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The Daughter they Shared – Part 2

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The Daughter they Shared – Part 2

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——— Chapter 5
Early Sunday Afternoon
Talking Naughty with Anneli and playing….

“You enjoyed what I did for you yesterday, then?”

“Oooohh, Yeah…. it felt really good, Mom!” Anneli squealed, as she looked up at her mother, with her brown eyes glowing with excitement.

“I’m so glad,” Katie said, hugging her daughter against her chest. “I enjoyed making you feel good, too.” She pressed her daughter’s small hand into her lap. “I could make you feel even better, if you’d like,” she whispered seductively. “I could touch and rub you…. and make it happen again. I could make you come, again. But without your panties on… it feels so much better… if you’re not wearing panties.”

“I…. I’m not, Mom,” Anneli giggled.

“You’re not… what?”

“I’m not wearing panties,” Anneli whispered.

A ripple of pleasure shot through, Katie. She came very close to orgasm. “Show Me,” she said with a groan.

Anneli slowly lifted her blue jean skirt. Katie sat up, and peered down. There was just a light bit of blond fuzz above the puffy-pink slit of her daughter’s pussy. The site caused Katie’s heart to flutter… she thought it would explode in her chest. Her own cunt lurched powerfully again; her orgasm was so close.

Anneli lowered her skirt slowly, giggling innocently, yet in a lewd way.

“Did… did your father, notice?”

“I… I…. I don’t know, Mom.” Anneli whispered.

“Would you mind if your, father… did notice?” Katie whispered.

“I wouldn’t mind,” Anneli answered with a giggle. “He can look if he wants to.”

“But… Honey,” Katie said slightly above a whisper, feeling her pulse start to race, and her blood surge through her body. “If your father saw you weren’t wearing panties, what do you suppose he might, try!?” Katie knew Jim didn’t notice, but this conversation was still driving her crazy with erotic thoughts.

“Touch it… maybe,” Anneli said. “Maybe he’d want to feel it… I wouldn’t care.”

“You wouldn’t… care.” Katie asked softly, yet she felt elated. “You’d let your…. Father…. Ooohh God! Feel You Up?”

“He can feel me up, if he wants…. but what does “Feel Me Up” mean? Is it naughty? Anneli giggled. “Mom… a… ahh…. well, does Dad have a…. a big thing?” Anneli shyly mumbled.

“A Big Thing… well it depends on what “Thing” you are asking about, Honey.” Katie laughed.

“Oooohh Mom…. you know his… a… ahh…. his dick, is it big…?” Anneli giggled softly.

“It’s a Cock, Honey… and Yes, your father has a very nice sized cock. Do you want to see it, Honey?” Katie laughed, as she reached out for her giggling daughter. She wanted her father… her daughter answers were so innocently honest, and yet very risqué.

She hugged her daughter tightly, pressing the back of the ch(i)ld’s small hand into her own crotch. Her crotch was throbbing, and it ached, she needed a release. She moved the back of Anneli’s hand up and down slowly, trying to rub at her crotch through the robe…. she didn’t want to expose the ch(i)ld too quickly to things, but she also had urges. Tilting Anneli’s young face up, by placing her fingers on her chin, Katie lowered her lips and kissed her daughter. She was surprised to find her pink, wet little tongue slipping into her mouth. With a soft moan, Katie sucked at her daughter’s tongue, sliding her hand up one slim thigh, and under her skirt. She felt her naked little pussy, it was so wet, and the wetness had a silky feel to it, like expensive body lotions, with a giggle Anneli parted her thighs more.

“Are you a virgin, Neli,” she asked softly, rubbing a fingertip along the girls puffy, little slit. She hoped so, k(i)ds now a days, were exposed to things by the Internet much too quickly. Katie wanted to be the first to show her daughter a Loving Experience; she also wanted Jim to be the first to make Love to her.

“Yes… Yeah…. aaaaaaaahhhh… will you let Daddy… you know, feel me, too? Are you going to really let me see Daddy’s Thing? Well, I mean his cock…. will you… let me, Touch It?” Neli softly moaned. “Is that what “Feel Me Up” means, what you’re doing to me now, is it, Mommy? OOOooooohhmmmmooooo…. yeah Mommy… can Daddy feel me with his cock…?”

“Oooohh, My God… Neli…. I’ll show you, Honey! You’re going to love it. Do you talk to your friends about… doing things? Do you know if any of them have… touched boys… or men? Oooohh…. and You… have you seen or touched a cock?” Katie asked softly, as she slowly stroked her daughters’ puffy slit, and pinched her clit. “Do you like what I’m doing with your pussy, Neli? Do you like me touching and feeling you like this?”

“Ooooooohhh…. Mommy, Yes… I like it!” Anneli whispered, and covered her face bashfully and started to giggle. “Yeah, we talk a little… and we giggle a lot, too. Misty said, she touched her older brother dick… and, well Sally said, her uncle touched her… you know, her kitty. She said, she liked it a lot, but I’m not supposed to tell anyone.”

“Tell me more, Honey. There’s no reason to be shy,” Katie softly said, as she continued to slowly stroke her daughters’ tiny slit.

“I’ve…. a…. aa…. aaaaahh…. I’ve touched myself; I like how it feels. Oooohh, I like the way you touch it too, Mommy. Are gonna let Dad touch me like this, also?” Anneli said, as she took her hands from her face and looked shyly at the floor. “I want Daddy to touch me too, Mom! I…. aaahh…. well, I’ve watched you and Daddy, you know… touching. Are you gonna let Dad… ahh… you know touch and do that to me? I’ve seen pictures on the Internet of dicks…. does Daddy’s look like them?”

“Ooooohh, Shit… I guess, your father and I should be more careful with your internet access. So, you want your father to touch you like he does with me… and do other things?” Katie teased, as she pinched and stroked Anneli’s hard clit. “It’s called Fucking… do you want your father to touch and fuck you, Honey? It’s also called Making Love, also. Your Father will enjoy doing that with you.”

She drew her fingertip up and down, and slipped it into her daughter’s fiery little pussy-hole, feeling the ch(i)ld’s vagina stretch around her probing finger. Anneli was tight, but Jim cock wasn’t very thick, Katie decided to see how much she could take, she started to insert a second finger, then a third, and she stopped moving upwards when she felt her hymen. She stroked the three fingers in and out for a few moments.

Anneli’s body started to tremble. Katie knew she had her daughter close to orgasm now. “Do you want your father to make Love to You… do you want him to Fuck You, Sweetheart?” Katie whispered, she wanted her to say it….

“Yeah Mommy… I want to see what making love is like. You make it sound real good… I like to listen when Daddy… Loves You” Anneli giggled. “I want You and Daddy to make Love to Me! OOooommooohh, my kitty always feels, soooo hot… mmmmmmooooooohh, I feel so good!”

Katie laughed in delight. She opened her robe, exposing her naked body to Anneli’s eyes. She boldly moved Anneli’s hand to her bare crotch, and then pressed her daughter’s small fingers against her quivering pussy. “Ooooohh Neli… touch my pussy like I’m doing to you! Play with Mommy’s pussy… and you can say words like, Fuck or Fucking. Your Father and I would love, Fucking You, Sweetheart.”

