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Margie wants in 2

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Margie trys to shave her cunt but needs help..

I have never shaved down there she said. What if I cut myself. I suggested maybe her roommate could do it since the shots that showed her cunt was bald. She didn’t want to ask her and said she would try to do it herself. I gave her a new razor and my shaving cream and she went into the bathroom. She was in there about an hour and I figured we were running out of time so I knocked on the door and asked how she was doing. She was crying in there and said not so good. Then she asked if I could help her and I said sure but you know I will see your cunt. She had never had anybody see her body and she had always been very shy about her looks. She took a long time to answer and said I know and I guess it will be ok because I want these pictures and I want them to look really good like my friends. I trust you not to hurt me. She unlocked the door and I went in. She had way too much shaving cream all over her cunt from her mound to her asshole. I asked if she had left any shaving cream for me and she giggled and said I told you I didn’t know what I was doing. That seemed to make her a bit more comfortable although she wouldn’t look at me of at what I was doing.
I had her spread her legs as far as she could. I asked her how she wanted it and she said she didn’t know and asked what I thought. I said my preference was to go bald and shave all the hair off her cunt. She said ok you know what’s best. I started to shave her mound first and then I moved to her labia. As I got to her labia and touched them with my hand to open her so I could get all the hair she gasped and her legs started to shake. My cock was so hard I was actually in pain. I stopped and told her we needed to stop for a while so I could relieve myself because my cock was really painful. She said ok but how are you going to do that. I said you are going to leave for a few minutes and I am going to masturbate and relieve the pressure on my cock. She started to giggle and said and I’m doing that to you. I just looked at her and said da of course you are. Your cunt is wet and I can smell you and its making me crazy. She said do I smell then. I said yes and it’s a wonderful smell. Its driving me insane. She got up and left the bathroom and I jacked off. I had really hoped she would ask to stay. When she came back I finished shaving the rest of her cunt and washed her off with a face cloth and started to dry her with a hand towel . As I was drying her I slipped a finger into her hole twice and she just closed her eyes and her breathing was fast but said nothing. Her pussy was as bald and a baby’s butt and looked amazing. I got her to look at herself in the mirror and she touched it and said I think I like it like this. I was hard again already.
She put the bathing suit back on and went back to the living room of my suite. Again I had her bend over the couch and I didn’t have to direct her now. She spread her legs as far as was comfortable and got right into the shoot. She was being as sexy as hell and seemed to be gaining confidence. We took dozens of pictures with her in that bathing suit, some I had her hold her hands over her cunt and a few of her holding her tits and spreading her legs. She was even laughing as we posed her now until she saw the pictures and was amazed at how good they were. I told her it was time to call it a night but she asked if we could do one more outfit. She said you pick and I told her to put on her baby doll pajamas.
She left and when she came back she had them on and the way her tits were bouncing I knew she wasn’t wearing her bra. I asked her if she was wearing panties under the bottoms and she blushed and said no I didn’t think you’d want me to.
We stacked some pillows on the couch and I had her lay against them and put one hand behind her head and pull her legs up as far as she could. The material on her bottoms fell toward her body and her leg was exposed up to her hip. I took a couple pictures like that and Mags was now acting like a real model and was so into the shoot. I walked over and told her I was going to unbutton her top but that I wouldn’t show her tits just the valley between them. She just smiled and shook her head ok. I unbuttoned her top and placed each side just covering her tit and nipple. In the course of placing the material I asked her if she could get her nipples hard so they would show through the material. She said what do I do just rub them. I asked her how she usually got her nipples to get hard. She got all red again and said they kind of did it by themselves sometimes. I didn’t ask but just ran my hand over her left breast over the material. The nipple immediately stated to pucker up. She gasped and closed her eyes which told me to continue. I did the other breast the same from outside the top and that nipple started to get hard too. I told her they were a bit hard but I wanted them as hard as we could get them and asked her if she wanted to play with them or would it be ok if I did. She told me she thought it would go faster if I did. I pulled the top completely open and started to lightly pinch and play with her nipples. Her tits were beautiful. Full and round and very firm for D sized tits. She moaned as I played with them and with her eyes still closed I told her we were almost there. She just shook her head ok as her breathing got even more rapid. I leaned in and took her left nipple into my mouth and gently sucked it. She gasped and her hands came down and held my head on her nipple. Her belly clenched and her pelvis bucked as she had what I believe was her first orgasm. I turned my attention to her other nipple and found it was already as hard as I figured it was going to get. Her areola were the size of a silver dollar but her nipples were huge about the size on my baby finger and almost as long as the first digit of my baby finger and they were dark.
