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Part 3 of my young cousin and I

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Part 3 of grace and I .. getting caught

I got off the phone with my mom.. she told me she could see us on the couch bc if the camera in the tv room. I freaked out at first but said fuck it. I took my shirt off got naked and strip Grace naked… I picked her her and felt her pussy in my stomach.. I told grace hey let’s go to the room and she giggled and said ok.

I got to my room and threw her on the bed, playfully, she laughed and smiled .. I laid next to her and she just grabbed my cock. I asked her to suck me just a little more and she said ok. But I picked her up putting her into a 69 and I spread her ass.. omg it was so nice. Her ass hole was so tiny. I never seen anything so beautiful. I I started to kiss her ass checks and she laughed.. I started to lick her little pussy .. I couldn’t believe I was licking a 10 year olds pussy. It taste so good I started to lick her ass hole. My girlfriend never let me .. I was licking her little hole and playing with her pussy. Fingering it going super slow. Does that feel good I asked. Yes she said I told her I wanted to stick my dick inside it and she stopped sucking .. she asked some questions like why and how .. I pushed her off to the side .. she was in her back and I got on my knees between her legs. I took the tip of my cock and started to rub her little pussy. In my head I knew this was wrong but fuck it I wanted her and she wasn’t putting up a fight. I slowly put the tip of my cock in her pussy and she moaned.. I went a little deeper and she started to moan more. I stopped after going a little in. She was so tight. I dick was being squeezed and i slowly started to fuck her.. faster and faster I went until she told me to stop. I pulled my dick out and said what is wrong. She sat and said it hurts she said I rather do the other thing and grabbed my cock. I said ok but how far can you go.. she said what I said can try to put all of it your mouth.. she nooded her no and I said let’s try. I sat back in the bed and grace sat between my legs.. she didn’t even start and my phone went off .. a text from my mom it’s only been an hour.. it said, omw home need to grab something. Damn it I thought… I didn’t even respond fuck it i thought.. grace started to suck me. I started to push her head down until she gagged. This went on for a couple of minutes then I i told her I wanted to do they other thing again. Grace said what out it in me… yes I said.

I moved to the end of the bed and was standing up. I bent down to lick her pussy one more time.. I told her I would go slow and again put my dick back inside her. Omg he feeling… omg I said.. does this feel good I asked she nooded yes.. good girl… I went in a little deeper sticking my cock deeper in her 10yo pussy. I couldn’t believe it.. I heard the door open but didn’t think didn’t react.. I was close to cumming I told her can I cum inside you.. I thought I had more time, but after two more times of humping her little pussy I looked to the left hearing my mom walk she was close. Hang on I yelled… she turned into the room. I was standing at the end of my bed with my cousins legs in the air and my dick inside said her my mom stood there for second and I froze I said hi.. and she stood there and looked at me and walked away … pulling the door shut but not all the way… fuck!!! I’m cuming I yelled!! I’m going to cum.. I came inside my cousin and pulled out half way cuming all over her stomach. Some of it hit her face. My knees started to shake .. I never felt this was.. I came so much.. grace was just laughing …

I grabbed a towel and cleaned her off. I told her to take a shower and I was cleaning myself off.. my mom came back into the room. I was dressed… she stood there and said I told you stay in your room… close the ducking door next time…

Grace left that night… now all of my thoughts are of fucking another kid.. I want her more and more…

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  • Reply Yo2023 ID:1d8tvqtdzzgx

    What was the aftermath? Have you seen Grace ever since? Will you ever see her again? Also your mom sounds like she’s cool w this relationship. Has she commented on it? I hope this story continues.