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Pornography Everywhere! Part2

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Doris walked on, despairing at the world. When she turned back, she saw that the hoody boys had pulled down their trackies and were mooning her and sticking their fingers up their assholes. They continued to shout and jeer at her. ‘Cunt’ and ‘Whore’ were the nicest words they used.

Doris felt so depressed and angry. She then saw a whole load of used condoms by some bushes and pages torn from porn mags. One page was a centrefold of a huge black guy with his cock embedded in a petite teen girl’s bum. Doris looked away quickly only to see a pair of little toddler’s pink panties and a pair of skidmarked men’s underpants trodden into the mud. She dreaded to think what had occurred there!

She felt weary and sat down on a bench. It looked none too clean, as if someone had pissed all over it at some point, but she needed to rest. She thought back to her one boyfriend, who she met at a church convention and who seemed nice and decent. But she remembered refusing to suck his dick and saying she didn’t know where it has been. “Not up your arse, that’s for sure, you frigid cow!!” was his reply. And that was the end of that.

An elderly old gent with a walking stick came up to the bench and sat down next to her. Poor frail old thing she thought to herself. He then took out his mobile phone and started scrolling down the screen. She then saw with horror that he was looking at a porn vid of two teens fucking. The old codger took out his old todger and started wanking. “Go on, son” he growled, “Fucking nail that dirty little bitch!” He then shot a big load of spunk on to the path in front of him. He turned to Doris and said, ” Wanna clean up my sticky dick with your mouth darling? “. Doris rose immediately and scurried off in the direction of the library.

Doris liked to visit the library and read the local and national newspapers. Mind you, they were always full of reports of rapes and sex killings. A studious looking young man was behind the library counter. ” May I direct you to our new Adult Erotica section? Lots of new raunchy titles and some self-help manuals”. Doris was aghast! ” Here we have ” he continued ” ‘ The Woman’s Guide to Giving Head’, ‘Organising Your Own Orgy’ and ‘ Making the Most Fun Out of Your Bum ‘! Doris stormed out.

She made her way to the church to see Father O’Flynn. ” Oh dear! ” he said. ” You’re looking sad, Miss Fortescue. ” “Oh Father, Father! What’s happening to Society? Where are the morals, the standards and principles now?” she wailed. ” Everywhere you look it’s just sex and porn! ” ” I’m not sure it’s that bad. Sure, we all need a good satisfying wank every so often. ” Doris was startled. “You mean, you masturbate to porn?!” ” Of course! ” he answered. ” I think your problems stem from sexual frustration . You should buy yourself a dildo or vibrator and get that old pussy juiced up again. You know, there’s a niche market for old sluts with saggy tits and asses out there. ”

Doris was flabbergasted. ” Oh Father! I’m so disappointed in you! ” she cried. “Well, I may be a priest, but I’m human too. At least I’m not shoving my cock up choirboys bums like some of my colleagues!” Doris was leaving by the door now. She looked back sadly to see the priest with his cock out pissing in the font. Oh, the depravity of it all!

Please look out for Part 3!

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