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My new teen house guest part 3

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Weeks go by she was devoted to me but I still wanted to exploit her

As the weeks went by the sex was amazing but was getting the itch to see what she would do if someone flirted with her, don’t get me wrong, it turns me on thinking of her giving a wank to someone .
I also had decided to make her pregnant and start a family I had a work party coming up soon and it going to be the first one we would be going to it was a small one five people plus partners I was taking Sofia as my daughter .
She was so excited ii bought her a short black dress expensive black hold ups a black bra and panties and had her hair done when she was dressed she looked a million dollars she said she felt a Princess,she was still a child still 16 .
The taxi came and we headed to the hotel where it was being held and we had a room for the night.
I was nervous she was nervous she had never been to a dinner party before I just told her to be herself and remember she was my daughter , we got the room and went put over night bags in and headed to the dinning room , as we walked in she turned heads her long Brown hair flowing her slim body in a lovely black sparkling dress and black hold ups and shoes she did look older but close up still looked young we sat at the table and I introduced her and all said hi and started to chat Sofia just smiled the food came she drank coke I had a few champers as free and the night was going well .The people I work with are all computer programers and as people say geeks but they had nice house cars and wives/girlfriends and they just ignored Sofias age and treated her as one of us.
The night went well and it was getting to midnight and Sofia had been dancing with the other women giving it all and I could see all eyes on her. Making me feel good and turned on a few younger men in the room tried chatting to her but she brushed them off , she had been dancing so much she was happiest I’ve seen her when she came to sit down she whispered to me this night has been great and thanks to you, so later I’m going give you a surprise.
I had no idea what that could be I would like a room full of teens but I doubt if it would be that but it was time to go to the room .
We open the door I lay on the bed Sofia came over and lay on me her body weights nothing as she kisses me and feels my cock and says tonight I want you to give me anul as I know you would love to so true I wasn’t go to say no as she stripped of to her bra panties and hold up and I stripped fully she bent over the bed and pulled her panties down and said do it now put your cock in my bum .
I looked her bum so small my cock so hard as I put my fingers in her pussy to lubricate her bum hole as I get my cock head on her bum I push a bit it was tight, she gripped the bed I pushed again pop the head went in She looked pain in her face as I pushed more and I had a couple of inches in then out a bit then in was getting easier as I had 6 inches in her only a few more as I thrust in and out then i fell my balls hit i was full in, Fuck she said it feels massive but good don’t stop As if I was going to as I fucked her bum for a good 25 mins and was ready to shoot my Load up it and it shot 3 streams then another then 1 more and I pulled out it ran out down towards her pussy she collapsed onto the bed I did to thank you Sofia that was lovely she said I love you I would do anything for you my life is so nice now ,she then said fuck me now properly cum up my pussy the way I like you do it and I rolled her over got on top of her and started fucking her getting my cum up her.
We now have q great relationship but I’m still going to exploit her and use her fully I was going to make money off her.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Alice_kc7 ID:1duzfpwnyu9k

    Part 4

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0b

    Der Aufbau der Geschichte ist so toll und bietet die Möglichkeit noch so viel spass zu haben mach weiter

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    Can’t wait to read about Sofia getting used by other men