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Shit Katy had me do

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Not a story for most. Katy was very kinky. Scat, piss, young, incest.

Just before Craigslist shut down, I had an ad outto chat with a girl about sex. Katy answered me. We chatted for about 3 years all together. We did texts, email, phone calls, and a lot of video chats. She was a year younger than my oldest daughter. She always called me dad or daddy. She taught primary school in Chicago.
She was a very kinky girl. She shared all her fantasies as I honestly told her I had no limits with sex. She liked to watch me do things that turned her on and she would be masturbating on our video calls while I did. I did the same with her adventures.
She asked me once if I liked getting fucked in the ass. Of course, I said I loved it. She had me use my dildo on myself while she watched. It was a suction cup one I set on the side of the tub and bounced up and down on.
Make your sissy clitty flop around as you ride that cock, you sissy faggot. You like that big cock inside your sissy boy pussy don’t you?
I knew from experience that her questions weren’t rhetorical.
Yes, baby girl. Your daddy is a sissy faggot. I only exist to let men fuck me and use me.
It was one of only two times I came with only using a toy in my ass.
Another time I picked up a slut in the bar. I called Katy first ad asked if she could video chat while I fucked her. Of course, she was in.
The slut was drunk, so agreed to let Katy watch. I told her Katy was my daughter and that we fucked all the time, but was off to college so we had to make due. Katy was talking, saying things like, That’s it daddy. Fuck her had. Fuck her like you always fuck me. Fuck her like you fucked me when I was a little girl.
The drunk must have liked that. She said, did you fuck her when she was little?
Oh yeah, we’ve been lovers all her life.
The drunk got off on that and came several times.

Katy was into piss. She would piss all over as she use her dildo on herself. She asked me to do the same. I hadn’t tried before, but figured why not. I got in the bathtub and put my legs up over my head and pissed on my face as she watched. “In you mouth daddy. Drink that piss. Drink it like the cum dumpster toilet slut you are. ”
I opened my mouth and let my stream flow. I swallowed. It wasn’t bad. I drank more.
Oh daddy, I’m going to cum watching you be a dirty toilet slut.
We did that many times. Then one time she said fuck your ass with the dildo.
I can’t, I have to take a shit.
Good. Fuck that shitty ass. Push that dildo into your ass and push that shot back inside. I did. Of course, that just made the shit come out.
“Ooh that’s so hot daddy. Pick upthe shit and rub it on your body. I moved back to on ly knees and started rubbing shitall over my cock, balls, stomach, chest. It actually frlt really erotic as I did so.
Rub it on your face daddy.
I figured, well it’s all over now. Plus, I’m in he shower, so clean up will be easy. I rubbed it all over my face.
Fuck dad, I’m going to cum. Daddy, suck that shit covered dildo so I can cum.
I was so far into it, I just did what she said. I took the dildo and put the shit covered thing in my mouth. She came squirting all over the bed.
I signed off and cleaned up. But we did that many times.
Once she was babysitting her nephews. We were talking sex and she was masturbating. I said, get naked slut.
But the boys are in the next room.
Good, open your door, get naked and masturbate in front of the door.
She was getting into it. I was saying, you want yo get caught don’t you, baby girl? You want those boys to fuck you?
Yes daddy, I want their little cocks inside me.
Say it louder. What do you want?
Oh fuck, she said much louder, I want their little cocks. I want them to fuck me.
Just then the younger one walked into the camera view.
What did you say, aunt Katy?
Tell him to stay, i ordered.
Stay her Alex. Come sit next to me.
Let him play with your tits and suck them.
He did. Then i had him put his fingers and his hand in her pussy. He fist fucked his aunt.
I came like I never had before.
We eventually stopped chatting, but it was definitely a wild ride.

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    I hope you write more about shit sex

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    Nice to read some scat filth! Get Katy to call those little boys in, pull down their pants, squat over her and fart and shit in her face! Fun for everyone!