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Raped by my son and friends

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How my 16 year old son and his friends raped me on his birthday

Hi. I am Salma. 32 year old i am second wife to my husband whose first wife had died in a bike accident. My husband also died 5 years ago, a bacterial infection in his lungs. I was left with my daughter who was 6 year and a boy from his first wife who was 11. I work as a teacher in a school nearby. Aftab, my son, also studied in the same school. His father’s death gave him a big shock. He called continuously for 3 years. He was still in class 6. We both never liked each other. I always scolded him for the siliest reason. I made him clean floors, do the dishes, wash clothes etc. Even in class i used to scold him infront of other students for smallest of mistakes.

Due to his age he had friends of higher classes only and used to hang out with them. Especially there were 2 boys Kumar and Prasad. They were the biggest headache for the school also. Being son of very powerful politician no teachers used to take any action on this doings.

Two months back it was Aftab birthday. One week before the birthday he asked me if he could have a small party in home with his friends. I simply scolded him. Infront of his friends i just told him to first grow up and pass classes and study.

“One month back you had a big party for your daughter and now I want one for me” he said.

“Shut up. You are not the person to decide. You scum bag. You are good for nothing son of a bitch. I don’t have any money to spend on you. So go back to class and never ask again” i replied.

His friends were with him and he felt very humiliated. Somehow i felt very satisfied.

On his birthday there was a teacher’s meeting and had to be in school till 530. Usually school would be over by 230. When I reached home by 6 pm i heard lot of noise in home. I realised that party was going on. Aftab, Prasad and Kumar along with another 8 boys were dancing. I could see cake on the table which was waiting to be cut. Sajna my daughter was also there enjoying.

I became very angry and just went and hit Aftab on his face.
“How dare you spend my money. I told you not to conduct any party.”
“Mom, this was a surprise done by his friends..” Sajna said.

“You shut up. I am not talking to you. How dare you not obey me.” I continued. I was about to hit him again when Prasad came forward and held my hand. I pushed him and started verbally abuse both Prasad and Aftab. Slowly it bloated up into physical. Kumar almost came to me and tried hitting me. By reflex i hit him back that made him fall down hitting his head on the table making the cake fall.

There was an awkward silence. Everyone was stunned. What happened next was shocking. Till this time Aftab who was silent suddenly got hyper and started shouting.

“You have got beyond limit. This party was done by my friends. Prasad and Kumar has brought this cake from the money and not your bloody money. I was waiting for you to come to cut the cake because i thought you should also be part of this as you are family.” He shouted.

“Bull shit. You bastard!!!” I shouted That was the mistake mistake I did.

Not only Aftab, but Prasad, Kumar and couple of other guys got angry and started coming near me.

“oh i am the bastard. That’s the limit. You are over” aftab said.
“Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you?” Said Prasad.
“Your ego is too much. You have to be taught a lesson.” Kumar said.

Aftab came near me and held my neck and pushed me. Kumar held me and he sat on the sofa nearby. It was like almost i was lying on his lap with my ass on top. This made him laugh.
“She loves to snack on kids on their ass. Today you need good smacking. ” Prasad said. Immediately Kumar started snacking on my ass. I again started to abuse.
“Put something in her mouth to shut her up” aftab said. That was a trigger when one of these boys immediately put his cock inside my mouth. Entire room got shocked including Aftab. One guy came and hoti me on my face when I tried to resist. Kumar pulled my hair making me open the mouth.
“You called me son of a bitch. You are my mother so you will today be shown who the bitch is.” Aftab said.
Within few seconds things completely changed. My dress was torn and i was made naked. My bra and parties was cut using the knife kept for cutting the cake. I was lying on top of the centre table on my stomach. My 36E boobs hanging down from the edge. Kumar and Prasad were standing behind and hitting my ass. Aftab was pulling my hair and another boy was throat fucking me. One more boy was sitting behind send smacking on my breasts. Every one was counting. They stopped only after 100 counts. Meanwhile they first boy had cum in my mouth and second not took place.
When the 100 count was over both my ass and breasts were turned red. I was wailing in pain.
“You boys. I am going to show you will i am. Everyone of you will go to jail. ” I shouted as soon as the beating stopped.
This made them angrier.
“So you have not learner your lesson. Okay then. You will now be given severe punishing.” Prasad said.
I was made to lie on the table again but this time on my back. My hand were pulled on the side and tied to the legs of the table. This made my breasts jut out. Kumar brought a steel scale and then started to hit on my pussy. Aftab and another boy started pulling on my nipples toward the roof. It was so painful. And when I tried to shout someone put his dick inside my mouth. Years were rolling down my cheeks.

” See this bitch. After 100 steel rruler hits, hee puasy in getting wet. She is enjoying this. How can you get excited? Okay i will take care of that too” Prasad said.
He took his dick out and pushed in my pussy with 2 strokes. I could not see it but i am sure that for a16 year old he had a big one. Surely 8 inch. He was fucking me very roughly. Aftab was seeing this and laughing.
He feared everyone to get naked and start fucking me. One by one all the 10 boys fucked me in either my puasy or my mouth. Then aftab said that she is a bitch and she needs to be fucked like one.

He came behind and lifted my legs. 2 boys held my legs apart makingy ass spread. My torn panty which was used to clean my pussy of all the cum after each fuck was then stuffed inside my mouth. All the cum soaked made a goal smell. But I don’t know why it made me more horny.

Aftab came down and put his 7 inch cock inside my as and he started humping very roughly. 10 minutes after fucking her came in my ass. Then again one by one all 10 nos in my ass just like a bitch. Prasad Kumar and aftab did my as 3 timeseach. I almost fainted. I don’t know how many times i had cum. Completely exhausted i had given up. Every boy left the house. Prasad and Kumar warned them not to tell this to anyone and to forget what had happened.
My daughter just sat there throughout watching the scenes and said nothing. I don’t know what made her but she recorded everything on mobile. After this was over she went upstairs to get room. Time was around 830. I realised that for last 1.5 hours i was being brutally assaulted. Finally after 30 minutes of rest i was united from the table.
” From today onwards you are our bitch. You will follow some rules.
1. Whenever you are in home you will always be naked.
2. You will call all the of us as master.
3. You will obey whatever we say.
4. You will walk on all 4 like a bitch wherever we come.
5. Tomorrow we will bring a collar which you will always. Even to school you will have to wear.
6. Being a bitch you will always be available for being fucked. Any one we say can fuck you and you will never complain.
For the time being these are the rules. If you violate any one, you will be punished and it would not be sweet. Your video will be then circulated to the school and family group. ” Said Prasad.

Things changed from that day. Do give your comments in my email… me.my.mine.mera at gmail.

Do you want part 2 of this. Do comment

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  • Reply Susan ID:2liqqdn0z

    Rape by family member isnt so easy to report. And when it repeats it can lead to interesting things

    • Big daddy69 ID:4mxczxzr9

      Did that happen to you Susan !?!

    • @big daddy 69 ID:ndomrl3oib

      Yes. By nephews

  • Reply Hellish ID:3057hetqra

    LMFAO!!!!!!!! Maybe next time lol

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1coe3h3l7u05

    Would enjoy reading part 2

  • Reply Dan ID:7ylren4oic

    More stupid sick made up bull shit.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    I love that Kumar was ‘snacking ‘ on her ass! Not what was intended, I think. Anyway, this doesn’t ring true. If these testosterone filled boys were that carried away they would have certainly stripped and bumraped the 6yr old sister too. Maybe in Part2?