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Please, please fuck me again

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My brother raped me and I liked it, so I asked him to do it again, and again.

When I was 8 years old, my 15 year old brother Gary raped me, but I didn’t tell anyone, not even mom and dad, and the reason was because I liked it.

I was 8, and just over 4 feet tall, very skinny, and my brother was 15 and was maybe 5 feet 7 inch tall, and he was muscular.

We were home alone and he had been in his bedroom most of the day, probably playing computer games, and in the afternoon I got a shower because I had been painting downstairs and got paint all over me and in my hair.

When I finished showering I got out, wrapped my pink fluffy towel around me and went in to my bedroom, I pushed the door but it never fully closed, and I was drying my hair with a little towel when I heard Gary cough behind me, I turned around and he was standing leaning casually against my door frame and looking at me strangely.

“What?” I asked.

He shook his head, “Nothing. Carry on.” He replied, and he just stood and watched me drying my hair.

I started to feel uncomfortable because he had been staring at me for nearly 5 minutes, I giggled because he was making me nervous, “What do you want?” I asked

He stood up straight and then walked up to me, he looked down at me and started to rub my exposed shoulders, I looked up at him waiting for him to say something, but he didn’t speak, then his hands moved down my arms and off the tips of my fingers, and he got on his knees, “You’re weird. What are you doing?” I asked, I thought he was going to tickle me or something.

Then he held the top of my towel by the knot where it was tucked in at my front and he pulled the knot off, I grabbed the towel as it started to fell, but he grasped it and pulled it out of my hands, throwing it across the room, I used my hands to cover my pussy, “Gary, I need that.” I complained.

“No you don’t. But I know what you do need.” He replied.

He grabbed my hands and I fought as he tried and succeeded in pulling them away from my pussy, and I was exposed, “Stop. You’re hurting my hands.” I complained.

Then he spun me around and held my hands behind my back, and he put his head over my shoulder, resting his chin on my collar bone, then he put his right arm around my front and touched my pussy, I sort of hunched my butt backwards to try move away from his hand but he was strong and held me in place, “Don’t. Stop it. No.” I begged because I didn’t like him touching me there, then he forced his finger up me and it hurt, “Argh.” I cried.

He didn’t seemed to care that he was hurting me and he started kissing my neck and finger fucking me really hard and fast, I couldn’t breathe, he was violating my body and making me feel all kinds of things I didn’t understand, “Stop.” I cried.

He stood up and still had hold of my wrists, and he stepped around to my side and pulled his pants down to just above his knees, I saw his cock and hairy balls and his cock was sticking out, he held it in his hand and pushed it against my mouth, “Open your mouth.” He said.

“No!” I shouted.

“Open your mouth!” he shouted.

He scared me so I opened my mouth and he pushed his thick hard cock in to my mouth and he forced me to suck on it for a few minutes while I cried and sobbed.

Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me to the floor on my back, then he sat on top of my legs, and rubbed and fingered my pussy some more, “I’m going to fuck you now.” He said while smiling at me.

He pushed my legs apart and got on top of me with all of his weight on me, he held my arms down stretched above my head, and he pushed his cock between my legs, “Ouch – Argh!” I cried and screamed, feeling my virgin hole stretching around his hard girth as his cock slowly slid up inside of me.

When his cock was about 4 inches inside of me, I suddenly stopped crying, and I felt very strange, good strange, he had hit a spot inside me that made my whole body tingle and my head go all fuzzy, and I liked how it made me feel, he kept repeatedly thrusting in and out of me, and every time his cock hit that spot, it made me feel all happy inside, his cock was hurting me because it was big compared to my small 8 year old pussy, but it felt good, “Uh – Ungh – Ouch – Oooooooh.” I moaned out.

“Oor Lucy, your pussy is tight. Oh God.” He groaned while pumping my hole, “It really is as good as it looks on the internet.” He said.

Yes, he’d later tell me that he had been watching child porn online and wanted to try it with me to see what it was like.

He fucked me so hard on the floor I got carpet burns on my butt cheeks, but even that felt good, I had my first ever orgasm, my body convulsed and tingled all over, my whole body was shaking and I got goose bumps all over like I’d just jumped in to an ice-cold pool.

Then he came, “Oah God – Yeah. Lucy. Ooah.” He groaned with release and victory, I felt my tummy warming from his rape seed, and when he finally popped his cock out of my little hole, some of his seed flowed out of me and dripped on to the carpet.

When Gary left my room I got up, climbed in to my bed and rolled myself up in my thick blanket and just sat on my bed shaking and thinking about what had just happened.

I told no one what he had done to me.

It was nearly a week later when I went to him, and I found myself begging him, “Please. Please fuck me again.” I begged, because I wanted it, I needed it to happen again, the orgasm he forced out of me was like a drug, a drug that had now worn off, and I craved more.

Gary did fuck me again, and again, and again.

He had crossed the line when he raped me that first time, but now it was impossible to go back across the line, we were stuck on this side, and we fucked like crazy every chance we got.

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    Part 2 please

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3jsldmj76ia

    There is no going back once you open the human Pandora’s box. The sex switch is a one way pleasure switch that can be turned on at a very young age. While I don’t condone the first actions it seems you actual did her a sexual favor by turning the switch on yourself. Ah yes, the sweet throughs of young sexual desires initiated by her first real orgasm. Young girls sexual desires are a natural part of being a sexual human being and as such there is absolutely no shame or guilt on her part.
    Please tell your young lover that all her feelings and desires are completely natural so following those are a real and natural human instinct. All young females looked to be taught and dominated by an older male since the dawn of time and I surely feed those desires in my girls.
    Loved the story and would love to hear more.

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    Now you must bare his children

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    What a good sister

  • Reply Nancy ID:7ylren4oic

    Yeah right, such horse shit.

    • your mother ID:72ydya70hi

      You do realize that most of the stories on this website are fiction right?

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    Yes get fucked by your brother , you are his sex slave