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Multiple creampies for Aunt

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Hi i am Raj. I am 20 yrs old and I have a 6 inch cock.
So my aunt is around 45 yrs old but she still looks very hot. She has medium boobs and medium sized ass.
She was married to my uncle for almost 20 years but they never looked a proper couple and they always kept having fights. So one day they had a big fight and uncle raised his hand on her. So the following day they had to go for a wedding and hence she told that will not come and since I had classes i too wasn’t going. So after classes I was to got to her house for lunch.
So at around 1 PM i went to her house and I could clearly see that she was crying as she had red eyes and was looking very down. So i went to freshen up and then I sat for food and she told me that she will eat food later and she went into her room. I finished my food in some time and as I was passing her room i could see through the small gap in the door that, she was crying.
I entered the room and asked whether she is fine and she started crying even more. I didn’t understand what to do and just stood there. She told me to get her a glass of water. I gave it to her and sat on the bed. She then told me everything about the fight. And I was surprised to know that she had just asked him whether they could have sex that night and he told her that he wasn’t interested in having sex with her and then the fight increased. She asked me whether she asked him anything wrong and I said no. She asked me that did she not look beautiful and what was she doing wrong. I told her that i don’t think she did anything wrong and she looked very beautiful , and much beautiful than many girls in my cllg and in the flow I also told her that i had a huge crush on her from a long time. I suddenly shut my mouth after realising what I had told and apologized to her and told her that I didn’t mean it in that way. She gave a faint smile and came forward and hugged me. I hugged her back and stayed like that for few seconds. And then we both were looking at each other directly into the eyes and were breathing heavily. I slowly went ahead and kissed her on my lips and she pushed me back. She was shocked and I told her that I better leave and was getting up but she caught my collar and pulled me toward her and kissed me. We both fell on the bed and we passionately kissed and just kept pushing our tongues deeper and deeper into each other mouth. We stopped kissing and realized that we both were far away from stopping and I removed my tshirt and started licking and kissing her neck and started to lift her tshirt. I started kissing her stomach and cleavage area as I was lifting her tshirt and she was moaning slowly. I then unhooked her bra and started sucking those juicy breasts that I always fantasized so much about and she was moving her hand through my hair and moaning. I started rubbing her pussy through her pants and my dick was begging me to let him free . We got up and stripped our clothes and she was a little embarrassed being completely naked in front of me. I brought her in front of the mirror and stood behind her and told her how sexy and hot she was looking and if my uncle didn’t want to have sex with her than to hell with him. She turned around dropped on her knees and started sucking my cock. She was sucking my cock passionately and I started pushing her head deeper and she started to gag on my cock. The whole time she was looking me in the eye which made me more horny. I didn’t want to cum early but the way she was sucking was making it unbearable for me. I couldn’t hold any longer and held her head and came deep in her throat. She started coughing as she was chocking on my cum but she swallowed everything and gave me a very slutty smile.
To be continued …….

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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Toller Anfang ich liebe es wenn die Schlampe den Schwanz ganz bis in den Hals nimmt und wùrgen.muss sie darf auch gerne dabei ùber den Schwanz kotzen während ich ihr mein Sperma direkt in den Hals spritze

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    Lovely story! Your poor aunt was so sexually frustrated and you certainly sorted her out. Fuck your uncle! Keep giving her what she needs!