Anneli giggled, as she felt her mother’s kitty on her palm, she pressed hard, bring a moan from her mother. “Can I say… pussy too, Mommy?” She began to play and feel bolder now…. loving the feel of her mother’s hard fun button.

“Yes Honey… you can say any naughty words while or your dad or I play with you,” Katie purred, as she slipped her three fingers back into Anneli’s tiny pussy-slit, finding it wetter than before,

“Mmmm Yeah, Mom…. make me feel good! Please…. I want to feel good… my fingers are good, but yours are better. Make me feel good, Mommy! Oooohh, don’t stop…. don’t stop… Don’t Stop!”

“Baby, I’ll do Better than just Finger-Fuck You, Honey…. and I want you to say Come, you’re getting ready to Come, Honey”

——— Chapter 6
Getting more intimate with Anneli……

Katie was about to suck her first pussy, she had never felt a desire to taste pussy than her own before, yet the urge to taste her daughter’s delicate pussy was overwhelming. She slipped to her knees on the carpet, shoving her daughter’s blue jean skirt up to her waist. Anneli watched her mother with bright, moist eyes, her pussy-lips parted slightly. She was breathing in quick gasps, “Ooooohhh…. you stopped…. I want to feel good…. make me come, Mommy!”

“Oooohh… don’t worry, Honey…. I’ll make you feel very good.” Katie moaned.

Anneli spread her thighs further, as if she knew what to expect, Katie leaned down and caught the sweet, musky scent of her daughter’s little pussy, for the first time. She saw the puffy, pink almost-bare pussy quiver, and seep her wetness. The blonde fuzz at the tip of her tiny clit was silky, hardly much to speak of, she leaned in closer, and it tickled her nose. She was surprised by the wetness, not remembering how wet her own cunt used to be when she was as young as Neli.

Katie looked up into the girl’s brown eyes, “Ooohh, it’s so pink and pretty, Neli!” she whimpered. “You have a very cute pussy! So young and fresh… I’m going to do something for you that might shock you, Honey. But I can’t help it…. I have to kiss and lick your sweet pussy!”

“Ooooohh Yeah….” Anneli cried, she wasn’t sure what was about to happen, but some of her friends giggled about being licked… she wanted to know what it was all about.

Katie dropped her face quickly, and licked her first pussy, savoring her daughter taste, it was so light and sweet. She opened her mouth and closed her lips around the tiny puffy slit, sucking it all at once. Anneli gave a squeal and arched her pussy into her mother’s face, her slender thighs slid over her mother’s shoulders. The creamy heat of her daughter’s slim thighs pressed at her face sent her own cunt into a quivering spasm. She gripped Anneli’s girlish hips, and closing her eyes to savor the ecstasy, began to flick her tongue up and down her little slit, licking and tasting the freshness of her very, young daughter.

Anneli squealed, as she felt her mother’s tongue lapping up and down her kitty. She lifted her ass from the couch, instinctively grinding her crotch at her mother’s face. Katie held her slim hips, feeling her little body trembling, as she pressed her mouth hard at the wet pussy-slit, her tongue darting between the tight lips. Again, Anneli squealed, and began to hump her ass up and down. Katie’s tongue thrust into the tight, fiery pussy, fucking in and out, her upper lip smashing and writhing on the ch(i)ld’s tiny, throbbing clit. Anneli’s fingers dug into the couch, her pussy thrusting up and down.

“Oooohh, that’s good, Mommy!” she yelped. “That’s better than your fingers! Ooooohh, you’ve got your tongue inside Me! Mom, you’re sticking your tongue in ME! Do it some more…. stick your tongue way up my kitty!”

Katie fucked her eagerly, diving her tongue in and out of her daughter’s tight pussy-hole. The wetness that seeped into her mouth was sweet and hot, and she lapped at her tiny lips with a hungry urgency. Never having tasted a pussy other than her own before, Katie was surprised at the pleasure it gave her. Her daughter’s pussy, was so soft, puffy, and very delicious.

Suddenly Anneli grabbed the back of her mother’s head, and pulled her face very tight to her spasming pussy. Katie could hardly breathe, because her nose was smashed into the fuzzy mound, but she didn’t mind. Her brain was spinning with the perverse thigs she was doing with Anneli. Her daughter wasn’t as innocent as she appeared, the thought came to Katie, as she moved her hands down under her daughter small, naked ass, holding it still. Her finger’s squeezing into her tight, little ass-cheeks. Katie slipped her tongue out of her daughter’s delicate pussy, and licked up and down again. Tasting the supple pussy-lips, then swirled it over Anneli’s knotted clit. Finally, she slid her tongue down, way down. She fucked her tongue between her taut ass-cheeks, and found herself twirling her tongue at the hot tight puckered hole.

“Oooohh… that’s not my kitty, Mommy!” Anneli moaned. “That’s my Pooper…. aaaaaahhhh Mom, not my….”

“Shhhhhhhhhh…. Honey,” Katie moaned, as she twisted and swirled her tongue about her little asshole, her nose poking into her tiny slit.

Katie didn’t know what was coming over her, she felt so lewd, so wanton, so perverse, she wanted to use her mouth, her tongue, everywhere. It seemed, somehow, more wicked, and therefore more exciting to lick Anneli’s tiny ass-hole and pussy-slit. And it was twisted excitement that she wanted and craved.

Anneli giggled hotly, as her mother’s tongue swiped up and down the crack of her ass, and over her tight pussy-lips, her mouth closing about her throbbing clit and sucking. She wiggled her small ass up and down, grinding into her mother’s face and hungry mouth. She looked down and watched her mother, and listening to the wet sounds of her slurping tongue…. she looked so pretty, Anneli loved her mother so much.

“Lick Me, Mom!” Anneli cried out. “Lick me all over! Ooooohh…. that feels so good, Mommy! Stick your tongue in my pussy again! Lick my button with your tongue, you’re gonna make me feel good! Ooooohh, I want to Come, Mommy! I wanna feel good!”

Katie jammed her long tongue into her daughter’s pussy again, fucking furiously in and out, her mouth wide. Her eyes opened, but she saw nothing, they were glazed with ecstasy… thoughts of dreamy perversion, swirling in her head. She could feel Anneli’s hot slim thighs holding her head, but that was all she felt. She wasn’t aware of how her daughter was twisting and grinding her little pussy on her face, or of the way those small, sweet ass-cheeks clenched.

“Mom…. Mom…. Oooohh Mommy!” Anneli squealed. “I’m gonna Come… Suck Me… Suck Me! Ooooohh Mommy…. aaaahhh!”

