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The Other Kids Called Me “Taylor Trash”, And My Sister … “Single Wide Sammy” Part2

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Our story continues, How mom and her two daughters make a living on there backs living behind America’s largest truck stop.

Please read part one of our story, This Is all for you Slut xo,xo))

Would this guy just finish already, I think. He’s been pumping my face with his cock for about 10 minutes, I’ve done that thing my Sister showed me, Licking and sucking on the bottom of his hard shaft just behind the head, That usually works.
As he stands beside his pick-up, and fucks my 12 year mouth, he’s sobbing. He just keeps repeating… I’m sorry Molly, I’m sorry Molly but daddy loves you so much ..Daddy loves you.. as he fucks my face. I know Molly is his Daughter, I knew her from when I was going to school, she was in the 6th grade with me, I could figure out what probably happened, my first clue was the fact I had to meet him In this farmer’s field, behind an old barn, seems he cant be within 2500 feet of kids, and that means the trailer park. I pulled the cock out of my mouth, fuck me daddy, fuck me, Molly needs daddy cock so bad, I moaned out, a little cooing licking at his balls, then it happened, he took me by my pony tail’s, the ones my sister told me to wear for him…fuck handles she calls them. And he came , A lot. Most times I can let the cock head rest in the back of my throat and use my tongue to milk his cock, swallowing the seed like mommy taught me, but he forced it in so deep I gagged. No wonder Molly eventually told her mommy, this guy was not gentle. So a word to all you Daddies out there, be gentle.

As I pedaled my 10 speed back toward the park, the air feeling good on my ass cheeks , all hanging out of my Daisey Dukes, the wind funneling down my crop top, bare tit’s enjoying the breeze. I thought how pissed I was at my Sister. Sam, She went and got fucking knocked -up, again, for the third time. She’s 16 but will be 17 when this babies born. I’m pissed, Mom’s pissed. I’m pissed because I have to take up her slack, we have “regular’s” as Mom calls them, and have to continue good “customer service”. Since Mom took that business class at the Junior College, she’s been a pain in the ass. All I know is I had to Pedal over a mile to make $50.00, and my head still hurt.

As I was pedaling and enjoying the free rim job the breeze was giving my ass, as the sweat and breeze mingled in my ass crack. I didn’t notice the car pull up beside me on the 2 lane rural road, then as it slowly.. very slowly passed me I could read “Walcott City Police” on the door. I kept pedaling, looking straight ahead, Must be one of my Sister’s regulars I thought. She had 2 or 3 officers she serviced regularly, I has hoping, praying that’s what this was all about, that it would be ok, a fast blow job in the patrol car, that wouldn’t affect my schedule that much. Mom referred to these encounters as “the cost of doing business” and “Community outreach”. But when I heard the passenger window roll down I didn’t expect to hear a Woman’s voice.

Hi, she said, …. kind of a dangerous road to be biking on, she continued as I pedaled, I Should give you a lift. I told her I was just going to the trailer park, she said, I know , smiling. I stopped pedaling, . Oh shit I thought as she pulled the big Ford to the side of the road. getting out, popping the truck release. When she got out she introduced herself, I’m Chief Mindy Thompson, I’m the new police chief in town. The first thing I Noticed, she was tall, Like 6 feet tall, Blonde, with her head shaved , like all the cops do, but she looked like one of those girls from the Amazon you read about in comics, I couldn’t see her figure, she had one of those vest on, with all the pouches, like the car wasn’t big enough to hold all the shit they used.
What I did notice was her make-up, it was perfect, Her eyebrows were tattooed on, eyeliner that was perfection, bright red lipstick. You see I love make-up and I know classy make-up from that shit I wear for the customers. This women was all class. Get in she said, as she put my bike in the truck. As we drove down the road , she said , A little girl looking like you do has to wary of strange men trying to pick them up. I wanted to say, I know all the strange men in the area, Mom lets them run a tab, but I didn’t say anything I just kept quite.

As we neared the park, she slowed and pulled off to the side. I’ll drop you off here, she said, a police car in front of the trailer might be bad for business. As I opened the door, she said… Oh and baby girl, tell your Mom and Sister to stay low this weekend, the state police are going to be at the truck stop all weekend, trying to run the lot lizards out before the big truckers jamboree at the truck stop. Bye , she said, smiling, as she pulled away.

I told my Sister and Mom what had happened, they kept asking me questions, having me go over the conversation word for word. So she called you…baby girl, I said yes. My Mom was convinced it was a shake down for money. My Sister just thought it was some bitch cop trying to scare the locals . It did effect our “operations”, that’s what Mom called it. Mom stayed off the CB and we just serviced locals that would come to my sister’s trailer.

One night a guy, that my Sisters been fucking since she was 11 stopped over with his Brother, and a guy that just got out of prison. Her regular, Ben told us that this guy just got out and was looking for fun. He told my sister he had 3 to 5 years worth of cum in him and the $320.00 the state gave him on release. That all my Sister needed to hear, After some beer, no, a lot of beer we all ended up in the back bedroom. Now my sister being 7 months preggers turned some guys off, but not this one, beside I was stroking his cock, rubbing my lil titlets on him while he counted his money, mommy taught me that trick. Now my sister, still nursing her last baby girl and the baby wanted milk and was fussing, my sister being the pro she is, laid the baby on the bed, got on the bed on all fours, dangling her milk swollen tits in the babies face, she lowered herself down so the baby could suck, 16 Year ass sticking up in the air, like she was in heat, pussy gaping open. Now it was time for me to do my part, I rubbed his big cock head in her slit, and it was big. I could see she was still kind’s dry and she would need some lube, I lowered my head down, guiding the cock to her teen slit, rubbing his head in her slit as
I licked his cock, and licked my sisters twat at the same time. Some girl’s would have just spit on his cock, or on her cunt, but Momma would never allow that, that’s what White trash crack whores do, she would say, but not her baby girls.

As the guy pushed his cock in her, I heard her gasp, I knew he was big. but she took it like a pro, moving her pussy muscles to match his thrust. I stood beside him, petting his balls, whispering to him what a huge cock he had and I hoped he would fuck me with it when I grew up, that my baby cunt could never take a huge monster cock like his, my sister continued to grown and I could see her juices being forced out of her pussy around his big cock shaft as he plowed her. Her legs were lifting off the bed as he thrust, the baby latched on…sucking milk from her like a calf sucks a cow. She was moaning loudly now, I knew she came and it was time to have him cum so we could move on to the next guy. I cupped his balls a little harder , squeezed a little more, I leaned him to him, do her cunt baby…fuck her candy cunt. He thrust away at her pussy, I thought at this rate, It could take 3 to 5 years to get his donkey cock off. That’s when my sister grunted. moaned ..yelled….. .fuck my baby girl , she can feel your cock.. fuck her baby cunt, fuck her, It’s then I realized she’s referring to the baby in her womb… fuck her (Ultra sound at the free clinic did say it was a girl) … I never want her to take smaller…my sister yelled out…The Guy then flooded 3-5 years worth of cum in my Sisters cunt.. yelling , take it ..take it.. referring to the baby, cum was everywhere. her sheets looked like an “all you can eat” salad bar of cum and teen pussy honey. What a mess, glad I didn’t have to clean it up

So when the other kids in the park see me, Skipping school, wearing nice cloths, new converse on feet, listening to a Sony Walkman, sure they wanna be me.. but they don’t understand, I’m a working girl. ) And if you want to hear more of what happens to me and Chief Mindy, comment below)

Bye for now))

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