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My sister’s ex bf

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My sister recently broke up! And I didn’t let this opportunity go away and proposed her ex!

So basically my sister is around 13 so her ex bf is also around 15 or 16 and I am now 18. I know quite younger than me, but deep down from long time I was jealous of my sister, and had crush on him. So I didn’t let this opportunity go away and dmed him in Instagram.
At first he hesitated coz ik he is straight but I kept asking him out and finally he agreed when I said: you didn’t got to fuck my sister, atleast you will get her brother to fuck, and plus it can also be practice for you since you are a virgin. And then boom! He agreed! I was so happy!

So after that we began texting and all those stuff and I kept asking his hot pictures and told him to watch some femboy, trap hentai and gay porn so that it can help him.
And after few days of being in a relationship, he called me to go out with him.
I was shy, afraid too! But then I went! Then we went for a drive on his scooter, then later he took me to some kind of old house in a village far away and he told me that it was their farm house and we can do it here.
I started blushing and shy on thinking of it, I mean yes he was younger than me, but he was stronger and hot!
He took me inside and there was a bed in the room and as we were entering the room he shut the door from behind.. I couldn’t resist any longer and we kissed! My first ever kiss! Yes my first ever kiss with my sister’s ex! Then after kiss we undressed and started giving each other hickies. And then he took out condoms, lots of them from his pocket. Then I took his cock in hand and started sucking his cock and licking his tip and choking on it. And then he put condom on it and put some body oil on my asshole…

He thrust his cock in my ass and I gave out a moan! I was like… Damn I can moan too! Haha
Then he started fucking me, hard…
Then he said: its gonna be rough from now!
And I asked why? He replied: coz I will imagine it as an revenge to your sister! That I am fucking her brother!
Saying this he started thrusting harder and harder even though he was virgin, definitely the revenge and anger in his mind made him go rough and I liked it!
He acted like a strong man! I kept telling myself inside that yes!! I got a man! I got a man! Who is strong, rough, loving,..etc
After then he fucked me in doggy, then reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and even stand and carry fucked me! I felt so girly! Never felt so girly! My ass started gaping! He said: wow your asshole isn’t closing anymore…

Then I got a call from mom and so … I took his cock in mouth and took it in mouth and swallowed it all!

Then later he dropped me home..

Just like this we kept going… Went on dates, gone to far away places in jungles where we haven’t been and fucked, he even took me in his home and made me wear his sister’s clothes, once we fucked in the open field at night.
We kept going and going ….
And we kept loving each other more and more!

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