When her daughter came, Katie’s tongue was deep inside her little pussy. The convulsions of Anneli’s orgasm clutched at her tongue, twisting and pulling it. Almost at the same time, Katie came, too! She groaned deep into Anneli’s little pussy, as her own climax rippled out in waves from her spasming pussy. The squealing sounds of her daughter enjoying her own orgasm were muffled and distorted. The wetness from her tiny slit seemed to increase, and Katie began to swallow, as her tongue thrust in deep, licking at the velvety interior as her daughter’s pussy quivered and flexed.

Anneli’s orgasm seemed to take a long time, drawn out in surging waves of ecstasy. Katie wasn’t sure if it was one long orgasm, or if her daughter was going through a series of pulsing orgasms. Katie’s face was wet with fuck fluids, her chin and lips smeared like a glazed donut. Anneli’s thighs closed tightly about her face, as she came and came again, as Katie kept licking, wanting her daughter’s first oral orgasm to be memorable.

“NO More!” Anneli wailed. “Please, Mom…. no more…. ooooohhh, My Kitty! OOOooohh, it hurts! Stop Sucking Me, Mommy! Take your tongue out of me, please!”

Reluctantly, Katie withdrew her tongue as Anneli’s hot slim thighs relaxed; she licked at the wetness around her mound, cleaning her quickly. She gazed at her small crotch, thinking Anneli had the cutest little pussy she had ever seen. Anneli’s body shivered and trembled, as she panted, her climax slowly fading. Katie had never seen anything so erotic in her life. With her skirt shoved up to her waist, her ass hanging over the cushions, and her legs spread wide, Anneli appeared to be developing, changing, and maturing right before her eyes. The site was incredible… she would never forget this moment.

Katie moved a hand through the folds in her robe to her pussy, and began to stroke and rub at her still aroused clit, “Mmmmaaahhhooooohh… that was incredible,” she moaned.

“What are you doing, Mommy?” Anneli giggled, when her breathing was under control. “Are you playing with your pussy, can I watch, please?”

Katie bit her lip, and gave into the overpowering desire to masturbate in front of her little girl, she slowly took off her robe. With a lewd smile on her pretty face as she exposed her naked body to her daughter’s eyes. She could see her curiosity, and the wonder in her young eyes. She was very surprised by her daughter’s eagerness to experience this wonder. She spread her legs, and slid her left hand to her pussy-lips, spreading them wide, as she used the fingers of her right hand to vigorously masturbate in front of Neli. She felt so wild, she felt so lewd, so wanton, so perverse, she wanted to give her daughter a good show. Her naked body shivered and trembled, as she looked into Neli’s pretty face, and saw an expression of wild arousal. The look seemed, somehow, more wicked, and therefore more perverse and exciting on such a generally innocent young girl.

“Neli, do you like looking at Mother’s pussy” Katie whispered.

“Ooohh Yeah…. Mommy, it’s so pretty….” the little girl moaned, as she watched her mother’s fingers rubbing at her pussy-lips.

“Mmmmmm Sweetie… watch me Come,” Katie groaned, as she felt her pussy quicken. “Do you like watching me, Baby Girl?” She felt so wild, her plans were advancing very fast now.

Mother and daughter looked at each other with wild heat in their eyes….

“Oh Mommy…. I like this…. I like rubbing…,” Anneli giggled, as she spread her slim thighs, and began to rub her fingers along the sugary wetness of her own smooth, hairless pussy. “Mmmm, I like rubbing my kitty…. I feel all tingly! Oooohh, and my pu…. my pussy is so wet”

“Ooohh Yes, I know,” Katie sighed and smiled, as she kneeled memorized one the carpet, watching her daughter’s fingers glisten with wetness, as she caressed her tight, little hairless pussy. Her little lips were pink and slightly puffy with her arousal.

“I know very well, Sweetheart.” Katie whimpered. “I started to play with my pussy at about your age…. and… I still love to touch myself whenever I can…. mmmmmmaaaaahhhhoo.”

Anneli’s small hand caressed along her pussy in small circles, then she raised her fingers to her mouth to lick at the wetness, her daughter shivered as she moved her spit wet fingers back to her pussy. Katie stared, fascinated, aware that her cunt was throbbing with a powerful urging again. “Ooohh Honey…. you like the taste of your little pussy…. don’t you?” she moaned softly.

“Mmmm Yeah, Mommy…. I…. I like the taste…. Mmmmmoooohh, I feel so naughty. Can I taste yours, Mommy…? You tasted mine?” Anneli giggled hotly, as she watched her mother’s fingers rub and thrust into her pussy. She wiggled her small ass on the couch, as she looked down and watched her mother play with herself, listening to the wet sounds made by her fingers rubbing and thrusting…. she looked so pretty, she thought.

Katie’s breathing became heavy, she licked her lips, her asscheeks bunching and her cunt quivered, as she caressed her pouting cunt, getting her fingers very wet. “Ooohh God… come have a taste? she mumbled, as she offered her wet fingers to her little girl.

Anneli leaned over, and ran her tongue along her mother’s fingers and hand. “Mmmm, Yes… yummy…. you taste good too, Mommy.” she giggled, as she continued to play with her tight, little pussy.

Katie’s eyes bulged, as she watched her daughter’s tongue, as she licked her fingers…. she also loved the feel of daughter’s little tongue swirling around her fingers. This feels so perverse, she thought. Her pussy tingled, and wildly perverse thoughts swirled in her mind. As she returned her attention back to Anneli’s licking tongue swirling about her fingers, it all felt so wrong, and yet so right. Her little girl smiled down at her, and she felt her heart quicken, she loved her daughter so much, her pussy began to throb harder, getting very wet. Her green eyes sparkled, back at her daughter.

Katie’s pussy tingled wildly, and her thoughts swirled in her mind, as she returned her attention back to…. Anneli’s licking tongue swirling about her fingers. She could see the curiosity glow in her daughter’s pale brown eyes. She suddenly felt the urge to stab her fingers into her pussy again; she wanted her little girl to watch her come. She wanted to expose herself, and finger-fuck before her daughter eyes so much. Her wetness flowed along her inner thighs. She spread her legs wider, thrusting her hips forward, as she pulled her fingers from Anneli’s mouth, and plunged two fingers back into her tight cunt-hole.

They both heard the sloppy, wet sounds, as she finger-fucked herself faster….

“Oooommmaaahhoo…. Mommy,” Anneli cooed, and kneeled at her mother feet, watching intently….

“Ooooohhh, you want to see better, Sweetie! Mmmmmoooohhh…. try this, too…. yeah, put a finger in your little hole…. but not too deep…. Daddy gets your virginity,”

“Put it where, Mom…. ooh, it’s not going in…. mmmOOOoooohhhmmm…. aaahhh, Yeah Mommy,” Anneli whimpered. “Ooohh…. ooohhhaaa… Yeah…. I feel sooo good with my fingers inside my pussy…. Oooohh.”

“Yeah, like that, but not too deep…. you need to keep your virginity a little longer. Mmmmm, I feel sooo good…. and Nasty! Yeah, that looks good, Sweetie. You look so sexy with your fingers up your little pussy.

Anneli moved a little closer to where her mother knelt on the carpet, watching intently…. still rubbing, and fingering her little, adolescent pussy, “What…. what do I need to keep, Mommy…? My vir….?”

