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My teenage carer 3

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It was getting better by the week and this week she gave me a bj and I licked her pussy

It was lovely falling asleep with Penny, a young body with her arms around me, I looked at her beautiful face asleep, her body so slim and small her tits small just right.
I just wanted to stick my cock in her little pussy but didn’t want this to end and as I lay here awake I wanted this to last as I pushed a finger in her pussy, in her sleep she moved on her back my other hand wanking my cock my sperm building up ready to shoot over her tits as my body shook I shot on her tits my finger still working her teen pussy I leaned over her licking my cum of her tits.
I was going to ask her to stay with me if she would like to live in my house .
She started to wake up she looked at me smiling and cuddled me. She said she had never ever slept in the same bed with a man or boy and never been naked infront of anyone.
I told her it was our secret but she needs get ready before the next carer turned up .
We both dressed and we went downstairs for breakfast she made a fry up and we sat down to talk, I started by telling her I was going to stop the other carers and just have her she smiled she thought that would be end of us I told her I would like her to do nights and stay with me, she could bring her sister to use the hot tub and steam room too .
She got up gave me a hug and a kiss saying she’s never so happy and would love to stay with me at nights but would have to go home sometime as her parents wouldn’t let her leave I agreed she could do that whenever she wants ..
The next night she turned up for work I had told the company after this week that I only needed help at night and that Penny had said she would as its my friends company that was fine, the other girls had been told and had thought Penny was finished after this week she told them she was staying on they didn’t like that as it was a easy job.
That night when Penny was alone with me we sat down to watch a movie she was wearing leggings again and her tunic, while watching the movie I was rubbing her thighs all the way up to her pussy she loved that and told me she couldn’t wait to go to bed with me again which made my cock go hard and she noticed and asked me if I wanted her to give me a wank as if i would say no.
Her little hands went inside my shorts and she moved them down and held my cock in her hand I leant over to whisper in her ear do you want to learn how to give a bj , she smiled yes as I say put your mouth over my cock and suck as you wank me, her little head bent down and my cock entered her mouth, it felt so nice she was so gentle as she sucked and wanked never felt like this I was going to cum very quick as I felt it cumming up my shaft I shot it into her mouth she sucked away as I shot stream after stream she pulled her head off cum dripping down her chin, she looked did I do good she asked good it was fantastic and later I will give you the same feeling as I lick your pussy for you.
She flung her arms around me I love you Alan you are lovely to me I lent forward and kissed her cum covered lips and said let’s go to bed and enjoy ourselves.
This time she undressed in my room and didn’t put anything on her slim body with her little tits made me hard as I pulled off my shorts and tshirt .
I lay down next to her and whispered prepare for your best orgasm and I opened her legs and placed my head between them she smelled beautiful her young pussy clean and fresh as my tongue licked its first lick of many she moaned and gripped my hair as I pushed my tongue into her pussy opening her lips as I licked away her breathing was so intense after a few minutes she was cumming but I was here for awhile she was going to be exhausted when I was finished 30 minutes I licked her my face was soaking she had cum so much now she was layed back exhausted as I moved up her body to kiss her let her taste her juices .
Her hair was soaking with sweat her body was glistening with beads of sweat as she looked me in the eyes smiled and hugged me so tight I knew then she was mine her face and actions said it all. We both collapsed and slowly fell asleep when I woke. She was already awake and had my cock in her mouth what a way to wake up .
I said is that your breakfast she nodded and pointed to her pussy and said you want yours as she moved so we were doing 69.
And that’s what I call breakfast in bed.
I looked at the time it was 30 minutes till the next carer come I was glad only 2 more days and then just Penny.
She rushed to get ready and do handover and on the way out came to me see u later babe wow she called me babe as she walked out the door I was already missing her .

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