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Looking after meme

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Meme was did gymnastics and she was Asian and she was really good at spreading her legs and everything else

My name is Sam I Live in a very small town in Japan I’m from England I’m 32 years old and didn’t work for a while

Next door was living a family of 4
Tim was the father of 2 little girl’s aged between 10 and 19

There was Meme and Steph
They went to school just up the road from where I lived

The wife of the family loves me because I could fix any car earlier then her husband could

One afternoon I was setting on my chair on my porch and seen the little girl’s coming back from school

But they were both crying and holding hands running down the street

I walked out down to the road to see what was happening and why they were crying and running back home

Meme the youngest one said my Daddy is very sick and Stephen the oldest one said we need to get to the hospital quickly because my mum and dad were all ready there and we got a call at school from the doctor saying we needed to be with our farther that was very sick

I asked the 2 girls how are you getting there and they said by bus and I knew that would take them at least 2 hours to get there but if I drive my car it would only take 40 minutes

So I asked the 2 girls if they wanted me to drive them in and they both said yes I told them ok go get ready and I’ll come around in 10 minutes to take them to the hospital

Meme said ok & thank you and Stephen said it at the same time as Meme did and give me a little smile and both of them ran into their house and Stephen was looking back at me smiling as she was running up her stairs to the front door of her home meme opened the and walked in and so did Stephen but as she was running inside her home up her stairs I seen her little round bum from under her skirt and thought she wasn’t wearing any underwear

And I walk into my house and thinking of her little round bum shaking around under her skirt and I couldn’t stop thinking of it

20 minutes past and I was ready to take the 2 girls to the hospital to see what was happening

I grabbed my car keys off my fridge and walked out side of my place and locked my front door but as I looked over next door I seen only 1 of the little girl’s and she was setting on the stairs in the front yard I walked down my driveway and checked my mailbox and looked back up towards next door and seen it was Meme setting on the stairs sending someone a message on the home mobile phone and as over there place I looked up the driveway and looked at Meme with her little skinny legs apart and could see she had on
Red underwear and white socks on and I couldn’t stop looking at her the shape of her little box to her pussy and it was giving me dirty thoughts of picking her up and taking her little ass back to my place to fuck around with her little body but I stopped looking up at her and looked down at my mail that I received that afternoon and opened it up..

It wasn’t anything special just bill’s I had to pay before next week and I looked back up at Meme
And she yelled out come on Stephen Sam’s back to take us to the hospital so hurry up shit head she yelled out

And looked back at Meme and said oh and she smiled at me saying she always takes so long because she’s trying to impress the guys she how see her I said oh ok as I was looking up her little green dress she put on as she spread her little skinny legs apart

She looked back inside her front door and seen Stephen running around inside the house and I quickly got a glimpse of her running from room to room and she only had her tail around her hips and Meme got up and said I’ll just go in and get her to hurry up I’ll be back in a minute and went inside her home but as she was spreading her legs apart to get up I seen a little more

I seen a one side of her little round pussy lips hanging out of her underwear and it looked really nice and Rea pink

As Meme went inside the house she was yelling fucking you can’t use my that and I walked a little closer to up the stairs to the front door of their home and Meme yelled Sam wouldn’t be able to fit in you anyways Stephen and she replied fucking shut the fuck up at Meme

I walked up to the door and decided to push the open a little and Stephen ran across the hall way in their home naked and I fully seen her little round bum bum really quickly and she said oh shit and Meme and she yelled out what and then she said you didn’t close the front door then popped her little head around a corner of her bedroom and seen me

She didn’t know what to say knowing I heard what she said about me and I wouldn’t fit inside Stephen

Meme then said out loud Sam bloody come in and set down in the kitchen I’ll be out in a minute

Stephen said your dick Meme and Meme yelled back at her saying he’s not even interested in your young little ass anyways and walked in the kitchen looking at me yelling this to Stephen and winked at me and smiled and laughed a little bit and sat down at the table with me

I didn’t know what to say as I sat there with meme in front of me setting down on the chair and yelling things to Stephen and she said he wouldn’t even fit
in you and laughed and said sorry to me as she put on her makeup

As Meme sat there putting on her makeup Stephen walked in the kitchen all dressed up saying don’t use all my makeup to Meme and smiled at me

But as she said that Meme she turned a little and started looking in a mirror fixing her self up
But she spread her legs apart and I could see right up her dress in the mirror and she was spreading her legs wider than before and I seen most of her little pussy hanging out of underwear but as Meme was looking in the mirror fixing her self up she noticed that her underwear pulled over to the side and was showing her little pink pussy and she noticed that I was looking in the mirror looking at her little pussy and didn’t say anything about it and she started talking with me saying it’s very important to me to look after my self Sam as I looked at her in the mirror and looking at her pink lips hanging out and she knew I was looking at her little red pussy