“Your Virginity…. oooohhmmmmaaah, I’ll explain later…. just be careful with playing in your little hole for now,” Katie moaned, as she leaned back a little, making certain her daughter could see it all. She worked three fingers into her cunt, making her pink cunt-lips stretch.

“Ooohh, I will, Mommy…. I’ll be careful. That looks…. your fingers are so deep! Mmmmooohh, that makes me tingle in my pussy, Mommy! Your pussy is so pretty.” Anneli cooed softly.

“Doooo…. do you want to do it for me, Baby Girl?” Katie moaned, at first, she didn’t realize she had said that out loud.

“What…. ooohh, can I, Mommy?” Anneli gasped in delight. “Can I really touch you…. touch your pussy!” She was even closer to her mother now, she could hardly be still, jittering with her youthful animation.

Katie blushed from surging arousal, and she nodded her head. Anneli gazed up at her, with her hot pale brown eyes as she reached out her right hand, and touched her mother’s bare pussy lightly. Her left hand gripped her mother’s taut silky thigh, her own little pussy quivered, but was forgotten for now.

Katie trembled, looking down between her spread thighs.

“Mmmmooohhh, it’s so hot and wet, Mommy!” Anneli squealed. “You get wetter than I do, and it feels so soft and smooth, Mommy.”

“Put…. Oooohh, put your fingers in me, Sweetheart,” Katie purred, she felt so…. Horny! Her pussy throbbed with her need, her clit vibrating, as her pussy dripped her wetness onto the carpet.

Anneli slipped in two fingers first, then another into her mother’s tight, wet pussy-hole. She glanced up at her mother’s face with her intense brown eyes, a huge grin spreading on her pretty face.

“Ooohh, you’re really hot and snug inside, Mommy!” she whimpered.

Katie felt so lewd with her thighs spread so wide, and Anneli’s little fingers in her cunt. “Move them in and out, Honey!” she whispered. “Ooohh Yessss… like that… yes, soooo good… yes finger-fuck, Mommy… Fuck Meeee.”

Katie could hardly believe that her previously innocent daughter was playing with her cunt…. she was super horny, she loved how Anneli had inspired her wild desires and urges. She needed a release, the heat inside her pussy was overwhelming powerful. Her perverse thoughts churned and swirled in her aroused mind.

“Ooooohh, Neli…. I want more! I want you to Fist-Fuck me…. look, put your thumb in your palm…. yeah, like that. Now slide your hand in my hole slowly. OOOOOOOoooohh, My God! Yeah, Like That! Now, Slip it in and out!” Katie groaned loudly, as her eyes fluttered closed and her head went back, the muscles straining in her neck, “OOOOOooooohhhaaaaaammm, My God, YES!”

“Oooohh Mommy…. this is Fun!” Anneli wildly giggled.

After a few moments, Katie looked down through her spread thighs, at her daughters’ small hand, as it went in and out of her tight cunt. She shook her head, she felt so strange suddenly. She felt her pulse begin to surge. She felt crazy, yet elated. Her pussy was throbbing wetly, with her clit pulsing in a tight knot. Her hazel eyes sparkled, as her wild urges took over.

“Fuck Me Deeper…. Yeah, slip your arm…. In Me!” she groaned and laughed, as her daughter looked up at her with surprise and wonder. “Yes, do it…. this far.” She held up her own right arm, then wrapped her thumb and index finger around her forearm, a few inches from her wrist. “AAAAAAAAaaaahhhooo…. now, curl your fingers to make a Fist… Yes, Like That…. Now, Fuck Me…. Faster!”

“Ooooooohh Mommy…. Wow, this is Cool!” Anneli giggled.

Katie felt so wicked and wonton…. she looked down at her little girl, her brown eyes glowed with eagerness and amazement. She certainly was a cute little girl, her lips were full, moist, and velvet soft, set in a small, ch(i)ldish pout that gave her a look of simple innocent beauty. Her petite body was finely shaped and muscled, and her flesh was delicate with no blemishes. Her pink t-shirt was tight fitting, so her always hard nipples could be seen; the rest of her chest was as flat a young boy. Her light brown hair glowed and glistened in the light, which she wore in a ponytail. She looked so innocent, and yet so alluring, as she laid between her spread thighs, as her ponytail swayed back and forth, while her tiny hand and arm slipped in and out of her tight pussy.

Anneli laid between her mother’s spread thighs, panting heavily, as she watched her mother’s wet, pink pussy-lips grip at her thrusting arm. “Mommy…. why is your pussy sooo hot inside?” she squealed with excitement, her brown eyes sparkling as if they were on fire.

“Because I’m so horny, Neli!” her mother moaned. “I’m so horny, I can’t control myself! Ooohh, Honey…. move your fist faster…. Fuck Me Harder!” She didn’t feel ashamed by what she was having her young daughter do. At the moment she only felt the need of her powerful desires and needs. Her mind was in a turmoil…. she was thrilled by how fast her daughter was leaning to please her.

Horny…. Anneli wondered what the word meant, and looked up at her mother…. what is that, her mother didn’t have horns, she looked like she was in pain though, but she was asking for more? Even though some of her mother’s words and actions were a mystery to her…. she was eager to play and be naughty. Her body was so stimulated by what they were sharing together that she would have done anything asked of her.

With her pale brown eyes wide and bright, Anneli slipped her fist in and out of her mother’s wet pussy faster. Her fist penetrating fully, the puffy lips gripping her wrist, as she stabbed in and out. Half her arm was quickly soaked by her mother’s hot wetness. She leaned in closer, staring intently as her arm fucked into her mother’s tight pussy.

Katie’s squealed with ecstasy as her daughter rammed her fist harder, her ass lurching upward to meet her daughter’s thrusting motions. She closed her thighs about Anneli’s arm, and then flung them wide apart again, her ass lifting up and down.

Without being asked, Neli used the thumb of her other hand to agitate her mother’s hard fun button. She began to rub harder at the stiff button, her pink bow topped ponytail swaying.

“Ooohhaaaaammm… uuuunnnnggghhaaa, My God, Neli!” Katie gasped, feeling her cunt stretch around her daughter’s buried arm. “Ooohh God, Pretty Baby! Ooohh Yes, Honey, Fist-Fuck Me…. Yes…. Aaaaahhhooohh! God that’s sooooo goooood!” Her daughter’s little fist darted swiftly, plunging the upper half of her little arm into her cunt. To Katie, it felt as if she had a hard cock that could also rub her hard clit, fucking into her. She wailed and twisted her head about, she lifted her ass high, churning it wildly, humping up as her daughter stabbed her fist in and out of her cunt.

“Faster, harder!” Katie cried. “Ooohh, Pretty Baby, deeper…. faster…. harder… oooohh, and…. and… OOOOOoohh… now… Now!” Katie’s ass lurched upward, and she began to grind on her daughter’s arm, her cunt muscles clutching it in a powerful orgasm. “Ooooohh God, Neli,” Katie cried out. “Aaahh… Aaahh… ahhhooowww… Coming…. Coming…. AAAAAaaahh!” Her ass slowly dropping to the carpet, as her body trembled wildly with her orgasm. A wild smile spread over her face, as strong and perverse sensations pulsed through her body.

