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Take and discard

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Stolen and disposed of no need for mess and fuss

The kids were playing video games and the wife was going for a nap, perfect I could go down to the cellar and work on my mancave. I installed a 1 way mirror so my guests can’t see the cage behind the mirror. The cage is basically a reinforced bedsitter behind my cellar sectioned off and not there if you don’t know. was hungry and horny from the weed I was smoking. I decided to drive to the corner shops and get a feed.

The shop is across the road from the caravan park and there were kids hanging around out front of the shops. I went in and ordered and went out and around the side to wait. Sitting down against the wall was a girl sitting with her legs crossed against the wall. She looked shy of 10 and had a thin short and tattered grey slip that came just far enough down to cover your bits if you were standing, maybe. But she was sitting there with a sparkly little g string that was sheer and very small. Most of her pussy and her asshole were being presented. She was crying and I asked her what was wrong. She told me she couldn’t go home and the kids out front were picking on her.
I don’t know exactly why but in an instant I hatched a plan to help her. I told her I would back in the side driveway to turn around and I’d pop the trunk and she could sneak in real fast and close the it. In she gets, I hear the boot close and I leave.. Stupid fucking little cunt what the fuck else am I going to do? I took her for a drive to a remote carpark opened the boot and before she could speak I taped her mouth closed, tied her hands and bagged her head. I tossed her in the car and ripped her shitty little slut dress off her.

Oh my fucking God, this bitch is perfect. There sat a tiny slender black haired half indian child in a g string with the perfect shape. Tiny dark nipples on slight mounds and a slim pussy with protruding clit showing through the sheer front and formed like an art piece framed by the sparkly lining. I just hit the jackpot no cameras to show where she’s gone. I am the proud new owner of a preteen poverty princess. I looked her up and down and decided to name her lauren. I drove her back to my house as I explored her baby body with my hand. I didn’t say anything and she sobbed but it was a quiet trip home. Into the garage and parked up. I pulled her out and roughly guided her down to the cave and threw her in the cage.

My head was spinning I just went to get lunch and instead I kidnapped and molested a tiny preteen babygirl that clearly didn’t get much attention or proper care. The cageroom is soundproof and has lighting that is activated by my phone you can see in if I set the glass and lights or you can see out from inside the cage. Risk and voyeur and torment. I removed her bag and tape and restraints and set the lights. I had a couple of beers and a round of pool while I watched her adjust to her new situation. I went and checked on the kids n missus and told my daughter her and her 2 friends could play pool if they wanted.

I told the missus I was heading to the car shop for something I already had and headed down to get to work. I set the lights so I could see out but have the privacy I needed. I gently removed Lauren’s panties and threw them on the ground, they were to be my trophy after all. Lauren cried and sobbed and I told her if she didn’t do as I said she would die. I slapped her around and dominated her for about half an hour.
My daughter and 2 friends came in the cave and I could see them. Lauren screamed as she didn’t know they couldn’t see us. I watched as my 11yo daughter and 2 off her sexy little friends played pool. I pinned the preteen child down, squeezed oil on her round baby sized ass and very slowly and forcefully pushed my hard 8 inch cock into her asshole. Fuck did she scream and about halfway in she squeezed my dick so hard I nearly passed out. I slowly ploughed this child up her kiddy ass as my daughter and her friends stood 3 feet from me I was in heaven.

That night lauren died unfortunately there was a issue with breathing with 8 inches of fat man cock forced all the way into her 10yo neck. But not before I fucked every little hole she had. Her cunny had been used before but I used all of her and noone will ever get to touch her again. I didn’t mean to kill the first 1 but now I just do it so I don’t have to feed them and I certainly can’t let them go.
I had 2 in the cage for 4 days once and the missus thought I was away for work and she invited a friend and her hubby over and wound up in the mancave. I watched my missus get fucked by her besties hubby as she ate pussy while I fucked the life out of 2 11yo twins I had in there. I want to get to 250 before I die I’m at 36 atm

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  • Reply Not silly ID:g0zx5ns43

    Dream on.

  • Reply RawAnalonly ID:p9ae2uoii

    you should assrape your daughter and her two friends next!

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Verdammt wie genial geil und pervers du musst unbedingt mehr Schreiben und genauer beschreiben was du mit den kleinen fotze machst

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    What a laugh I had reading this! Snuffing kids while watching your own kids playing pool! Wonderfu!l!

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1etnsrsn7uxc

    Love the idea

  • Reply Saturn-6 ID:y0sms34zzk9

    You know any woman into young boys?

  • Reply Gitl ID:165i1den271p