Then Stephen walked in the kitchen and Meme got up fixing her self a little more and said we will only take 15 more minutes Sam and sorry to me

I replied back saying it’s ok and your to beautiful looking girls’ needed more time to get ready darlings
And Meme walked up to me and give me a big hug saying if we didn’t have you we both would be more late and smiled looking up at me

And Stephen was putting on some makeup and she was doing the same thing as Meme did in the mirror and I couldn’t stop looking at her as meme Hugged me and Stephen noticed I was looking at her in the mirror and I could see right up her dress and see she was wearing a G string and she lifted up one of her legs and said fucking hell

And noticed I was looking up her dress and she said just take a picture it well last longer than smiled at me looking back
At meme as she was bending over picking up her little hand bag and then Stephen pulled her dress up as she bent over and I see all of her little round bum bum
And thought it looked nice and smiled at Stephen and she laughed at me smiling and I said sorry but
That was funny and Stephen said so you like little kids bums do you and slapped Meme on the ass and spread her ass a little bit as she quickly turned around looking at me in shock and then Meme said well you loved looking at my cunt didn’t you
And I smiled at her and then Stephen pulled her closer to her and said well and quickly lifted up her dress and pulled her her underwear over to the side showing me her pussy and quickly turned around and bent over lifting up her dress showing me her niec round bum and she said take a picture if you like it and give me a dirty look back over her shoulder as she lifted up her dress and she then slapped her ass and then spread her bum apart and stood up really quickly and Meme laughed at her doing this
I just said well that was unexpected and smiled and pulled out my mobile phone and said can you please do it again because I like it and started playing around with my mobile and Meme seen I was getting my camera ready for it and she said only if you don’t show anyone else ok and you need to show us something if we show you something
And I looked at Stephen and winked at her and she bent over again and she pulled down her underwear to her knees and lifted up her dress and spread her ass open and said Stephen come on do and she got closer to Meme and she bent over and did the same thing and I just looked at them both bending over spreading apart there bum’s for me and I took the picture and both of them said give me a look and I showed them and Meme said now you’re turn and I said what do you want to see of me and they both said your dick at the same time and looked at each other and they laughed and smiled and hugged each other a little bit

I said ok but no pictures’and both of them nodded saying yes ok no picture of your dick

I said ok but you can’t tell anyone about this and Meme said if we said anything to anyone we would be in big trouble too stupid

I put my camera down on the table and to them do you promise me no one else is going to find out about this and the booth said yes to me

I said ok and started to unzip my pants and pulled them down and I was looking at Meme and she looked excited to see my dick and Lille at Stephen and she got down on her knees and fixed her underwear up a little bit and watched me pulling down my pants and they both looked at my boxes that I had on and the lump that my dick was making from under my boxes and I slowly pushed my boxes down and my dick popped out bouncing a little bit up and down

And Meme yelled out oh my god it’s so long as Stephen didn’t know what to say as she was bending down on her knees looking at my long cock and she said I didn’t expect you to have such a big dick Sam and said can I get closer and slowly walked closer to me on her knees and said can I touch it and looked up at me saying please

I just thought you wanted to see it
And now you want to touch it and
Meme said can we please touch it Sam and looked me in the eyes and grabbed my hand and got closer to me and my cock bouncing around

I just looked at Stephen as she got closer and then Meme standing next to me hugging my arm a little bit more and I looked at the time and said if we get time later on you guys can ok and they both said do you promise Sam to me and I said yeah sure I well but we need to get going

So the 2 girls got ready really quickly and I walked out of the house to my car and started it up and both of them locked up there home talking with each other a little bit and I couldn’t believe what just happened as I sat in the car waiting for them and they both got in and we went to the hospital to see there farther

As we got there Meme said I need to go to the bathroom and use the little girl’s room and I said ok let’s find you a bathroom and we found one just down the hallway to girls dad’s room in the hospital

Stephen didn’t wait with me for Meme and went to her dad’s room and I wanted outside of the bathroom waiting for her little sister ass to come out

As I was wondering if they were just playing around with me and being stupid and I was going to get into some Tribble over showing them my dick and everything else as I stood outside of the bathroom I heard Meme calling out Sam Sam Sam

