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My mom thought I was dad

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My mom has some dementia and when I visit her she thinks I am dad. Dad died a few years ago. The older I get, the more I do look like him.

While visiting with my mom, she kept calling me by my dad’s name. She also let me know how horny she has been, as she took her blouse off, she has some nice tits for her age. Between her sex talking and great tits jiggling about, I was breathing hard and getting a bit hard.

Mom started rubbing my very obvious hard on through my pants. Then she was unbuttoning my Levi’s, and I was not stopping her. With my pants open, up pops my hard on, which mom had in her mouth in seconds flat. It did not take long at all, I was cumming. All these years, I never knew my swallowed.

She was not done. Had me sitting in a kitchen chair, and she dropped her shorts, then her panties and sat down on my lap, using her hand guiding my hard cock into her pussy. I swear we fucked for an hour easy. I sucked on her tits as they hung right there in my face. Mom’s worked her pussy on me, grinding away, milking ever drop of cum out of me.

I was staying with mom for a couple days. And we fucked the entire time, I even ate her pussy. Best visit home I ever had. On the day I was leaving, her care worker came that morning, and I did not want to leave, but had to get back to work.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ct6xbbkhz9p

    You are so lucky enjoy the experience

  • Reply Pervo ID:3qm2a68ri

    Great little story. Making my cock drip

  • Reply Jason ID:yq686mqm

    My granny had a mental problem. She shared a room with me since i was a kid. When nobody was around i would walk into tbe room when she was changing or walk into the bathroom when she was showering or peeing. I sometimes helped her in the shower. When i got to 12 i started enjoying sniffing her and sucking. I soon figured out theres a hole in her and what its for. So use to fuck her. One day my mom walked in on me fucking gran. But didnt do anything. She never liked gran anyway

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:9k0oovsz

    The positive side of dementia. It’s fun to take advantage!!

  • Reply Ace ID:1dwam6q9282a

    Mmm hot damn. Would love to hear more

    • Jai ID:28xolecoic

      Great story but wayyyy too short.