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My friends for my dad

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When I saw my dad lusting for my freinds i helped him.

I am Nisha. Today I am 17year old. My mom is a clerk in a bank and my father a freelance graphic designer who used to work from home. I used to come home from school by 230 and most of the days my freind Neha , who lived half a km away, used to come with me day for coming study. Her parents also used to with and come home by 730 to pick her up. My mom also used to come by 630-7 pm. Since my dad Suresh used to be home we came home and then spend time. Dad was like our baby sitter.

Two years ago when we were home, as usual neha had a cupboard of her dresses in one of the guest bedrooms. I went to my room to change. But I could not find my tshirt so went to look for dress being put for drying in the balcony. I had to pass through dad’s room and i saw his door was slightly open. He was jerking his thing and watching something on his laptop.i pushed the door little open and saw that he was watching Neha changing dress .he had installed a cctv in the guest room. Though Neha had not got naked completely, she was in her panty and bra. I was shocked. But I saw till he ejaculated. And then went away and got dressed up.

For next few days i saw him doing the same. It’s not that i don’t know anything about sex. In school we girls used to discuss. We even seen couple of porn movies too. Out of my friends there was one girl, Deepa who had told us that she had sex few times with her cousin. She was our teacher in sex. Couple of times when I went to her home she even taught us how to masterbate. Also doing Lesbian sex. I had done few times with Neha also.

One day i thought a lot about my dad. I took leave from school telling about a fake headache. I confronted that day with my dad and asked him everything. He first got angry then when i threatened to tell mom, also when j told him that I understand his feelings,he calmed and told everything to me. He had very bad sex life with mom as because of some issues while my birth her vagina had some issues. Later somehow he got hooked to child porn. Finally i told him not to worry and relax. When I asked him that is her thought the same way about me also, he said that he never thought about it. Hugging each other we parted telling to be secret between us.

That afternoon Neha came home after school. I told my dad to go and watch on his laptop. That day while Neha was changing i made lesbian sec with her. I made her completely nude making him see her completely nude for the first time. Also i ate her pussy also. Brought her to brim but did not allow to climax. Then brought a small carrot and fucked her with it. Again after brining her to the edge i stopped saying i was getting tired. This made her say that it would be nice if she got real cock and not a fruit. Suddenly i carrot fuckedn her again making her. But she wanted an actual cock.. this i did for 3 four days. Finally making her age to have sec with my dad.

My dad got so happy that he got his fantasy complete. He came near and then are her pussy. Making her cum many times. Then he put one finger and then slowly two and then 4 fingers. When she started to cry of pain he stopped. He made her suck his cock and left. She was also very happy.

This continued for few days and finally one day she said that she was ready for fuck and that day he penetrated her. Though she was crying off plain after some times she started enjoying.15 minutes after dad came and he was very happy. Neha also was satisfied. This continued for few more days.

Couple of months later i brought Deepa home and made her have sex. That day we realised that Deepa was also virgin. The cousin who she used to say that she had sex was just oral sex. One thing was sure that she was very good in sucking dick.

In next one year slowly slowly i brought 5 more of my freinds. Dad also proposed me to have sex with some one. But I said i don’t not want. He did explain many ways to masterbate. He even shared my mom’s dildo. I loved to masterbate while watching dad have sex.

For past 2 years i have made atleast 12 girls of my school to have sex with my father. I also made one boyfriend and had sex with him. Now my and dad’s life isgoing very well.

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    Perfect daughter

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    did you end up having sex with your Daddy

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    have sex with your dad !!

    • Mallu.girl ID:3igj3f6zm

      Yes later i did end up having zex with dad