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My teenage carer 2

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It had been a few weeks now and Penny was giving me regular wanks and now was the time for more

It was now change over where Penny would be on the night shift, it was her first night shift the easy shift as all they do is help me get into bed, have a bath if wanted then once i go to bed they do as they want and can sleep in the spare room .For the last few days I’ve had a couple of wanks off her daily and felt her tits but she hasn’t let me go any further.
I wasn’t that bothered as I knew that she would let me eventually.
I was starting to walk better but still not far, it was time for Penny to come and as usual she was early I had noticed that she had some makeup and wearing leggings usually jeans so her shapely legs were there to see.
She smiled at me when she was catching up I couldn’t wait this was going to be her first sleep and I needed her help me in the bath so she will see me naked and can’t wait see her reaction.
When she had finished catching up with other carer she came over sat down asking if I wanted anything I was ok, I replied how are you as you been off for 2 days.
She started telling me her parents were being hard on her and her sister which I didn’t even know she had, she said they wanted them do more at the church but she didn’t and her sister didn’t I asked if her sister was like her kept in a strict house she said yes, but since she started working at mine she had told her sister sex stuff and she wanted to explore.
I was shocked had she told what we had done but she said she hadn’t said who with but her sister wanted to try and could she bring her.
I was in 2 minds yes I would love to have another young girl wanking me and no what if she told , I said I wasn’t sure but she could bring her to use the hot tub and steam room, I had a plan see what she was like .
She liked that idea but it was night time now and she asked what she had to do I said help me in and out of the bath then help me get ready for bed but not for a hour or so. She could sort out the kitchen make a drink for me and watch a bit tv,I liked the idea of having a 17 year old sitting next to me watching tv I could get used to it and Penny would be a good one as she is so immature and does as I ask.
While watching the tv I had my arm around her and was groping her tits she had her eyes closed she was enjoying this my other hand moved to her thigh, feeling her legs through her leggings this time she didn’t stop me .
It made me hard her legs felt lovely through her leggings I don’t know who was shaking the most me or Penny as I moved my hand between her legs to the top right on her pussy, she whispered be gentle please as I rubbed between her legs I could feel the dampness coming through her panties and leggings .
I moved my hand higher to the top of her leggings moving it so it would go inside and inside her panties,she was shaking as my hand brushed her pubes and past to her pussy, her hand came accross and moved mine she whispered later we can do it later, I will let you in the bedroom I’m ready to let you. I looked her in the eyes and said OK if thats what you want I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to ,She replied I do want to I so want to but I’m scared.
I left it at that and told her make some food and then we can go up stairs and if she wants she can sleep in my bed and we can just cuddle, she smiled that would be nice as she went to the kitchen.
By now I could walk upstairs slowly and headed up, I still had a hard on from feeling her and I knew tonight I would be at least fingering her virgin pussy when I reached my bedroom I set my cctv up so I could video her, I had the camera already in the spare room and had seen the other 2 getting ready for bed and playing with themselves they were nice but I wanted Penny and I had my mind set on taking her virginity eventually.
After a while Penny came up with a tray with 2 cups of coffee and some cakes on she set them down on the table in the bedroom it wasn’t late only 1030 but I wanted to play with her, she went out to the spare room to put on her night stuff then came back she was wearing a pair of pj’s and looked delicious ,I had changed into my bed shorts and tshirt, we sat on the end of the bed both nervous, I had to make the first move so i turned to kiss her and as I did I felt her tits no bra on so soft as my hand slid inside her pj top then I lay back with her she had her eyes closed as my other hand went to the waistband of her bottoms and I slid it under she didn’t have panties on as I could feel her pubic hair quite a bit as I moved my hand between her legs and my fingers opened her pussy lips and I slid a finger in she gripped me so tight as I slid my finger right in it was so tight as I slid another in and started to finger fuck her her thighs were gripping my arm as I pushed in deep I could feel her juiced on my hand my other hand had left her tits now and I was moving her bottoms down past her knees I could see he body so small and a nice big lump of pubes she moved her legs the bottoms fell off, my hand went up undone her top now she was all on show as I fingered her my cock was rock hard by now and I needed it out ,I pulled it out of my shorts she whispered don’t put it in tonight please let me wank you as her hand gripped it and she was moving it so fast it wasn’t long till I was cumming on her tits and she was having a orgasm.
It was heaven I was in bed with a 17 year old virgin and she was there on her own accord didn’t force her, as we both lay there I removed my clothes and got under the covers she did the same and we cuddled and both said that it was a lovely feeling. We both kissed and fell asleep in each others arms .

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  • Reply Justin ID:3k40n6rn49a

    Loving this story keep it up

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    Very sweet story. She’s a lovely fresh girl just ripe for the taking.

  • Reply Doc Holiday ID:h81pkbiv3

    Good reading. Hope part 3 is not to far away………28/01/23

  • Reply . ID:41fwlepzk

    Love it. I can’t wait to hear about her giving you her virginity. I bet you’ll have to instruct her how to sit on your since your legs are weak still… I bet she’s super nervous. I would be.

  • Reply Emi ID:16ndj97wuc23

    Love it, waiting for part 3