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My teenage carer

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I had been inhospital for 2 operations on my knees and was going home,I needed help around the home and since I had a bit of money had to pay for most of it myself, I was a 50 year old man physically fit and healthy except for my knees which I damaged and had replaced. The day before I was getting released I had a meeting with a friend who owned a home carer company and he arranged for 3 carers to look after me 24 hours a day 8 hour shifts for a reasonable price, so all good.
I sorted transport home and when I arrived the carer was waiting in her car great at least some help I could walk but was painful plus I old not dress my bottom half as couldn’t bend knees properly so needed help,we went in the house and she helped me to the living room asking if I needed anything she was nice I said a cuppa be nice you get one too and we can chat about what I need .
She came back 2 cups and sat down. I looked she was very young, 18 I would say, and small build her tunic looked too big, but she had a nice-looking face and long blonde hair tied back
She told me she was called Penny and friends called her Pen she was only 17, just passed her driving test, and this was her first job doing this carer thing.
I told her I needed help standing up and helping with walking. I had sticks to help but was unsteady
I also told her I needed help dressing and undressing and washing also at the toilet, and I would order food, and whoever was working at the time could have some too .
She smiled and said I suppose every one is different and I have trained so should be no problem she was working 8 tll 4 the next 4 till 12 and the next 12 till 8 and they would change every 2 weeks .
Great I said it’s nearly dinnertime I will order us something from the chip shop and white were waiting could you help me too the toilet, I didn’t think anything of it until we go there and I asked her to drop my shorts and boxers and I felt a little hard on coming on this 17 year old is going see my cock ,she stood behind and pulled down and went put as I had a wee and she came back in and stood behind me as she pulled them back up as she did her hand brushed my cock and it sprung sorry she said its OK I’m sorry for embarrassing you by doing that.
She straightened my shorts out and turned me around she was red as we walked back to the living room waiting for the food and stupid me had a hard on, I couldn’t get away from her seeing and I said sorry again She looked and said it’s normal I suppose if a young girl touched it, I told her yes especially a pretty one which made her blush again and then saved by the door the food was here .
We ate the food and had a drink and I needed again when we got to the toilet I said I will try myself, then she said its my job don’t worry as she pulled my shorts down and her hand brushed against my cock again but this time more as I finished having a wee she came back in her hand reached around and she said I hope you have shaked yourself as her hand grabbed my cock and shook it there that’s better I was in shock if she shook much more I would of cum.
I never said anything as she helped me back into to the living room I sat down and she went into the kitchen to wash the plates I looked at the time it was 3 and the next one would be here soon I asked her to sit down and said ypu have been great today and here’s extra 20 she smiled and put it her pocket , she then said I can’t wait to come back tomorrow I really liked today and then she smiled and said everything and looked at my crotch ,I replied me too maybe tomorrow will be just as good Pen just as I finished the door went and it was the next one Pen went answered and they sat passing info and Pen said see you tomorrow this is Julia who is your carer for the next 8 hours.
I wasn’t bothered. I wanted it to be tomorrow when Pen came .
It was soon tomorrow and Pen arrived 745 and did the handover when she did and the other girl left she made a cuppa and we sat down I noticed her tunic buttons open in the middle and I could see in to her bra.
Today I had to exercise my knee’s by the carers bending them as I sit so I sat on the chair as Pen was on her knees and she moved my legs bending my knees as she did I could see through her tunic she was wearing a white lace bra her tits didn’t look big but who cares a free flash, she finished the 15 min exercise and got up I told her looks like your tunic has just popped open and red she went again . I asked for a drink which she got and started on cleaning then it was near dinnertime and I ordered some food before it came I asked her help me at the toilet hoping that she would shake it again and I wasn’t let down as she shook again but held it longer and it was getting really hard and she was shaking it. Pen, I said that feels nice, and she said to me , I like the feel I’ve never felt one before I was shocked she was a good looking girl, hold it as long as you like I told her but she let go and pulled my shorts over it, as we walked back it was sticking out hard still I just wanted a wank. She helped me sit down and went to make a drink for when the food came, it arrived and we sat chatting I asked her what she meant about never feeling one before, she explained to me that growing up her family were church people as her father was a vicar so no boys and only now she was allowed out because of the job.
