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My daughter fed me her baby’s milk pt 2

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My cock was still buried in my daughter. Her nipple dripping milk. Then we noticed my granddaughter standing in the doorway watching us.

As I laid there with my cock buried deep in my daughter after depositing a big load of baby juice inside her, we saw my granddaughter standing in the doorway with her school backpack on, wearing her cute uniform.
Hi baby girl, my daughter said.
Hi mommy, what are you guys doing?
Just loving each other.
Like you do with daddy?
Yep, like that. Because grandpa is my daddy, and I love him.
Okay, she said and walked in to see her baby brother on the bed.
She picked him up and was making goo-goo sounds to his face.
Take your brother in the other room and we’ll be out in a minute to get you a snack.
Off she went.
I pulled Katy down and started kissing her. Feeling her boobs against me and making out with my little girl made my cock start to get hard again. It was growing inside her and she felt it.
Feels like you’re ready for round 2. Codee never fucks me twice in a row.
Well I can’t usually get hard for your mom twice, but you’re so much hotter than she is.
I pulled out long enough to flip her onto the bed and ram my cock back into her wet hole in a missionary position.
Oh fuck, dad! I love you!
I love you Katy.
We were fucking away when my granddaughter came back. She said, I thought you guys were coming out.
No, I think I’m about to cum in, I joked. Katy laughed, but i kept fucking her. My granddaughter crawled on the bed. What are you doing.
We’re fucking, I said. It’s how you make babies.
Are you going to have another baby mom?
I hope so baby girl. I hope so.
That’s all it took to make me dump another load of sperm in my girl.

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  • Reply Uncle ID:7pqjf5void

    I still love it I want more

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    Ja teil drei und mach ihn länger

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    Part 3 is needed