was standing there shirtless with a towel wrapped around his waist. He was holding a folded towel at his side. I looked up at his face as I reached for the towel. He made no attempt to hand it to me, as his hungry eyes took in my nakedness for the first time. I thought about covering my crotch with my hands but decided not to. He wanted to see me naked, so I was going to let him. I kept my eyes forward as I stood there, focusing on the light dusting of hair that spread across his chest. He was not a muscle god, he was lean, with a slight beer belly. Not fat at all. He had a dad bod, and I liked it. His pecs were nicely defined, with large dark nipples that contrasted with his pale skin. I noticed his farmers tan, earned by many hours spent in the hot sun tearing off and putting on new roofs in the Spring and Summer. His biceps and triceps were nicely muscled, and his broad shoulders framed his body well. My cocklett was still hard and my little balls ached where they hung ever so slightly, warmed by the shower. He noticed that I was shivering and handed me the towel. I took it from him and threw it over my hair to dry it. I completely covered my head as I exposed the rest of my body to my uncle’s stare.

“You leave any water for me?”, he asked softly as he lightly ran the back of his left hand down my tummy, from the middle of my chest to about an inch below my belly button. My baby boy dick was hard and throbbing, as I pulled the towel off my head and glanced down to where my uncle’s hand was on my tummy. The back of his hand rested on my lower stomach, but his pointer finger was stretched upwards and circling around my belly button. I giggled at his soft touch.

“That tickles unc”, I said.

He smirked and stepped around me, leaning down and flipping the shower on. I watched him as he bent over the tub, adjusting the water to get it just right before he climbed in. I toweled myself off slowly, hoping that Chris would slide his towel off and allow me to see him naked.

“It should still be warm”, I said as I finished drying off, wrapped the towel around my waist. I turned around and started to walk out of the bathroom.

“It’ll do”, he said. “Should have done it together.”

I paused briefly and turned my head around to glance at him, catching a sight of his pale ass as he stepped into the tub and pulled the shower curtain closed. I walked into my room, contemplating what I should put on. I decided it was best to be careful since Lena could wake up at any minute, so I threw on a t shirt and some blue gym shorts that were a size or two too small for me. They rode high up on my thighs and showcased my boy peach nicely. I heard the shower turn off, so I waited for my uncle to dry off and come out, hoping to “accidentally” bump into him as he walked out of the bathroom and into the master bedroom. I opened the bedroom door right as he opened the bathroom door. Our eyes locked onto each other, and time seemed to slow down. His hair was still wet and hung in curls and waves over his forehead. I broke eye contact and my eyes traveled lower, noticing again how big and manly his nipples were. I had never paid much attention to a guy’s nipples, but his were hot. My eyes traveled lower where he had the towel wrapped around his waist. It was slung low on his hips, and I could see the top of his pubes.

“Fuck, he has a bush”, I thought. I had looked at enough porn and knew that some men were smooth like me, some had hair that looked like it was trimmed, and some were very hairy. My uncle looked like he trimmed, because he was not as hairy as some of the guys I had seen in porn. At least from what I could see. My uncle had noticed where my eyes were, and he pulled his towel up and tighter.

“Be patient bud”, he said to me as he opened his bedroom door, walked inside, and closed it behind him.

I huffed and walked up the hall and into the living room. I sat down on the sofa and saw that another episode of Match Game was on. Gosh, what a sexy grandpa the host was. He was nothing like my grandpa who was very old and not very nice to me. I heard my uncle’s bedroom door open and shut, and a few seconds later he walked into the living room in gray sweats and a white T-shirt. He had dried his hair but, but his curls still hung over his forehead. It made him look even cuter than he normally did. I could see his dick shifting around in his sweats, it was clear that he didn’t have any underwear on. He turned on the PlayStation, grabbed the controller, and sat down in his chair.

“You ready to play?”, he asked me, looking over at me. It was a single player game, so I didn’t usually get to play, but I enjoyed watching him and working together on the missions. It was fun.
“Yup”, I responded, leaning forward and stretching out over the ottoman, my legs bent and resting against the back of the sofa, my head propped in my hands.

We played for about an hour and a half, trying to beat a particularly tough mission. The game was really fun, and it was easy to get lost in it, but after a while, my uncle paused the game and stood up.

“I gotta pee”, he said, stretching and looking down at me. To walk out of the room, he had to squeeze between his chair and the ottoman that I was laid across, my upper half propped up on pillows. My face was right at level with his crotch as he squeezed past me. His cock was inches from my face and I watched as it jiggled around under his sweats. He walked out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom. I heard him pissing into the toilet, and knew that he hadn’t closed the door. Just as I was about to get up to go see if I could get a look at his dick while he was pissing, I heard him flush the toilet. About a minute later, he came walking back into the living room. Again, he had to squeeze past the ottoman and his chair to get back in his seat. He turned sideways and moved very close to the ottoman, facing me. His dick bulged right in front my face. He stopped right there and looked down at me. I stared at his cock and breathed in the smell of him. He smelled like soap and laundry detergent. I looked up at him as I shifted slightly forward, my lower lip making contact with his thick shaft, through his sweats. I looked him right in the eyes as I reached up and gripped his dick through his sweats.

“Fuck”, he hissed.

