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Playing Doctor

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Bored girl with babysitter ends up playing a classic game.

This is a few years ago when I was 17. The area I lived in had quite a few children starting ages in the 10-19 age group. Every evening everyone used to play in the society parks and knew each other well.

I liked hanging out and playing football and chatting with the girls. I had just started developing an attraction towards girls hitting adolescence. And so, my eyes were fixed on a 12 year old girl named Neha. She was slim and of decent height a d usually wore summer dresses, shorts and skirts. Her skirts used to be slightly short and as she ran it rode up giving me a good view of her milky thighs. Neha soon became the object of my nightly fantasy as I milked my cock to glory.

As the days passed, my fantasy slowly turned into obsession as I was a bit sex starved. My girlfriend and I were hardly indulging in any sexual activity and thus I needed a release for my badly aching cock.

Now, our parents knew each other and used to go out for dinners occasionally.One such evening,my mother made a mention that Neha would be coming over and perhaps stay for the night, as the parents had to go for a wedding. After a while, the doorbell rang and Neha entered. She was wearing a cute sleeveless top, which showed her just budding nips and a short black mini skirt. I liked what I saw and quickly formulated a plan. After my parents had left, we ordered pizza and stayed up watching a movie.

Around 10-ish, she started yawning and I suggested that she sleep in my room. I went there to tuck her in and returned downstairs to watch something. After a little while, I heard some noise upstairs and so proceeded to check the same.

As I opened the door, I saw Neha was still awake. Yawning,but awake and was going through my books. She said she was bored and wasn’t able to sleep. I suggested that we ‘play doctor’.

“ha ha, that’s such a kiddo game”
” but you are a kid!”
“No, I’m not!”
” Well,anyway, we are going to play the adult version of the game.But,If you don’t wanna, we can do something else”

Neha thought for a moment and decided she would play.

” So, how do we play this? Aman bhaiyya?”

” You are the patient. Come and lie down on the bed and tell me what’s wrong with you. I will examine you”

Neha lay down on the bed and said she was having tummy ache. I pushed her cute top up and found she was wearing a slip. I pushed that up too to reveal her tummy. Slowly I started caressing her tummy and navel. I pressed a little harder and she squeaked a bit.

“Neha, I need to give you an injection. Turn over please”

” No bhaiyya, are you serious? I am shit scared of needles ”

” Don’t worry dear, it’s just a game!” I reassured her by saying so.

She turned over. I quickly pushed her skirt to her hips and before she could react I pulled her little girl panty to her knees.

” What are you doing?”
” Giving you an injection! I gotta be realistic!”

I could see she was fidgeting a bit. So, I pulled off her panty entirely. She turned her shocked face around and saw me stare lustily at her cute butt. I quickly started massaging her legs and tried to relax her. As I continued my massage, it was clear she liked it. I moved my hands to her thighs and rubbed her inner thighs gently. I could hear her moan softly. I moved my fingers up to her butt and purposely started brushing her vaginal area with my long fingers. I squeezed her butt and kept rolling my middle finger around her vaginal cavity. I could sense she had become a bit wet and was slowly losing herself.

I kept her hanging there and returned to the game. I pulled a syringe filled with water, lubed it up with some Durex jelly and pushed it in her asshole.

” Uhhh, what’s that?”

” Just the injection”

” You said it was a gaaame…..”

I squeezed the trigger and water spurted out of the syringe into her butt. As I removed it, it made a squelching sound and some water dropped out. I was super hard at this moment.

She moaned a bit. I went back to caressing her butt and fingering the crotch from the outside. I put a pillow under her tummy to arch her.

” What are you doing?’ she said a bit weakly.

” It’s ok, Neha, this will make you feel better. You seem a bit weak. I will massage you a d you can fall asleep”

I started ‘massaging’ her pussy. I sensed she was wet quickly. My hand moved faster. I asked her to spread her legs wide, which she did. Soon, she started moaning sexily and purring like a little cat.

” Aahh uummm, bhaiiyayy feels good”

I rubbed her faster until she moaned loudly and puffed and feel tired. I just gave the little girl her first orgasm.

I watched her glistening crotch and kept staring at my creation. The sight of Neha on my bed, with her skirt scrunched up around her hips and juices dripping from her vagina was enough to make me lose my sanity. I quickly undid my pants and let them fall to the ground. My 7 inch dick was rock hard and nothing could stop me from bursting her cherry.

I climbed on the bed, in between her legs and leaned forward. I placed my hard dick to the entrance of her pussy. She could sense something was up and tried moving a bit. But, I placed my hands under her top from the front side and locked my hands on her tits. Little lemons really !

” Noo, bhaiyaa whats this game?”
I pushed hard and entered her tight hole. She screamed as the head of my dick popped into her pussy.


I pushed harder and within minutes was driving my full length into her.

She was screaming as I tore her hymen. I let my hand free and muffled her scream as I fucked her. I pulled out and turned her over. I could see tears streaming from her eyes.

” No more please”

I made her remove her top and started licking her tits. Then again, I pumped my manhood into her pussy and fucked her a few more minutes till I came.

I clicked a few pics of her and made her pose seductively for me.

The next morning, she left as soon as her parents came. I didn’t meet her for a week after that. The following weekend I saw her in the park laying with other kids. As playtime was over she walked back with me.

” Bhaiyya, my parents will be going out tomorrow, will you babysit me again?”

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    Be sure to breed her

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      Anal perhaps next