I told her I thought they were too beautiful to cover and wanted to take a few pictures of them uncovered. She still had her eyes closed and just nodded ok and I thought I heard her whisper ok as well so I got up and posed her again and took several pictures of her with her tits exposed. Again my cock was fully erect and starting to be a bit painful. I told her we could cover them now and pulled the material so it just covered them and took more pictures that she could show. I decided to get some full body shots and then told her I wanted the rearrange the material at her hip and to keep her legs apart like that and spread her feet apart too. I took the material in both hands and lifted it to pull over the top of her thighs. I could see her cunt and her clit was at attention and poking out and her labia were glissening and wet. Wet enough that I could see a significant wet spot on the crotch of her bottoms. Her breathing was still very heavy and she was shaking a bit. I lay the material where I wanted it on her thighs and let my hand slide down her inner thigh and slowly ever so slowly started to rub her labia with one hand and her clit with the other. Her eyes popped open but she didn’t say anything and just looked at me wondering what she should do. I pulled my hands out and stood up to grab my camera when she told me that I didn’t have to stop because that had felt so good. I told her if I didn’t I wasn’t sure I could control myself and pointed to my pants and the obvious hard on. I told her I needed to go and look after it again and to my wonderment and amazement she said you could do it right here is you want. I didn’t know what to say. Finally I told her that I wasn’t sure it was a good idea and she came back with well you’ve seen all of me.
You’re absolutely right and I undid my jeans and let them fall to the floor and then pulled my underwear down and let it fall as well. Mags was staring wide eyed and my 8 inch cock and her legs snapped together. I took my cock in my hand and started to jack myself off. Mags had moved forward so she could see more and was close enough I could feel her breath on my cock. I asked her she wanted to touch it and she just held out her arm and her hand grabbed my cock. I told her how to jack me and she sat up and let her top fall open so I had those tits to look at. I didn’t last long and as I felt my balls tighten I told her I was about to cum. She didn’t stop and I erupted with several ropes of cum. Some fell on her tits and some even was on her check and in her hair. I told her I was sorry and she said it ok. I’ve never seen anything like that before. She had cum on her hand and put it to her nose to smell and then licked a bit off her hand. It doesn’t taste awful at all like my friends say she mumbled. I asked are you sure you’re ok with all this. It a lot for a 15 year old to handle at one time. She said I think this has been the best night of my life and I don’t even mind that you’ve seen my coochie and everything.
I asked her if she had cum when I played with her nipples and she said she thought she had but since it was the first time she wasn’t sure what it was supposed to feel like. She felt like she had to pee at first then it just felt like her pussy was having a spasm, and then she laughed. I can make it happen again only a bit different and we can see for sure. She nodded her acceptance. I stood her up and pulled her bottoms off and she jumped back saying I cant have sex I’m not on the pill. I told her it was fine and I wouldn’t fuck her and if I did it was ok cause I had a vasectomy and couldn’t get her pregnant. She sat back down and I put my hands inside her knees and pushed her legs apart and pulled her down so her ass was on the edge of the couch. I got on my knees and started licking her from her knees up to just about her cunt. She leaned back and pushed toward me more so I started to lick her labia and over to her mound. On my way back down I hit her clit and sucked it for a minute before moving down over her hole and back to her anus. Her hands flew to cover her mouth and she let out a little scream and pushed her cunt up into my face more. I went back to her clit and as I sucked and played with it. I struck a finger into her hole and it was tight but slid right in. So her hymen had be broken already. I fingered her and sucked her clit until I felt her cunt grip my finger and she started to buck and bounce and then she orgasmed and screamed. When she was done she started to cry. I said I hope those are tears of joy young lady and she laughed out loud and told me that was the most amazing feeling she had ever had and was glad that it was me that gave it to her. Now that we were both spent we finished our photo shoot and she was wonderful and followed instructions and we did 3 more outfits and many more shots both nude and with clothes on. She jacked me off twice more but I didn’t try to force her to suck my cock. That would have to be another time if I was lucky enough to have one. After we finished we looked at the clock and it was 3 in the morning.
I downloaded all the pictures onto a flash drive and handed it to her when she was leaving and told her to use them as she wished but to be careful. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth and left.
We checked out the next day and I can wait to see her again. I’m hoping she’ll be ready for me to fuck her. My biggest problem is how to keep her and Kat from knowing about each other. Nice problem to have really

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