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Mother-in-law – The touching games

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Sexual Adventure with my Mother-in-law

The touching game
I am a 34 year old man happily married to my wife anita though it was an arranged marriage. This is a true story of how quickly my feelings changed for my beautiful mother in law when she started the touching games.
My MIL is in her early 50s. She has a voluptuous body with weight at the right places for a woman her age. Her most striking feature was her face and her hair, the way she styled it made her look younger. I never had any desire towards my MIL though everything changed on my wedding day. When I entered the hall where the wedding ceremony was to take place, My MIL was there to welcome me. She looked gorgeous in a pink saree with a sleeveless blouse. I am usually a very shy person but I ended up commenting “You look beautiful”. She was shocked when I said that. Her eyes went wider but she smiled and acknowledged me by saying “Thank you”. Nothing happened throughout the ceremony except when it was time to take pictures. My MIL stood on my left side and took multiple pictures with me by introducing her friends and family. I could smell her perfume which took my attention. Her right hand was on my back and that’s when things got interesting. I could feel her thumb moving in a slow up down movement caressing my back. Holy shit! I was so aroused by that touch. I almost came right then and there. I was emboldened and decided I need to take my chance and I placed my hand on her back. As soon as I touched her back I felt her shiver. I started the same thing to her with my index finger. I could feel the shiver in her body as I did that. Note that we never looked at each other it was all smiles in front of the camera but the real fun was happening behind both of us. After really long 5 minutes the pictures were done and she turned towards me first hugged my lisa and then hugged me and said thanks. The way she said thanks was different I could sense in her voice that I made her happy in a different way. Now I had a totally different image of my MIL and wanted to take things further.
I knew I would have to wait for my chance as my in laws lived in New york and we lived in Texas. A whole year after marriage I kept tellin my lisa we should invite her parents to visit and stay with us a couple of days. She agreed but said that her dad is busy through out the year and only mom might be able to come. That was music to my ears, but I said that would be sad but at least her mom can come and stay. She invited her over thanksgiving break and my MIL readily agreed. I was ecstatic and ready to make use of this opportunity. My lisa works as a nurse and she has 12 to 16 hour work shift. I on the other hand work from home as a programmer for a multinational software company. I knew there were going to be plenty of chances for things to take place.
Finally the time came, my lisa was at work and I picked my MIL from the airport. She looked as beautiful as on the day of wedding. I took her luggage gave her a hug longer than usual rubbing her back with my hand. Her boobs against my chest felt magical gave me a boner right away. I asked if she had eaten anything. When she said no I took her to a place near the airport. After lunch I went to the counter to pay. As soon as I removed my wallet, She grabbed my arm which sent a shock through my body. Her hands were soft but her grip was firm, I could imagine her hands gripping my dick the same way. She insisted on paying for the lunch, I refused and took the opportunity of grabbing her arm, when she put her hands in the purse, her skin was smooth, waxes recently would be my guess. We held each others arms and gaze a bit too long as there was certainly tension building up. She finally let go and said she will do something nice for me once we are home. I imagined a lot of nice things that can happen once we were home.
Since my lisa was home by the time we got back, the day went normal with chatting and dinner. My lisa is a very light sleeper so we sleep in different bedrooms. After dinner we went to sleep. My MILs bedroom was next to mine. I felt so close yet so far from her and couldn’t sleep thinking about her. I decided to go to the living room and watch TV. Aftwr sometime, I heard someone walking towards me. I knew it wasn’t my wifd coz she sleeps in the upstair bedroom. I turned around to see it was my MIL. She said “ I couldn’t sleep. Mind if I join you?”. I was ecstatic and said “Sure”. She sat right next to me on Sofa and asked “why are you awake so late?”. I said “ My head was hurting a little. So I thought ill watch to distract myself”. She said “ oh no! Let me press your head you will feel better”. Then she put her hands around my shoulder and started pressing my head. While she was doing it her right boob was pressing against my arm. I got an erection straight up and there was a noticeable bulge in my sweatpants. I did nothing to hide it and just closed my eyes enjoying the feeling. She asked “ How are you feeling?. Pretty good haa??”. I am sure she noticed the bulge as she pressed her boobs harder against my arm. I replied “This feels great. Thanks a lot”. Her breathing felt a little heavier as she continued pressing my head. I notice she wasn’t wearing a bra since her nipples were erect as they were visible through her night gown. We were quiet for a moment. Then she said traveling these days is not easy the plane seats are so uncomfortable My neck Was hurting the entire flight. That’s why I couldn’t sleep. I said I’m sorry to hear that. Let me take care of it I’m really good at giving neck massages. she said really if you wouldn’t mind it has been hurting a lot. this was my chance I got up from my seat stood behind her told her to relax and put my hands on her shoulders she said your hands are so warm, I feel so good. Looking down on her I could see her cleavage. I was getting hornier by the second. I decided to try my luck after massaging her shoulders for a few minutes I started moving my fingers down towards her cleavage. soon enough I could feel the softness of her upper breasts on my fingertips It was fucking amazing. I noticed a wet spot on my sweatpants Which was definitely pre cum. She was breathing heavier and she crossed her legs. she said you are really good at this I would want this massage every day. I said it would be my pleasure. Suddenly I heard the upstairs bedroom door open I panicked removed my hands And moved to the love seat rather than sitting back on the sofa. my mil looked at me and gave a seductive smile. I smiled back at her, no words were exchanged. we just looked at each other as I heard the bedroom door closed again. I said I think she must have woken up to use the restroom. let me get back to the massage. my mother-in-law replied I think it’s enough for tonight we can continue this tomorrow when my daughter is not at home. She got up from her seat, Walked towards me bent down And kissed me on my cheeks very close to my lips and said goodnight. It was so hard not to grab her at that moment but I resisted for me day one was successful and I couldn’t wait for day 2. I saw her go back to her bedroom with her ass swinging side by side. She gave me a last look before closing the bedroom door. My dick was about to explode but I didn’t want to masturbate. I wanted to ejaculate all over her And give her the opportunity to suck every drop of semen coming out of my dick. So I went to sleep