I said, “So you’ve never had a boyfriend. Yes, I have a church one, no kissing or anything, just doing stuff together with a chaperone.”
That’s not nice but you are now that’s when she started crying I only go out for work, this is the Job they got me helping others but I fell lucky as its mostly 70 80 year old people and your younger nice and good looking and I’m glad I got you to look after even though it won’t be for that long .
I said well it can be foe as long as you like I can afford to pay for help and your nice and if you wanted we could be friends ,she smiled I would like that Mr Thompson I said call me Alan OK Alan.
After our having said you know before the next one comes, I could do with a good wash, save her doing it later.
What you mean a wash well I have to get my legs washed, not in a bath, as stitches are still in, so you need a flannel and wash me .
OK in the bathroom she asked no I have to lye on the bed OK should we go do it now and we headed to the stairs takes me ages I already had a bed bath but didn’t tell Penny as we eventually got up the stairs she helped me in the bedroom she hadn’t been in before I have a massive bedroom big bed big tv a few other boys toys in there.
She helped me on the bed and went get water and a flannel I was hoping this could be good as now I know how they hadn’t let her explore I could take advantage and I could groom her even though she’s 17 .
She came back with a bowl of soapy water and a flannel and two towels .
I told her to pull off my slippers and then my shorts and boxers, and I would place a towel over myself .
She did this and started to wash my legs so gentle and dried them then my thighs and then her hand went under the towel she said should I wash this too, I was shaking yes please as she moved the towel and soaped my cock she didn’t know how good it felt she wasn’t wanking just washing and staring my cock was bobbing as the flannel touched and her hand.She looked and said I’d this OK I just nodded and I reached out and placed her hand around and said move it up and down please she obliged and now she was wanking me and I don’t think she realised I was ready to cum as she continued and i started to shake as my balls released a month’s worth of cum up in the air , the surprise on her face as stream after stream shot out over her hands and my stomach. She stopped and looked and just said , ” like you need cleaning again and washed me off.”
It felt like the best wank I had had, she wasn’t sure what to do I told her thanks for that she smiled I looked at her and said before when your tunic button was open I saw your bra could I look again She smiled and undone buttons down to under her bra she said do you want to feel them as I would like to know what it feels like to have them felt, I have been told at school of girls and I would like to see for myself I gratefully did it my they felt so soft through her bra she closed her eyes and by now my cock was hard I kept groping her tits and I think she was having a orgasm of some kind and she pulled away fastened her top up and said I shouldn’t be doing this it’s OK were both adults and no harm done .
Why shouldn’t you be doing anything Penny your very pretty, and you turn me on just by sitting next to me, and if you were my girl, I would love to be seen with you.
She blushed said shut up your just saying I pointed to my cock why do you think its hard already it’s because of you.
Then i looked at the time 330 1 hour we had been upstairs and it was nearly time for carer number 2.
I said to Penny put my stuff back on and you go downstairs just tell Julia that I was tired after the exercise and I will shout when I need her .
Before she went I reached into my bedside cabinet and pulled out 20 pound here is a bonus and remember it’s our secret ..

I think she left happy as I I no I was happy ..

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  • Reply Tr ID:bgggn0bv4

    She looks like she is nearly 40

    • Lauren ID:2px1ogogyhz

      She’s smoking hot 🔥 HOT too

  • Reply Justin ID:3k40n6rn49a

    If this is a true story remove her photo to protect her identity can’t wait to read more

    • oldman ID:1bqrijpxxia

      Just photo not the real Penny

    • Alice_kc7 ID:1duzfpwnyu9k

      What photo