I tugged on and gripped his fleshy cock, pulling down on it through his sweats. I traced his shift to the head and placed my lips on it, only the thin layer of fabric separating my lips from my uncle’s dick. I breathed deeply as I moved my lips over the head of his cock. I wanted it bad. I looked up at him as I reached for the waistband of his sweats, silently asking for permission. A wet spot had formed on his sweats and I stuck out the tip of my tongue and licked at it. It tasted good, kind of syrupy. My uncle’s cock was starting to get hard. He looked down at me and suddenly he looked very serious.

“You can never tell anyone about this. I would get in a lot of trouble. So tell me now if you think you can be a big boy and keep what happens between us between us. We will only ever do what feels good and if something makes you uncomfortable, you just tell me and we will stop, ok?”, he said to me. “I’m going to use you and turn you into the best little boy slut that ever existed, so if that’s what you want, you will keep your mouth shut.” His cock was now very hard and throbbing against my face.
His sweats kept getting wetter and wetter as his cock was leaking like a faucet.

“I won’t say anything”, I whispered.

“Good boy”, he said. He put his hands in his shorts and slowly pulled them down until the base of his dick was right there in front of me. I pulled back to watch as he continued pulling his pants down, revealing his fat, uncut dick. His dick was big and thick, 8 ½ x 6” of leaking man cock. That’s right, this wasn’t just a dick, this was a fucking cock. My uncle pushed his dick forward until it was right at my lips. I reached up and grabbed his dick, pulling his foreskin all the way back, revealing his fat thick mushroom head with a wide piss slit that was just oozing. I swiped the tip of my tongue through his pre fuck. I moaned as the taste and smell filled my senses

“Shhh…. That’s it boy…it tastes good right? Taste it, suck my cock baby. Worship that fucking cock”, my uncle grabbed my head as he jerked my mouth down on his dick. I grabbed ahold of his cock and stretched my mouth over the hide, slowly sliding it in my little mouth, inch by inch. I was in heaven. I had wanted to suck cock for as long as I can remember. I had played with different cousins and other little boys throughout the years, but they were nothing like this. This was a man’s fucking cock, and I wanted everything that it had to give. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, to take as much of his cock in. He had about 5” buried at the back of my throat. He was hunched over my head, his sweat dripping down on me. I sucked as hard I could, gasping for hair, trying to open my throat so my uncle could get balls deep.

“Come on boy, that’s it, fuck yes. Eat my cock baby, open for me. Let me feed you this dick. Oh fuck, don’t make me cum baby. I want to touch the bottom of your baby throat. Open up baby, take all of me”, my uncle said while playing with my hair. He was bent over with one hand on top of my head and the other under my chin, massaging my throat as he urged me to take his big dick. I reached down and grabbed his big balls with both hands, his fat sack filling both hands and overflowing around my little wrists. “Breath in through your nose baby, relax your throat”, he urged, “Relax your breathing and breath in through your nose.”

I do as he says and I feel my throat relax and open for the rest of his cock to sink deep until his big fat balls sagged against my chin and face.

“Fuck yes!” He hissed. “Oh fuck I’m going to cum! Oh yes boy, take your uncle’s fucking load, take that cum boy! I’m cumming, going to breed your fucking throat!” He jerked as he unleashed a torrent of cum into my waiting throat. I swallowed as fast I could, my throat and mouth working fast to prevent drowning. My attempts to just stay alive were driving him wild and milking his cock as he shot another 8 fat jets of cum into my throat. I loved the taste, a thick, gooey, bleachy and musky taste that left me wanting more. I rubbed his balls, squeezing and twisting them, making sure I got every drop of his load. I felt so powerless as his dick emptied into me, then slowly softened, allowing him to slip out of my throat. I pulled off of his cock and took a deep breath.

“Wow!” I exclaimed.

“Did you like that?” Chris smirked as he used the bottom of his shirt to wipe the sweat from his face. He was a sweater when he got really excited. It would happen anytime he got engrossed in a video game, whenever his favorite team was on the TV, and apparently, when his preteen nephew was sucking on his big dick and low hanging, fat nuts.

I heard the bedroom door open and footsteps in the hall. Quickly I wiped my face and mouth with my shirt, to hide any traces of cum that might have leaked out. My uncle quickly pulled up his sweats and sat down in the chair, unpausing the game just as Lena walked through the living room to the kitchen. She was none the wiser to what had just happened in her living room. To her, it was a familiar scene, her game-hog husband playing and his poor nephew stuck watching. I knew better. I knew that my hunky uncle had just fucked and bred my boy throat. I could feel how sore it was as I swallowed and flexed it, and ended up swallowing the remains of my uncle’s cum.

“I’m going to get dressed and head to Sherrie’s in about an hour. Greg is going to drop us off at the lounge tonight and is going to pick us up when we are finished. Unless we find a better offer!” she winked as she sashayed back to her room. My uncle rolled his eyes, I giggled.

“You have fun”, my uncle called out. “We are going to have fun here tonight too.” “Balls deep fun”, he said quietly, for my ears only. He stood up and came over to the couch leaning down and kissing me right on the lips. It was fast, but as pulled away from my body, his hand grazed my crotch, his right pointer finger making contact with the head of my boy dick.

“I have to run to Walmart”, he said. “I will be back in a little bit. When your aunt leaves, go and take another shower, making sure your bottom is really clean. Get really clean and sexy for me ok baby? He whispered. I shuddered as he called me baby. No one was ever that gentle with me or spoke that nicely to me. He pulled on his jacket and put on his shoes, and walked out the door. I knew why he wanted my bottom clean. I knew what he wanted. There was no way, he was way too big, and I was way too small.

But I wanted it too.

To be continued…

©Triad, 2023.

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