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My sexual awakening

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A boy I really liked stood me up, so I ended up fucking my uncle instead. And boy is it good.

I had the best sexual awakening any 13 year old girl could wish for.

I asked my parents if I could stay with my uncle Ryan for the weekend because I had been talking to a boy online and he lived closer to my uncle’s than he did me, and we had arranged to meet for the first time that weekend, obviously I didn’t tell my parents that.

So I packed a bag and got to my uncles early Saturday morning, then around lunch time I headed in to town to meet Andrew, I went in to the middle of town and sat down on a bench near the water fountain as we’d arranged and I waited… and waited… and waited, but Andrew never showed up, I waited for nearly 2 hours and then I got a call from him.

To cut a long story short he basically told me that he didn’t want to meet up with me, he confessed he already had a girlfriend and was just having fun with me, then he hung up.

I was really upset because I’d been talking to him for months and I thought we were close, but he was just messing me around, I got on the bus and went back to uncle Ryan’s, where I cried my eyes out and told him what had happened.

He was very angry at Andrew, “If I ever meet this boy I’ll break his fucking legs.” He threatened.

To cheer me up he bought us my favourite takeaway and we sat on the couch watching movies, and he even let me have an alcoholic drink, “Here, this will help you forget about that asshole.” He said, handing me a glass of vodka and coke.

We cuddled up on the couch, I had two drinks, and I don’t really know what happened, but I suddenly found myself kissing him, then things got heated very quickly, I was straddled across his lap, kissing him passionately, his lips were all over me, kissing my mouth, my cheeks, my neck, and our hands were all over each other and we were stripping each other’s clothes off, he pulled my top off and my bra up, and he leaned me back and sucked on my breasts.

Then he stood up and lifted up in to his arms and carried me in to the bedroom, throwing me down on to his bouncy bed, he took off his shoes, jeans and boxer shorts, I saw his cock, it looked big, but before I could get a good look at it, he was on the bed pulling my panties off and he kissed me all over my body, literally every inch of me from my toes, to my thighs, my pussy, my belly, my breasts, all over.

He was making me feel so good, I felt my body temperature rising rapidly, my nipples were hard and my pussy was soaking wet, he got on top of me and I gasped and held my breath when he thrust his rock hard cock between my legs and I felt it go in to my body.

My body buzzed with excitement, feeling my insides being fondled and stimulated by his girth, I felt things I’d never felt before, “Mmf – Oah.” I moaned with pure pleasure while he took my virginity, it felt so good, I knew this was what I needed, it was intensely satisfying.

I didn’t have anything to compare it too because I was a virgin, but I thought that was the best sex I’d ever had in my life, Uncle Ryan fucked me real good.

The next morning I woke up laying naked on my front, the bed sheets and pillows all a mess on the bed, I rubbed my hand across the bed to feel for him but he wasn’t there, I first I felt sad that he was gone, but then I heard noise coming from the kitchen, and I was happy again, I jumped out of bed, not even bothering to put anything on.

I walked in to the kitchen naked, Uncle Ryan was standing next to the kitchen counter wearing only his boxer shorts, he had his back to me so I snuck up on him and nipped his butt cheek, “Ouch…” he jumped, “…hey, you. Good morning.” He said, leaning down to give me a kiss.
“Morning. What are you doing?” I asked him, standing at his side with my arm around him.

“Making breakfast.” He replied, showing me the pan he was using to mix up some eggs.

I didn’t want breakfast, I was feeling really horny and hungry not for eggs, but for cock, I put my hand up the leg hole of his boxers and fondled his cock and balls, he flinched when he felt me touch him, “Hey. Naughty.” He said.

“Can I be naughty? – Don’t mind me.” I replied, then I dropped to my knees and shuffled around between him and the kitchen counter, I yanked down his boxer shorts to his ankles, then I lifted his thick juicy cock off his balls and I put it in my mouth and gave him head.

“Sarah, I’m trying to cook here…” He laughed, “…But don’t stop. Damn that feels good.” He added.

I sucked on his cock until he came in my mouth, and I swallowed his warm seed, letting it glide down the back of my throat, I stood up and smiled at him, “Mm – Yum.” I said, licking my lips.

We sat and ate breakfast, then we had sex in his shower, I enjoyed having my butt pressed against the cold wet tiles as he drilled me hard up against the shower wall.

Then we got dressed and went in to town, he had me wait outside the adult shop while he went inside and bought some stuff, he didn’t tell me what it was but showed me when we got home, he had bought me some lace panties, and we had a lot of fun that night with the handcuffs, dildo and butt plug he bought.

He eventually had to take me back home but we saw a lot of each other from then on, my uncle had a big cock and I like it when he fucks me really hard, even up my bum hole, that hurts a lot but I like it when it hurts, it makes the sex so much more exciting.

I’m 4 months pregnant with my uncles baby, and we still have a lot of sex, no reason to stop just because I’m growing his seed inside of me…. put more in me!

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  • Reply admirer ID:5vaxgby20k

    So have you had the baby? How is everyone [email protected]

  • Reply Pervy rob ID:2e08ka68rd

    Such a good little girl giving your uncle your child holes do you wear thongs and g strings

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoia

    I really loved this story and am glad you realized at a young age just how much better an older cock can be. All younger females should seek out an older cock and be taught properly experiencing all the really wonderful nuances of sensual sex and foreplay. Humans are very sexual beings and when the sex switch has turned on one should seek proper guidance and enjoy sex to it’s fullest.

  • Reply ____ ID:1ep4e6y1t8jm

    I can’t tell if this is true or not lmao

    • Kinky old man nothing like fucking ID:upy1mp43

      Does it matter

    • LucyNeeds ID:1d3vhy74mfx0

      Best sex i ever had was with my MUCH older neighbor. He taught me all the fun things we can do after school and while his wife was out. I miss that big old cock a lot!