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Sex with teen sisters chubby friend – 1

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My name is Raj. I am 19 yrs old and have a 6inch dick. If u haven’t read my earlier stories do check it out.
My sisters friends name is S and she is 17 yes old. She is a part of my sisters girl gang as we all stay in the same bldg but everyone in the building made a lot of fun of her as she was very fat and chubby. But I always supported her whenever my sister and her friends made fun of her and she would always come and thank me and hence we became kind of friends.
So one day my parents were out of town so my sister and S planned for a stayover at our house. So they were in the Hall and i was in my bedroom watching Netflix. At around 3 am , i heard ny room door open and S came in. I asked her what happened and she told that she wasn’t feeling sleepy and whether she could sit with me here. I didn’t know what to say and I told ok and sat next to me. She asked me what I was doing and I told that I was watching GOT. She asked whether she could watch too. I told okay and we sat together and watched. After few minutes she told that she was feeling cold and entered my bedsheet and stuck to me. Suddenly a sex scene started and since she was also there I was going to forward it but she told not to and just told me to enjoy the scene. Suddenly I felt her hand sliding down my chest and into my pants. I asked her that, what is doing but she told me that she just wanted to say thank you . She took out my cock and started stroking it. I wanted to tell her no but just didn’t. She took my hand and kept it on her boobs and then I was like fuck it and started pressing and massaging her boobs.
She threw the bedsheet aside and climbed over me and kissed me and I too kissed her deeply and we just kept on kissing as I was pressing her ass cheeks. She removed her tshirt and bra and I started sucking those juicy tits of her and she was moaning and was running her fingers along my back. She got off me and we stripped off our clothes and she was looking hot with those big tits, chubby stomach and round ass. Her eyes were also fixed on my cock and she said that till now I have only heard from ur sister(do read my previous sex stories with my sister) about ur cock but this is the first time I am seeing it. I came towards her and caught her by the hips and asked her what else did she tell about my cock to which she gave me a slutty smile.
I laid on the bed and she crawled towards me and started sucking my cock. This was her first time so I played a blowjob video and showed her and she started sucking me in the same manner. She started slow but then picked up pace and started sucking me like she was a professional at it. I started to push her head making her take the entire length and choke on my cock. Just as I was about to cum I stopped her and turned her around and I started to suck her pussy which was completely wet till now. I also started fingering her pussy which was making her moan and she was pushing my head deeper and just as she was about to cum I stopped , put her legs over my shoulder and started to insert my cock into her. Her pussy was really tight but after few thrusts I finally got my entire length into her and started thrusting slowly and after sometime her cries of pain turned into moans of pleasure. I started sucking her tits and increased pace of fucking her to which her moans increased and suddenly her entire body started shaking as she had her first orgasm and I stayed as I was with my entire dick in her.
I then laid down and she came over me and we kissed passionately and then she positioned her pussy over my dick and slowly sat on my dick. She closed her eyes and slowly started riding me and we both were loving it. Suddenly I sensed that someone was watching us and after closely staring I saw that it was my sister who was spying on us. She was smiling and showing me a thumbs up. I asked her to join us but signaled me too continue and she stood there biting her lips and rubbing her pussy.
Meanwhile, S started to ride me faster and started bouncing on my cock and I was in 7th heaven as no one had ridden me so well. I was about to cum and told her to get one all fours(so that my sister could see me fucking her hard and cumming). She gasped as I inserted my entire cock in her at once. I started slow, pulled her head towards me and asked her ‘Are you ready to be fucked hard? ‘ to which she replied ‘Yes… I am loving it’. I caught all her hair in my hand and started pounding her hard. I winked at my sister and she then acted liked she walked in on us and S was shocked to see her but I kept pounding her hard. S was trying to say something to my sister but was moaning at the same time, she was saying something like ‘sorry… (moaning) …. please don’t… (moaning)….. ‘ and I removed my cock just in time and blasted loads of cum on her back. We both were panting loudly and I just sat on the bed exhausted. S got up and started pleading to my sister to not tell anyone and my sister told her that she won’t tell anyone only if we have a threesome right now. S was shocked and asked how could she say that as I was her brother but my sister pinned her against the wall and told her that if she refused, she would tell everyone about us. Finally S agreed and my sister started fingering her pussy and she started moaning and she said ‘Fuck it…. Let’s just have sex together’.
To be continued

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