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My life with Mary #3 another true story

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Sorry for being so short but it’s a lead in for the next weekend

, Well after our sexual gathering thing got real comfortable and Mary would initiate public foreplay with one or the other and even both ,she would casually grab his or my cock when we were out in bars , out to eat wherever the mood hit her and always asked do I get these tonight ?
A couple times she would pull his cock out in the water at the beach and stroke him to complete hardness .once she made him come in the water.
She always said that she wants to take turns fucking us in the water at the beach, but that’s another story. We headed home for the night i was making pizzas and mostly in the kitchen
I walked in and Mary was on her knees infront of Bob working on his cock and from the looks of it he was close to coming . Mary stoped and looked at me and asked , “you don’t mind if we started with out you do you ?” I shook my head and replied ” not if I’m next ” well of course your next and pointed out that no one else was here. “Well not yet” I said to her “Joe is stopping by” ,”aww does that mean i have to be a good girl?” Asking with a pouty face. Well i told her it depends on weather you want anyone to know you are fucking both of us.
” I’m not ashamed “she snapped and said she was proud to be our girl you guys treat me great, “ok ok ” i said well your a great husband and I feel like Bob is a fantastic boyfriend and if he want to join he has a hard act to follow that’s all.
Well Joe showed up just as she finished up Bob’s blowjob . We sat there and drank for a bit and i said ,”well” . Well what i was asked you said i was next and I’m ready. Joe looked confused then Mary in lighten him that that we all together as in Bob being her boyfriend and me her husband and so if your ok with that i owe my husband a blowjob
We were all at the table now and Mary went under the table to suck me off Bob went and got a cushion for her knees then she settled in and gave me a fantastic blowjob when she finished she didn’t come back up .”you ok down there ?” I asked all I got was a mm my I said what .
Mary stoped and told us that it would be straight rude to suck you off and let our guest sit here with a hard on and about tem minutes later Joe emptied his ball int Mary’s mouth .Joe gained is composer and finally said i hope i stop by again when you guys get a blowjob . We all laughed together .Marry told him “then make sure you stop
by on a weekend”
Well that was a very open invitation

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