Anneli’s eyes were wide and glassy, as she watched her mother come. She could see and feel as her mother’s pussy flexed and squeeze her arm. She felt the pulses of soft pressure, as her mother’s pussy sucked at her fist, and she loved the feel of the wet velvety ridged interior. She wiggled her buried fingers (they were a little sore now), and she heard her mother squeal loudly, while she probed and felt around in her mothers’ womb with intense wonder.

“AAAhhuuunnngggaa…. Honey! OOOoohh, My God! That feels so wild! Okay…. Okay, Mmmmoooohh, Stop…. Stop, you can take your arm out of me now.” Katie groaned loudly, as her sudden climax began to fade.

Slowly, Anneli slipped her arm from her mother’s pussy, watching the lips as they closed gradually. “Ooohh Mommy….,” Anneli said in a low timid voice. “That was…. Fun! Ooooohh, look at my hand…. it’s dripping, Mommy,” she giggled wildly.

“Wow…. I just need a moment to catch my breath…” Katie panted.

After a few moments of watching her mother, Anneli softly said, “I Love you Mom.”

At that moment Katie felt her heart flutter with her body still quivering after her powerful climax, “Oooohh, I Love you so much too, Honey….”

As her climax continued to ebb, she looked down at her pretty daughter, with her pussy still exposed, Katie smiled, and softly said, “Yeah… that was a lot of fun, wasn’t it? I know you’re really going to Love seeing your Father’s Cock… and Fucking It.”

“Oooooohhh, Mommy… ooooohhh, My God….” Anneli squealed happily, covering her face with both hands in an innocent, ch(i)ldish, and bashful gesture, peeking between her fingers, at her naked mother.

——— Chapter 7
Late Sunday Morning
The Big Question for Jim……

Jim returned home about an hour later. With some artisan bread, cheese and deli meats for a backyard picnic to enjoy later. He found his girls out lounging by the pool.

They were both dressed now, Katie wore a very attractive and colorful, gypsy style, flowing skirt with a pale beige, lacy blouse, she looked so pretty and he noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her dark areoles showed through the thin fabric, they were small, brown circles with hard, pink nipples against the lacy beige. The hem of her flowing was past her knees. Katie had her golden-tan legs crossed and was swinging her bare foot up and down, as she sat on her lounge chair, her hazel eyes glowing, with a very sexy smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

Sitting next to her was Anneli, similarly dressed in a colorful gypsy skirt; he also could see the hint of her dark areolas through her shear yellow, lacy blouse. She looked just as pretty and sexy as her mother did. Jim noticed the way Anneli also looked at him from lowered, bashful eyes, a small smile playing about her pouty lips.

Glancing at his wife, he tried to understand their matched, but not paired expressions. Was his daughter really growing up this fast, did she really have a desire to make Love with him? Was Katie right… should they really do this? He would be less apprehensive, if he knew what mother and daughter had already freely shared.

“Hey Jim…. come join us. Neli has something she wants to ask you. Go ahead… Honey,” Katie urged her blushing daughter.

Anneli drew back into her lounge chair and brought up her bare feet, she curled up into a fetal position, still looking at her father with shy and very bashful brown eyes. They were down cast and she began to blush, and goose pimples spread out, as she giggled shyly.

“Go…. on, Honey,” Katie said softly, trying to encourage her very young daughter, to ask her father to do very naughty things with her…. her mind spun with crazy, and erotic thoughts.

“It’s what you want…. and what we’ve been talking about, Honey,” Katie reminded her adolescent daughter. “Your Father won’t know what you want to do… if you don’t ask him.”

“Ooohh…. what have the two of you been talking about, Neli?’ Jim asked, but knew some of it already. “And….. aaaahh…. what have the two of you been doing while I was out?” His mind began to spin; he was sure Katie had never been with another female before, but now, he felt very strongly that had recently changed.

“Well, to be honest…. Honey,” Katie said softly, with only a slight hesitation at first, but once she looked at Anneli, all curled up with her face hidden in her small hands, and her arms and legs flushed and covered in goose pimples. Katie could see it was going to take a little time to get her shy daughter Turned-On. “We didn’t talk very much…. yesterday…. I went into her room…… “

“Ooooohh…. Mommy… aaahh, don’t tell him about that. Please….” Anneli softly said, she could hardly be heard with her face covered with her hands, her pretty light-brown hair fluttering in the slight breeze.

“Shhh Honey… it’s okay…. your dad wants to know. I went in…. intending on talking, but I touched her little pussy through her soaking wet panties instead, and I fingered her to orgasm. She liked that a lot… didn’t you Neli? I know I liked it, Jim,” Katie giggled softly, and erotically.

“Ooooohh…. Well, Yeah Mom…. I liked it too,” Anneli giggled softly, through her hands.

“And while you were out, I sucked her pretty little pussy, and we talked about your cock….” Katie softly continued.

“OOOooooohh God, MOM!” Neli was so embarrassed, but yet, she spread a few of her fingers to look at the crotch of her father’s cargo shorts.

“Anneli…. tell your father how much you liked your pussy being sucked and licked….” Katie laughed, as her daughter squealed wildly and jump off her lounge chair, and kneel by her chair. They playfully began to hit and tickle each other…. they both laughed like crazy. Katie could also see Anneli was very excited now.

All Jim could do was stand there stunned and amused…. he also saw how excited Anneli was.

“Oooooohh God…. Mom licked my pussy, Daddy!” Anneli wildly squealed as Katie tickled her. “It felt sooo good! A… a… aaaaahh, Mom said…. boys…. like to have their dicks sucked!” She was very excited now… and she squealed wildly when her mother pinched her hard nipples, and tickled her all over.

“Tell him what else you want! Go on… tell him!” Katie groaned, as they continued to playfully wrestle.

“Mother…. Please! Anneli cried out loudly.

“It’s what you want… Right?” Katie reminded her young daughter. “You’ll never know, if your father will let you…. if you don’t ask.”

“Ask me what, Anneli…. what would you like me to do, Honey?” he said, with a huge smile on his handsome and golden-tan face.

“Will she… Katie?”

“Ask your daughter…. she has to say it….” Katie softly whimpered.

Jim looked at his pretty, and clearly sexy, young daughter, but she had drawn back onto her lounge chair again, her eyes downcast bashfully, shyly, but still watching him intently. Anneli sucked in a deep breath and slowly stood up at the side of her chair. Her pretty, petite body was shaking, and there was a flush on her darling face. Katie leaned over and put her hand on Anneli’s small ass, pushing her forward.

Anneli slowly stepped toward her father. She glanced into his face, and suddenly, without warning, shot her little hand out quickly to his crotch. Jim gasped, and was deeply surprised by her boldness, as he felt his young daughter’s hot, little hand squeeze his throbbing cock through his cargo shorts, then she jerked her hand back, her flushed face burning a deep pinkish red.

