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Sex game of a pre-teen house owner boy and a pre-teen tenant girl

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Being attracted by the brahmin pre-teen tenant girl Geetha, Masthan the pre-teen house owner boy matted with her and enjoyed utmost.

My father had left with us enormous wealth. “Us”meant my mom and I. My mom was a jolly type lady with more sleepness. Apart from cash and vacant sites, we were having some 6 houses of our own. In one such big house, we and six more tenants were living.
In the right and left of our house, a brahmin and christian families were there. Geetha and her dad were in the right side. Grace and her parents were on the left. Both of them were reading in their seventh and sixth classes. Though Geetha was in her 12 she had her puberty even when she was 10 yrs old. She was extremely beautiful like an angel. As a brahmin girl, her appearance looked like a 16 yrs old adult.
Before going deep into the story I would like to explain something about myself. I am Masthan and at my 12 (going to end) soon. As I had no dad and my mom had never controlled me, I was wrongly guided by my friends. Before the end of my 11, I had my adolescence. Using that, my friends provoked me to have sex with girls, who were also my seniors. In this way I had matted with many girls and became a lusty play boy. Instead of learning my lessons, I was taught more about sex. As my mom was mostly in her sleepness, I took advantage of that and I matted with some neighborhood girls even in my house itself.
Plz come back to the main story. I had seen Geeta, seeing some porn videos, sitting on the entrance steps. So I concluded that she was also a horny girl like me. Many times she had looked at me lustfully. So I decided to seduce her cleverly.
Geetha was very much interested in drawing some Rangoli kolams on the front porch or front steps. One day I selected a lovely Rangoli kolam and sent it to her, through her What’s App with a caption,” This is not so beautiful as you are.”
Until then she was having her lovely face as her profile picture. After receiving my msg, she changed her picture into another picture of her, kissing a baby. She sent me a message ” You are also very handsome.
I sent her an emoji of cupid’s emblem. That is “an arrow piercing a heart”. In turn she replied with two emoji. One was a nude lady touching her pussy. In another the same lady sending a flying kiss. I drew two pictures of my own. In one a penis, having two lips on its bud was trying to kiss a pussy. In another, Half invaded penis inside a pussy and some drops of sperm was falling.
Along with that, a big question mark was also sent as a caption. She sent me a message, “Really! When and where?” My reply was,” If you’re ready, now itself, in my house 🏠 itself. She sent a merrily laughing lady’s figure with a caption,” O yes. I’m coming,”
Just in 5 minutes, the door was taped. When I opened the door, l saw Geetha standing like a beauty queen. She was just wearing a pure white, fully transparent nighty. I could see her boobs and the pink colored nipples. My little brother got his full erection and saluted her by nodding his head making a tent using my lungi. She patted on his head and asked,” Where’s aunty?”
I asked her whether she was coming to play with my little brother or with my mom. “Before allowing my little sister to play with your little brother, I want the full permission of my aunt,” said she. At that time my mom came there. She invited her saying
,” O! Geetha come come. Do you want anything?”
She said,” First of all, I want your blessings aunty,.”
Saying so she touched her feet. My mom said,” There is always my blessings to you.”. Saying so she touched her head and kissed on her forehead. Then Geetha told my mom,” I need your permission to clear some doubts and then play with Masthan.” Mom said,” Take your own time and enjoy.” Then she turned towards me and said,” “Dear son clear her doubts and play with her as long and as much she wants”. Geetha thanked my mom gratefully by holding her hands
Then my mom said,” I feel so drowsy, let me go and sleep. Plz don’t disturb until I myself awake.” That meant, for 2 to 3 hours we could do anything.
I told Geetha that the supreme court itself had given full permission and she could get anything from me.
Happily she removed my lungies and I her only nighty. I hugged her and she kissed on my lips. She bit my lower lip and pulled it. I admitted my tongue inside her mouth and we both exchanged the salivas.
Of course the French kiss is the first and best instrument to initiate, the account of sexual emotion. So my little boy got erected up to the maximum size of 10 inches and touched her little sister. He could enter only up to an inch and not more. Because her hymn stopped to enter further more.
But I went on kissing on her entire face repeatedly. I bit her ear lobes and blew some air. She closed her eyes and enjoyed my tuning. At that time my little brother murmured and reported about my laziness in making him waiting for a long time. So I gave a heavy blow and broke her hymn. As I had done that many times for many girls, it was quite natural for me.
