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The sex joy of two pre-teen girls

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Two girls in their 12 saw the matting of stray dogs. They brought home two male ones and enjoyed matting with them.

Mervin and I (Isha) were classmates as well as very good friends. We had our puberties when we were in our 11. As we belonged to a middle class family, our dads, had built our houses in a very remote area. So there were no neighbourhood houses at all. In order to reach our school, we had to cross a slum area. All our four parents were working in a remote town. So they would start in the early morning and would return by night.
So we were spending our leisure time by seeing porn videos. This made us to be more and more horny. But we feared very much to enjoy fucking with boys as they might miss use and lead to something else.
One day we were walking along, towards our school. On the way we found some stray dogs fighting with each other. Their fight was but for matting with a bitch. Of course there was a big competition among them, for that purpose. In a madness one pulled and pushed the other, who was trying to mount on her. We both stayed below a tree and were eagerly watching that game. Who would win in the game, was our question.
At first the bitch refused to co-operate with and tried to bite the male ones. But one cunning boy licked and kissed her face and mouth. She was seduced by that and came forward to cooperate with him.
So she gladly allowed him to mount on her. With great vigor and speed that cunning boy matted with her well. She closed and enjoyed the fucking. Seeing that scene, our pussies got wet, and the viscous liquid started oozing out. After sometime the clever boy gave a strong blow, knotted and stuck with her. With great disappointment, the other boys moved away to some distance. But one greedy boy mounted on, in between them and gave fake strokes.
A large amount of saliva was falling out from our mouths. With a great lust in her eyes Mervin said,” Why don’t we bring one or two male dogs, and prepare them to mate with us?”. Though I couldn’t guess that before, I felt that as a good idea. So I immediately agreed with her. So we threw some snacks from our lunch boxes and attracted them. Wagging their tails they also followed us. After entering into the compound, I closed the gate. Then I went into my house and prepared a special food.
Yes I prepared a viscous semi solid like food, using egg, cheese, milk and sugar. After boiling milk, sugar and cheese, I cooled down it, to a warm condition. Then I added the egg yellow as well as the Pedigree jelly. Unlike the butter, that food would stick with our skin and would make the boys to lick it for a long time . Mostly dogs like warm food.
Then we both became nude. I applied the food on the entire body of Mervin, especially on her boobs, in and out of her pussy as well as her ass hole. She also did the same to me. I stood on my fours. Mervin tempted two boys, one to lick and suck my ass and my pussy. She persuaded the second to lick and suck my boobs.
When the first boy was licking my ass and pussy she patted on his penis and moved the fore skin. He slowly became horny and his pinky penis peeped out. He inserted his long tongue alternatively inside my asshole and in my pussy hole. I was tickled very much and enjoyed it.
That made me horny and I had my orgasm. The viscous liquid started oozing out from my pussy.
He licked that also. So he became more and more horny and his one foot long penis got erected and came out from his sheath.
Mervin lifted up his fore legs on my back and pulled him very near to me. He hugged me tightly holding my abdomen. As he didn’t know how to mate with a human ( girl ), he moved his penis this side and that side. Then, holding the penis in her hand, Mervin guided it to invade into my pussy hole. My warm pussy hole gave him some gay, and he started fucking me speedly.
We have forgotten to see, what the second boy was doing. He sat before my face and started licking my face. He inserted his tongue , inside my ear holes and in my nose holes. That tickled me strongly and I moved my head this side and that side.
Then he slowly moved in between my hands and started licking my boobs. When he sucked and pulled my nipples, I couldn’t measure my joy. Yes, the two actions of both the boys, made me to fly with colours in the sky of joy. For the second time I had my extreme orgasm. Because of the extreme pleasure, tears were falling out of my eyes. After some five or ten minutes, with a heavy blow, he knotted with me like knotting with a bitch. Of course I was his bitch then. He turned his body and mounted down.
Hanging his long tongue and breathing heavily, he tried to move. He wanted to pull out the knot. So I was moving back side. But Mervin held and pulled me towards her. After some time, the knot came out with a “plug” sound and fell. My pussy was torn a little and blood started oozing out. Mervin cleaned it using a waste cloth.
Now it’s my turn to help Mervin. The first boy was then useless. Yes, licking his penis and making a humming sound, he went and sat in a corner.
So I tempted the second boy. Like Mervin, I also did , what all she had done to me. She also enjoyed the matting game with great joy. As she had got a good idea about the things happened to me earlier, she utmost enjoyed the immense pleasure.
Some three or four hours should have gone for those gay full enjoyments. After that only, we both remembered about the school. It’s quite natural that lust will be the priority when comparing with all other commitments.
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  • Reply DarkAction ID:2nhiwvs8ra

    Enjoyed the story. Have you thought of trying a different animal. Many women seem to find horses very fulfilling. Let us know what is next

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Wtf is “matting?”

  • Reply Meilin ID:o6a6nhj

    should of had the dogs rape you so hard your cervix tore and your womb got notted wickr meilin29

    • Hellish ID:3057hetqra

      That’s not how it works.