“Now, that’s what I call asking,” Katie laughed. “Jim…. I think Anneli would like to know if she can see your hard Cock.”

“Ooohh Mom!” Anneli gasped, turning slightly redder.

“Isn’t that what you told me…. before he came home, Honey?”

“You…. aaahh…. don’t have to be so blunt…” Anneli replied.

“Mmm…. such an adult word…. but it’s true, though?”

Anneli nodded her pretty little head, her light-brown hair fluttering in the slight breeze, glancing shyly at her father, her hands folded behind her back, shyly.

“Then try asking him, again Honey,” Katie urged.

“Daddy…,” Anneli whispered softly and timidly. “Can I…. aaahh…. a… will you… oooohh, Mother, you ask him!”

Jim was grinning proudly, his hard cock starting to twitch inside his shorts.

Anneli saw the thing in her father’s shorts twitching and squirming, and looked up. Her face and eyes bright, staring into her father’s deep blue eyes, she blurted out, “Show me your Dick, Daddy!”

“See how easy that was, and you can call it a, Cock,” Katie said and smiled at her pretty nine-year-old daughter.

“So…. you want to see my cock, Neli?” Jim groaned. “Aaahh that’s….”

Anneli looked up at her father’s face boldly, and nodded her head, her face aflame with blush.

“Then you have to take it out,” Jim said, teasing his young daughter. His ball sack felt so tight and his hard cock was throbbing. “You have to take my cock out if you want to see it, Honey.”

“I do…. Daddy, don’t make me do that,” Anneli softly said. “I’d feel so embarrassed.”

“Okay…” he replied, starting to turn away.

“Wait, don’t go inside…. Daddy,” Anneli yelped. She had seen how much his cock was bulging from his profile, as he turned, “I’ll…. I’ll do it… I’ll take it out.”

Katie was holding her breath, she had never been so turned-on in her life, it was so incredibly exciting to watch Jim tease their young daughter. She had no doubt that Anneli would eventually take out her father’s cock. She was just as interested, as her daughter was in seeing his hard prick.

Jim turned back around to face his cute little girl, arching his hips forward to make his cock bulge stand out in a more pronounced way.

Anneli knelt at his feet and slowly moved her hand forward, hesitated, then quickly shoved her hand into the leg opening of his cargo shorts. She gasped, as she felt the hardness of her father’s bare cock, she was surprised by the lack of underwear, as her fingers closed about his dick-shaft. She used her other hand to pull his shorts leg to one side, and brought his hard dick into the open. Her eyes became huge and moist as she looked up at it.

“Oooohh, it so hard, Daddy!” she squealed, as she squeezed the shaft. “Mom, his dick is sooo hard.”

“Of course,” Katie agreed. “He’s been wanting to use it in your little pussy for awhile.”

“Daddy….” Anneli said, as she looked up into her father’s blue eyes, clinging hard to his cock, as if he would try to pull it away. “Are you gonna do it to me?” she shyly giggled.

“Do what….?” Katie demanded.

A tremor went through Anneli’s small body. She sucked in a deep breath, and the words came tumbling out in a rush. “Are you gonna Fuck Me, Daddy?”

“Ooohh Anneli, stop asking him,” Katie laughed merrily. “Tell you Father what you want him to do.”

Anneli gulped, then blurted out, “Fuck Me, Daddy…. oooohh, I want you to Fuck Me so Badly!”

Jim grinned now, he was so turned-on, “Take off your panties first, Anneli…. I want to see how wet you are first.

“But I don’t have any panties on,” Anneli whimpered.

“Show me…,” Jim said softly.

“Mom, do I have to….?” Anneli mumbled bashfully.

“Honey…. Yes, if you want your father to Fuck You,” Katie groaned, she loved the sight of her daughter with her father’s hand cock in her gripping fingers.

“Ooooohh Yes…. Mom, I want to get Fucked!”

“Then show your father…. your naked pussy!”

Her body shaking with her mixed emotions, Anneli reluctantly released her father’s cock, and slowly lifted her colorful skirt, holding it bunched at her waist, pressing a thumb into her mouth bashfully. Jim looked down, seeing the creamy white patch of his daughter’s hairless mound, and his cock jerked from side to side.

“There it is, Honey,” Katie whispered. “I told you she wanted…. You!”

Jim bent down, and slipped his hand over his daughter’s hairless, smooth mound, he felt the fuzz…. Mmmm, so she does have the beginning growth of pubic hair, he thought. He cupped and squeezing her puffy, little pussy gently. With a yelp, Anneli pulled her thumb from her mouth, and her other hand reached out to grip his hard cock tightly. She sobbed with eagerness, squeezing his dick hard, almost painfully. His rounded mushroom shaped dick-head bulged, and his piss-hole flared. Anneli watched as seminal fluids seeped from his dick, and her small tongue slid across her hot lips.

As her husband started to slowly undress his daughter, Katie’s hazel eyes bulged with her lust, feeling her cunt throbbing between her slim thighs. She squeezed her crotch tightly between her thighs, creating exquisite pressure on her quivering clit.

The colorful gypsy style skirt fell to the ground first, sliding down her slim, golden-tan thighs, her lacy blouse fell from her petite body next. Anneli now stood naked before her father, all her sweetly fresh beauty exposed for the first time, in a sexual way. Her tits were non-existent, creamy white tri-angles framed the slight swellings of her areolas, the size of gum drops, capped with hard pink nipples, on her golden-tan chest. Her narrow waist and hips were still somewhat boyish, but her cute ass swelled out in twin cheeks of creamy white flesh, her slim, girlish legs were shapely and golden-tan also. She was petite, so youthful, and surprisingly sexy and arousing.

Jim smiled, when he had her completely naked, he knew it was perverse, but he dropped his shorts and stepped out of them anyway. His hard cock straining out, his ball sack pulled tight with his arousal, and soon he stood before Anneli completely naked. It was the first time Katie had seen her daughter completely naked in a few years, and now, she also looked upon her, as a sexual being too. Her desire swelled and her mind spun with wild erotic thoughts. Her cunt was soaked with her wetness, and her tits strained at her lacy blouse.

Anneli was panting with eagerness, and clutching her father’s dick again, she instinctively began to jerk on it…. she had seen her parents having sex several times, but never from a good angle. She and her friends have talked, but she knew more from the Internet… she loved watching naughty videos. She felt like she was ready…. she Loved her parents so much.

Father and daughter stood by each other…. touching and feeling, both waiting for the other to begin….

Jim slid his hands lightly about his daughter quivering body, feeling the silky skin of her bare back and small ass, he was trying to sooth her… thinking she was afraid. But she was shaking from uncontrolled arousal…. this was her first time, she just wanted to make her father feel good, but didn’t know where to start.

“Do it to me, now,” Anneli began to whimper. “Ooooohh Daddy, please…. put it in me…. and do it!”

“Anneli…. you have to ask the right way.” Katie groaned, as she pressed a hand into her own wet crotch.

