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My time on Grindr (part 1)

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I was straight, but now I’m bi, let me tell you how 😉

I was 17 at the time and found Grindr by accident, this guy who was married and looking for a threesome (I lied about my age ofc), he got to my place about Imma say about an hour after we were texting back and fourth, he picked me up and we kissed, he complimented my kiss (I am a good kisser! It comes natural to me;) ) we kissed many times before we got to his place, even a little bit a tongue (god that felt good) we went into his house where his husband was waiting, (he contacted him before we got there) I drank some orange soda before we went up to the “fun room” as he called it (and he didn’t lie about that), we got undressed me and the guy that drove me to his place sucked me off while I sucked his husband off and as we got on the bed the guy who drove me held my head so I wouldn’t hit the headboard as his husband lubed up my hole and pushed his huge cock in I moaned out and within minutes he was cumming inside my tight hole, after that (Only because I was on a timeline or so I thought) he dropped me off at home and we kissed one last time.

My kik is Zodiacwarrior556
My Snapchat is feraldarkbane

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  • Reply Perv boyfriend ID:1e2rk8jv7uex

    How old are you… I wasn’t a teen boy

    • [email protected] ID:fygxpx7zl

      you could recreate it w me

    • Specter ID:n3j61raoovr

      Pretty sure I was 17, or 16 at the time this had happened

  • Reply Aras ID:14s76leq6ia

    That’s the shortest story ever, and I was entertained in the first part. However, the sex part was rushed!

    • Specter ID:n3j61raoovr

      I’ll try and go slower next time, but thank you

  • Reply Bill ID:1dpcnkx327lj

    Need more details

    • Specter ID:n3j61raoovr

      Your right, that’s something that will be worked on

    • Specter ID:n3j61raoovr

      Yeah I know