Next morning I woke up with the biggest erection ever?. I was supposed to start a zoom meeting at 9:00 AM. I knew I won’t be able to focus so I decided to call in sick. I heard a knock on my door I said come in it was my mother-in-law she Lisa left for work and said she might be late and asked me to make breakfast for you. I said I’m thinking of calling in sick since you will be bored at home and I can give you company. She said you will do that for me, My husband never did that for me it was all work for him all the time. I said I wanted to give you all the happiness till you are here.he said you are so sweet Lisa is very lucky. Now get ready we’ll have breakfast together. I called in sick at work and changed into T-shirt and shorts without my underwear. I walk into the kitchen and saw my mother-in-law from behind she was wearing a T-shirt and shorts her ass was so inviting. I said good morning and she turned around T-shirt was a really low vneck With her tits popping out I was so focused on them that I didn’t realize I was staring. She got off to grab my attention As I looked up she had the same smile last night. She said come eat something. after a casual conversation she said I need a favor from you But if it’s too much you can say no. at that point she could have asked me anything and I would have never said no to her she continued I have to take shower and I always have my husband to rub my back with soap where my hands don’t reach. If Lisa were home I would have asked her since she isn’t do you mind rubbing soap on my back? I was in 7th heaven. I couldn’t believe it. I said I don’t mind at all and don’t worry I won’t peek at all. She said I trust you and asked Are you sure? I replied definitely not a problem just let me know when you are ready. We finished breakfast and she said I’m gonna go take a shower and call you once I’m ready. I said OK no problem. she went to the bathroom I heard the shower turning on. after 15 minutes I heard her call out my name. she said you can come in now.I opened the door and walked in. I could see her silhouette through the shower curtain. I walked closer she the shower curtain and wrapped it on her lower body to cover her ass as her back was exposed to me. Her side boobs were visible to me though. She passed me the body wash. And told me to use it on her back. it was too foggy in there and since I wear glasses my glasses were foggy too I couldn’t see properly I told her my glasses keep getting foggy and if I remove them I I won’t be able to apply Soap properly. she said why don’t you remove them and come closer that way you can see properly. I said my clothes will get wet. Do you mind if I remove themAnd come inside the tub.After a Few seconds pause she said go ahead. I could not believe this was happening I quickly removed my clothes and my glasses and I stepped into the tub she was fully naked in front of me with her backside totally exposed to me my erection was at its peak she said Can you see properly now I said yes then she said go ahead rub it. For a second I thought she wanted me to rub my penis on her ass. I started rubbing body wash on her back. My dick had started touching her ass she quickly realized it wasn’t just my hands on her back and something else was touching her ass. She turned her head sideways and peaked back. She saw my erection and said looks like someone’s enjoying this. I said it’s impossible not to. My dick was now rubbing her ass crackline. She Took a step back and now my dick waa pressing hard against her ass. It was now or never I took my soapy hands. And wrapped it around her body to pull her closer to me.She said what are you doing I replied what do you always wanted she didn’t say anything she simply rested her head back on my shoulder took my both my hands and place them on her boobs and squeezed them. I quickly turned her around the sexiest and the smoothest body I have ever seen was in right in front of me not an inch of hair in sight. R eyes met each other. And we both made a move at the same time as our lips met She opened a little more to let my tongue in as we continued kissing I was so lost that I didn’t realize her hand was already on my dick. I reciprocated by using my finger and circling around her vagina her whole body shivered my touch was driving her crazy. I used my index finger to go deeper her pussy