“Fuck Me… Make Love to me….” Anneli softly whimpered. “Ooooohh Daddy, please….”

“Make Love to your daughter, Honey” Katie sighed. “Fuck her good…. make her feel really good, but carefully, she’s so tiny… and she’s still virgin… I saved that for you.”

For a virgin…. Anneli was very eager, she stepped from her father, her brown eyes gazing at his hard dick, she lay on the lounge chair, sprawling on her back. She opened her slim legs, eyes dreamy with anticipation. Mother and Father looked at her wetly aroused, pussy with crazed eyes, and then Jim was on his knees.

Katie wanted to see the coupling very much, she felt compelled to watch it. She sat up on her lounge chair, then kneeled at her daughter’s side. Her hazel eyes were glazed with passion, as she watched her husband lower his stiff cock to his daughter’s quivering pussy. When the swollen prick-head touched her sensitive pussy-lips, Anneli softly whimpered, “Aaaahhmmmmoooohh…. Daddy…. Yes….” Her hips jerking up to slid her wet pussy on his hard shaft. Katie slid her hand down Anneli’s taut belly, her fingers spreading the candied lips of her daughter’s tight, fuzzy pussy. Jim rubbed his cock up and down the fiery slit of his adolescent daughter’s aroused pussy a moment, savoring the feel of her wet heat, then he pressed his cock-head forward….

“AAAAAhhhooooommmAAAAAAAA,” Anneli moaned, as she felt the pressure of penetration, her pussy-lips stretched. Her sob of painful delight continued to tear from her throat, as she felt her father’s dick-head slowly stretching her little pussy-hole, wider than hers or her mother’s fingers ever had.

“Oooohh Honey…. just a little pain, then a Life Time of Pleasure. I know it will take some time to get used to the size and stuffed feeling…. soon you will be begging for him to fuck you hard and fast!” Katie groaned.

Katie pulled the wet lips of her daughter’s pussy wider, and watched her daughter’s tiny pussy take in more of her father’s cock. Anneli’s pussy-lips enveloped the head of his cock, and she began to sob, “Ooooohh Daddy…. AAAaaaahhoooooomm….” Her stretched lips closed about the shaft, like a rubber band. She continued to sob, but now, it sounded more like ecstasy, the pleasure began to intensify, as his dick fucked deeper into her tender pussy, her tight pussy muscles quivered wildly.

Then came the moment her hymen tore, the flow of virgin blood was minimal….

Her small ass jerked upward, and she gave a wild scream, as more of her father’s dick slid into her young tight pussy. Holding himself up by his hands, Jim watched as half of his cock penetrated his daughter’s tight pussy, feeling the velvety-soft interior and heat envelope his now virgin bl(oo)d covered cock…. her tight little pussy was the best he’d ever felt.

“Ooooohhaaaaammmm…. it’s so deep, Daddy! Oooohh, I can’t take any more…. oooooohh, I feel so Full!” Anneli wailed. “Aaaaahh Mom, I Love Daddy’s Dick, I Love it! Ooooooohh, Daddy it feels like your cock is in my belly…. Fuck Me, Daddy… oooooooohh Fuck Me, please!”

Still looking down, he watched her face, she was so pretty…. slowly he began to thrust his cock in and out, and he watched her erotically contorted expressions flow. He knew, half a cock was all she could take her first time…. he was going to enjoy fucking with what he could for now, over the next few months, she would be able to take it all, he knew. The lips of her tiny pussy gripped and flexed on his buried shaft so hard, and her hot pink interior slid about his thrusting cock-shaft, and her pussy began to drip with her wetness.

“Mmmmoooohh…. Sweet Neli…. Jesus Fucking Christ, your pussy is soooo……” Jim groaned.

Katie was slowly panting, feeling the intense pleasure of watching her husband fucking their young daughter flowing through her body, and swirling through her mind. She knew how perverse it was to encourage them to fuck, but that just supper charged her passion, seeing his cock fuck in and out of her fuzzy pussy was driving her crazy. Her clit was quivering like a racing engine; she was so close to orgasm.

“Oooooohh Jimmy…. that looks so, Hot,” Katie whimpered. “So beautiful, seeing your cock in our daughter’s pussy…. is so…. So Hot! I might just Come from watching you both Fucking!”

Anneli’s slim hips squirmed and thrashed beneath her father’s thrusting dick. She squealed and whimpered, slamming her pussy up and down in a frantic motion. Anneli’s hands were above her head, her upper body almost still. She twisted and squirmed her little ass, groaning ecstatically. As Katie watched, Anneli’s wetness formed a pink froth around Jim’s cock; she couldn’t stop from sliding a hand down Anneli’s taut belly. With a moan, she ran her fingers over Jim’s slick cock-shaft, and she brought her wet fingers to her mouth, and she licked her fingers clean… as her cunt spasmed intensely with the creamy copper-salty taste.

“Mmmmooooooohh…. so good……” Katie softly moaned, as she leaned down closer, sliding her hand over Jim ass-cheek, and down between his thighs. She grasped his wet ball sack, twisting and pulling on the sack, as he continued to thrust in and out of their daughter’s tight pussy. Her other hand slid over Anneli’s churning ass, Katie’s hand gripped one tight, silky ass-cheek.

Katie heard Anneli softly chant over and over, “Fuck Me… fuck me…. fuck me…. fuck me… Fuck Me, Daddy…. fuck me…. fuck me…. fuck me…. fuck me…. Fuck Me!”

Katie moved her lips up to Anneli’s, kissing her daughter deeply, as Jim kept up fucking her. Anneli’s wicked little tongue thrust into her mother’s mouth, and Katie sucked at it hotly, mewling as she squeezed Anneli’s tight, little ass. Drawing one of her daughter’s hands down, as she kneeled next to their lounge chair, she shoved the small hand under her flowing skirt. Anneli knew what to do next, her hand slid up her mother’s thigh and began to rub at her soaking, wet panties. Jim just watched as mother and daughter got more intimate, he smiled, as he began to fuck Anneli a little faster.

“Yes Anneli…. fuck me, too!” Katie urged, as Anneli slipped her fingers under her mother’s tight panties and into her cunt-hole. “Yes…. finger-fuck me! Oooooooohhhaaaammm,” Katie squealed, her hips jerking as Anneli fucked her fingers deep. Katie slipped a hand up to grab Jim’s ass tightly, her other hand played with her daughter’s tiny nipples…. pinching and twisting hard.

“Mmmm…. yes, fuck me with your fingers, Baby Girl! Ooooohh, Yes fuck mother’s pussy!” Katie squealed. “Jim, fuck her…. fuck our daughter…. fuck her hard and fast! Give it to her good! Ooooooohh Shit…. I’m going to Come!”

A loud groan issued from Katie’s mouth, “AAAAAHHHOOOOOMMAAAHH, My God…. Oooooooohh,” her cunt convulsed about her daughter’s buried fingers. Katie turned loose of her husband’s ass, grasping her daughter’s wrist, and began fucking herself on Anneli’s buried fingers. She was wild with mindless ecstasy, her eyes rolling as she came.

