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Summers with Grandma and Grandpa

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I spent most of my summers at my grandparents’ house growing up. I always enjoyed it when I was little. But I really enjoyed it as a preteen. When I was 11, I started to spend the entire summer at their house. It was cheaper than sending me to a summer camp. But my parents didn’t know what happened at night. It started when grandma would cuddle with me on the couch. Nothing really weird until she started to touch my boobs and rub my clit. I admit that I liked it a lot. She did it under the cover of a blanket white grandpa was in the kitchen making dinner. She’d even kiss me at points. Their house was small, it only had one bedroom and the living room couch was a pull out. I slept on the pull out every night. Grandpa would join me frequently. He’d get on top of me while he thought I was asleep and dry hump me. I was awake every time he did this, which was almost a nightly occurrence. Grandma would get up in the mornings to go do her work with the farm animals. But not before waking me up. She’d lift my shirt and suck on my nipples for a bit before leaving me. When grandma went out of town for the weekend to stay with my mom, grandpa insisted I sleep in bed with him. He woke me up by rubbing my clit before eating me out. I loved it and let him do it every night until he eventually had sex with me. I woke up to a new sensation, grandpa was on top of me and his dick was inside of me. I moaned and moaned, loving the pleasure. He knew I was awake by now and kissed me repeatedly. Soon, he came inside of me and told me how much he loved me. Grandma came back the next day and I was back to sleeping on the couch. When grandpa had to leave a month later for a work event, I slept with grandma. This time, I woke her up by sucking on her nipples. I played with her clit and even ate her out before rubbing my pussy on hers. We rubbed pussies multiple times a day while grandpa was gone. When he came back, grandma woke me up by rubbing her pussy on mine.

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  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    I wish I was your grandpa , I would have you in bed between me and grandma

  • Reply S1ckminded ID:fx7ithd9j

    Fuck this is hot

  • Reply Daddy ID:1cypmlgpdhcp

    Hmmm what a lucky little girl to have such loving grandparents!! Add me on snap chat if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11