Geetha also controlled the heavy pain biting her lips. Even then, tear drops were falling from her eyes and there was some blood oozing out from her pussy. I consoled her by kissing on her forehead and on her eyes and ears.
Then she happily started moving her hips and matted with me nicely. While enjoying the sex joy, she was biting my shoulders as well my chubby cheeks. Very soon she had her orgasm and hugged me tightly. I also had the same. But quickly pulled out my cock out of her pussy and spilled the sperm on the floor. She scolded me using bad words for that. She told me that she wanted to enjoy the warm flow of the sperm and the vibrations of my penis.
She advised me not to fear about the conception because there are many methods to stop. As there was none to see or stop , all those went on in the main hall itself.
For the second round only, I lifted her in my arms and took her into the bedroom. She politely asked me to fuck her in the doggy style. She wanted my 10 inches long rock hard boy to get well inside her pussy and to touch her abdomen. So she stood in her fours and was waiting for that. Her words and deeds provoked in me a good sex feeling and my little boy got ready.
Then I also stood on my fours and licked her pussy and her asshole. I moved my chin on her buttocks then and there. All these gave her enormous pleasure and she laughed merrily.
But I spitted a large amount of saliva on my penis and smoothened him. Then I started pushing him inside her ass hole. She again started scolding me saying,” You bastard! What I said and what you are doing. You bloody beggar, you bloody rascal, take away from my asshole and push it inside my pussy.”
But I laughed merrily and continued my job. I pushed him for about an inch, then took him out and applied more my spitting and then pushed again. In this way I pushed him completely inside her asshole.
Then I asked her to enjoy the pleasure of asshole fucking. For all the girls this would be more pleasure ful than fucking in their pussies. I was spitting on my boy again and again when ever he came out. So he smoothly moved in and out. I also earned enormous pleasure as the asshole flesh was tightly holding my boy.
As I was giving my boy enough time, he didn’t ejaculate too early. I increased the speed and the body of Geetha moved front and back synchronizing with my blows. After more than some 20 minutes,I had my orgasm and leaned on her back.
She praised me a lot like singing a long song.
She said,” What you said is 200% true. An expert is always an expert. My dad told me that you are a play boy and advised me not to have any touch with you. The more he advised, the more I wanted to mate and enjoy with you my dear lover boy. Come on! Play with me as much as I want,”
Then I went and stood before her. Joyfully she held my little brother in her mouth and started licking and sucking him nicely. He expanded to the maximum size of 11× 4. showing his all nerves and was glittering like a silver log.
By my sucking and asshole fucking, Geetha already had her orgasm and so her pussy was wet like a small pond. So my boy easily invaded into her little girl. I leaned on her back and fucked her speedly like a dog matting with his bitch. I held her guava like boobs and kneaded them and pinched the nipples.
She was humming like a wounded dog ( but happily) ” Hummm..mm…hi..hi.. m…m..mmaa..aa..
and so on and so on. She said with over joy,” My sweet little darling, this is what I wanted. Now your one foot penis is touching my womb for one stroke and touching my abdomen for another stroke. Ha..ha..ha..oh my God…. oh my God… how can I explain my pleasure? I’m flying in the sky of joy. Thank you da my little hubby. I want to dye now itself. Hm…mm…mm.. this is the eternal pleasure for any girl in her life. Give me this joy until I die.” The more she prattled the more I enjoyed.
Unlike any girl Geetha gave me immense and enormous pleasure. As she wished, my little boy vomited more or less 100 ml white milk inside her pussy. He trembled with extreme emotion. Then I lifted and seated her on the table hanging her legs downwards. She also bent her body looking the roof. Now also I fucked her vigorously kneading her breast and kissing on her neck and shoulders. I bit her side ribs and licked her naval part as well her arm pits. I didn’t leave even a single G- spot of her body.
The hair on her hands and thighs stood vertically because of my tickles. Now also she started prattling many many meaningless words. More or less two and half hours gone. Fearing about my mom, we closed the sex shop temporarily. Unexpectedly instead of my mom, her father returned for some reason and called her. She said,” I’m talking with this aunty dad. I’ll come at once.” She kissed me strongly and was sending flying kisses until she reached her house.
Dear readers, you may have a doubt. Are these two fellows, really pre-teen? At any age sex can be enjoyed to the maximum if and only if the two partners are really lusty. Here Masthan is a well experienced play boy and Geetha is very horny girl So they both enjoyed to the maximum.
I’ll write in the second part, how I enjoyed matting with Grace.
Please send me your comments and suggestions to my mail ID “[email protected]”. Please don’t forget to write the heading of the story when you write.
See you and bye-bye.

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