Jim watched, half stunned, as he groaned, “Neli…. Neli…. Oooohh, Jesus! So tight and hot! Yeah, finger fuck your, Mom! Fuck her good… ooooohh Shit!” Jim felt compelled to fuck faster and harder into his daughter’s little pussy.

Her father’s dick was driving her out of her mind, making her small ass whip up and down of its own volition. Subconsciously, Anneli will judge all of her sexual encounters, by this act for the rest of her life….

Anneli began to beat at the lounge chair with her small clenched fists, she tried to say something, but the only sounds she made were strangling moans. Her golden-tanned flesh was flushed from head to toe, the muscles of her stomach rippled and bunched, as she kept in rhythm with her father’s fuck thrusts. Some of her garbled moans became words. “…Fuck… Cock… God… Fuck Me, Ooooohhh Daddy! Oooooohh, God…. Daddy,” she whimpered, sobbed, and squealed as her pussy began to surge with a series of orgasms. She came time and again, her head twisting from side to side, her eyes rolling, and her light-brown hair fluttering.

Fascinated, Jim stopped thrusting his cock, and watched his daughter’s hips quiver and arch, her pussy stabbing itself on his throbbing hard cock. Then that intense, hot feeling of Coming soon came over him, and he began to thrust his cock into Anneli’s tender and convulsing pussy. The harder he fucked her, the more her petite body arched up, and she cried out as her orgasm came again.

“Oooohh Shit… I gotta Come! Oooooohh… I’m going to… Katie! What do I doooo……?” Jim moaned.

“Oooooohh God, Jim…” Katie moaned. “Fill her cunt! Shoot it up her fucking hot pussy… Honey! Oooohh Yes, Come in your daughter’s hot cunt! Squirt it in her, Honey.” She knew deep down that she shouldn’t let him come in Anneli, but in the heat of the moment, she didn’t care about the consequences. She would worry about getting her daughter to a gynecologist on Monday, she knew her doctor wouldn’t ask too many questions.

“Aaaaaaahh…. Oooooohhhhhhaaaammmm!” Anneli sobbed, her shoulders and head held up by her elbows, shaking her head back and forth, her hair fluttering in the wind, her neck strained and veins pulsing. “Ooooohh…Yes… Yes… Come in me, Daddy! Come… Commmme… oooooohh Shit, I’m Coming again, too! Yes… I Love You, Daddy… Commmmming!”

Her tight pussy convulsed and spasmed, as waves of orgasm rippled and surged through her clenched pussy, her petite body quivering. Her wet pussy lips squeezed, and pulsed insanely on her father’s impaled cock. She arched her back up and down, pressing her pussy up tight onto her father’s throbbing dick, grinding on his impaled shaft.

Jim’s body became stiff, as he kneeled between Anneli’s spread thighs, his cock as deep as possible in his daughter’s pussy. He felt the intense clutching wetness of her spasming pussy, her climax rippled and surged in waves.

Then his body shuddered….

“I’m Commmmming…. Aaaaaaahhhhooooommm… Ooooooohh, Anneli…. I Love You, too! Oooooohh Jesus, Commmmming!” he groaned, as his semen surged and squirted out of his cock with rapid spurts, splashing deep into his daughter’s quivering, and no longer virgin pussy.

“Yesssss… Oooooo Yessss…. Daddy….!” Anneli cried, as she felt her father coming off deep inside, and her little pussy seemed to explode with total ecstasy.

Katie watched with her hazel eyes big and glazed, while she listened to their moans of ecstasy. She saw Anneli’s pussy lips quiver and grip at Jim’s climaxing cock… and watched Jim’s tant pulse, as he squirted his cum deep into their daughter’s pussy for the first time. Her own cunt was dripping wet, and it spasmed into an abrupt orgasm. It wasn’t a strong one, but it was a good one. Seeing her husband and their daughter climaxing at the same time was mind blowing.

As his climax ebbed, Jim began fucking into Anneli again, stabbing his still rock-hard cock into her tender pussy. Her small, limp body jiggled, as he plunged into her hard. “Ooooooo, Daddy!” Anneli yelped. “Oooooohh Daddy… aaaaaahh!”

Jim’s cum began to seep from the tightness of her tiny pussy, from the f(o)rcefulness of his thrusts, running down to the curve of her little ass-cheeks. Katie watched with her tongue licking about her lips. Jim’s cum gleamed wetly in the sun light, coating her daughter’s ass.

“Take it out!” Katie groaned loudly. “Pull your cock out of her cunt…. move over, Jim! Oooohh God…. move out of the way!”

At the insistence of his wife, Jim pulled his still hard cock from Anneli’s pussy with a wet plopping sound, and moved to kneel by the side of the lounge chair, knowing what would happen next. This was the first time he would see Katie lick a pussy…. but what amazed him most, was the fact that it would be their own daughter’s pussy.

Katie growled, and moved between Anneli’s spread thighs, the inner thighs covered with fuck juices, and she leaned her face down between her still spread pussy-lips covered with a pink-froth. Her tongue shot out, and she began to lick up the yummy cum seeping from the sloppy wet pussy. She licked hungrily at the cum she craved, her tongue lapping, tasting the wonderful mix of cum, cunt cream, and virgin bl(oo)d. With an an(i)mal-like growl, she licked deeper.

“Mmmmmmmmmooooooooohhh….” Katie whimpered, her tongue lapping around the still twitching lips and clit of her daughter’s aroused pussy. She sucked and lapped up the cum dripping from the swollen pussy lips… leaving her cunt wet, but clean.

“Oooooohh, Mom!” Anneli squealed, as she squirmed and arched her tiny ass up, grinding her pussy into her mother’s sucking mouth. Already, she had come to love the way her mother sucked and licked at her pussy. “Uuuuummmoooo, I’m commmmming, again! Oooooohh, Commmming…. Yes, suck me, Mommy! Ooooohh God, this is awesome, I Love You soooo much, Suck Me!” Her little pussy gripped and flexed on her mother’s buried tongue with quivering waves.

Katie sucked and licked with demented passion…. this was her daughter’s virgin fuck, subconsciously she felt compelled to taste the combined sexual mess, as her daughter climaxed on her licking tongue….

Jim gasped, as he watched with bulging eyes, not knowing what to think or say, Anneli looked so innocent, and yet, very erotic at the same time. He was shocked and thrilled. His cock lay limp one second, hard the next, to limp again, gleaming with dried virgin bl(oo)d and his spent cum. He shivered with excitement, “Yeah, Honey Bear, lick her… make her feel good…. suck her… tongue-fuck her! OOOoohh Shit!”

“Oooooohh Daddy…. sooo good, Mommy ‘s tongue feels so good!” Anneli whimpered.

Jim felt his ball sack quiver, his eyes on his daughter’s lovely, contorted face. The words she cried aroused him, but seeing and hearing her sweet, innocent mouth utter them, blew his mind.

Part 3… coming soon
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