was wet and definitely not from the shower she was moaning loudly As I put my second finger in She said yes baby just like that After about 5 minutes she let out the sexiest sound I ever heard it felt like she like out All her weightOn my two fingers I knew she had reached orgasm but it was not over after we stopped kissing she looked at me held my gaze as she got down on her knees I knew it something magical was gonna happen now with her hands gripping my dick and her eyes looking at me she licked at the top of my penis which was already leaking precum. I said oh fuck as she slowly swallowed my whole penis And with her tongue was doing things I had never experienced it before I grabbed the back of her head as she continued sucking on my dick I knew I was not going to last long enough so after a minute I stopped her grabbed her by the hair and made her stand up I pushed her towards the wall And with our hands intertwined started kissing her again Then I let go of her hands and grabbed her boobs as I continued kissing her within seconds I moved from her lips to her neck down to her boobs sucking on them one by one she was moaning all the time I move down towards her belly button as I licked it she grabbed my hair To stop me from going down her attempt was futile as my tongue reached for vagina. It was still wet And as my tongue touched her in the right places she shouted fuck me please I can’t take it anymore me now I need you inside me. She bent down and grabbed my dick and pulled it which made me stand up right away with her left hand she pulled me towards her and and guided my dick deep into her vagina It entered so easily and yet her pusst was tight around my dick she quickly wrapped her legs around me as my thrust grew harderAnd harder. My lips were sucking every drop off her body as I continued to fuck her. Her boobs were bouncing and her erect nipples were slapping my face. I was pushing harder and harder and quicker and quicker as I was about to come I felt her pussy grip tightened around my dick as I ejaculated my load of the century. her nails pierced my backAs she felt my Lord inside her vagina. My whole body shivered as I kept thrusting to get out every last drop inside her. I realized she came again as the grip of her pussy loosened around my dick.
She held me tightly as I removed my dick she quickly went down on her knees with my dick still hard she swallowed she swallowed my whole penis and drank the last drops squeezing out of my dick My knees were weak that’s without question this was the best sex I had ever had or I will ever have in my entire life I got down on my knees again and I kissed her on her lips as I wanted to taste what she just tasted. She then rested her head on my shoulder and said you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this promise me we will do it again. I replied you have been on my mind since the day I saw you and I have fucked you every possible way in my dreams this is a dream come true. She kissed me again as we took a shower together install bunch of hickies all over our bodies.
We did not realise it was lunchtime by the time we came out of shower We ordered in because we did not want to waste any time after eating we fucked again this time in my bedroom. I told her it is my fantasy to rub Nutella or her body and lick the hell out of it I Call my wife and ask her to bring Nutella on the way back home not knowing how I was going to use it. Same night after my my wife went to bed my mother-in-law came into my bedroom She quickly got naked as I grabbed Nutella and rubbed all over her body I startedlicking her all over we fucked all Night as her hot body melted Nutella and I devoured her.

After a week of fun to watch time for her to leave we decided we decided to meet every two months we will alternate our visits this certainly heightened our desire for each other We also decided that’d be whenever we wanted to have sex our signal would be fingers on the back like when it happened on my wedding day.

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    Very nice story, safe for the typos and occasional mix-ups which made it a chore to read. You could use a proof reader or just have someone to go over your story checking for errors before posting, that is if u can’t do it yourself. Overall, great job, well done. Continue writing.