I looked around to see if anyone else would see me but nobody was around so I walked into the toilet and seen little Meme bending over pulling down her throat and putting them in the Ben and she said I wiped a little bit of poo on them couldn’t wash it off and she looked at me looking at her lifting up her dress showing me her little red pussy and I said why’s your pussy so red Meme she replied because the guys at my school play around with me and tease me at school and they only stop teasing me if I show them my pussy and they call me name’s because of Stephen I said what has she done and she said she sucked a teacher’s dick and Tim seen it happening so we get bullied by the older kids about Sam she said to me

As I looked at her red lips to her pussy I asked her if felt ok and she said yeah it’s feeling ok today but when me Smith has us he makes it’s sore inside a little bit and I watched Meme spread it open and she said it’s ok and pushed 2 fingers in her mouth and started sucking on them and said look Sam and pushed 2 fingers in her little red pussy and she said it’s not that bad but if I pump in and out really quickly it gets sore more and started pumping in and out of her little blade pussy and it was making my dick swollen and hard and I said Meme how old are you and she replied saying I’m 10 next month and I kissed her face and she smiled at me and said your the only nice guy me and ate know in our town and as I looked at her fingers as she spread her legs and pussy open as she spread her little leg open standing there looking up at me I said can I have a closer look and she said yes

I walked up to her as she spread her legs wide and picked her little body up and she said what are you doing as I put her down on the beach and said I’m going to help you recover from the pain and I didn’t know what I was really doing but I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard dick and told her to not to move around and got closer between her little legs and lined up my dick and with one hand I spread her little red pussy apart and spit on my dick and started sliding my dick up and down in better her little lips to her pussy and asked dose this feel ok and she looked up at me as I held onto my dick and nodded saying yeah it’s ok and I spit again on her little red pussy and she said oh because I got it on the tip of my dick she said that feeling nice so I pushed it in her a little bit and she quickly hugged me and said that feeling like I need to do a piss Sam and she looked up at me I said ok this might make you piss a little bit more and pushed my dick in her more and she said ouch ouch I looked at her as all of my tip of my cock slipped into her small red lips and she looked down at her pussy and said fucking hell to me and said sorry really hard and looked back up at me and back down at her pussy and said it hurt a little bit nicer than what the guys and what the teacher was doing with her

As I looked at her and the nob of my dick inside her little cunt I heard someone talking just out side the bathroom door and quickly pulled my dick out and put her back into the bathroom floor and at saying come on Meme as she pushed her dress down and a lady walked in saying what are you doing in here it’s a female toilet and looked at Meme washing her little hands and I said I was just helping her and to see if she was ok in here and the nurses told us to get out we shouldn’t be in here together and walked Meme and me out and I just seen Stephen running into her dad’s room down the hallway and said come on Meme as the nurse looked at us walking to into the fathers room and didn’t say anything but Meme ran over to here daddy and hugged hem really tightly and said you ok daddy and he couldn’t talk but he nodded he’s head saying yes to her

As I stood there looking at Stephen and Meme talking with there farther the mother said thank you Sam for being their girls in to see there daddy and smiled a little looking at me and I said it’s not a problem I just know you guys would do it for me so yeah and She looked at me saying Sam I know you are my next door neighbour but can I ask you for a big favour I said yeah sure what is it you want from me and she ask if it would be ok to look after the 2 girls tonight and talk them into school tomorrow and said I’ll pay you we’ll if you do I just thought of Meme’s pussy and Stephen ass and said it’s not a big problem and you don’t really need to pay me for helping you guys out and said yeah sure it’s ok I’ll look after the house and the girls tonight for you and your husband and the farther looked up at me and shooky hand softly and I said it’s ok

As they say talking with a doctor about their farther and how long would be in the hospital.
And 3 weeks was said from the doctor and saying that he well need help getting around after we do surgery on he’s stomach and he’s leg ok and the mother said thank you Sam I’ll be home after everything is done ok

And I left with the 2 girls and drove them back home and as soon as we walked in the kitchen Meme asked so Sam and I looked at her as she pulled down her underwear saying are you going to show us your dick or not
And Stephen eyes got bigger as Meme asked Sam if he could put it back inside her again and Stephen said what you put your dick inside little Meme and she said yeah it hurt a little bit felt nice and smiled at Stephen and she said fuck I’m next them and now we can play around with your cock Sam and he just smiled at them saying only if you keep this a secret with me and not tell anyone ok the 2 little girl’s nodded saying yes Sam and Sam said ok and pulled out he’s long dick and started pulling on it making it hard as they watched hem pulling on he’s dick and Sam said ok Stephen if you’re first can you put any of your fingers in your pussy yet and she said yeah that’s easy to do and she said I don’t know if you can put all of it in me but you can try to Sam and he said ok come over here and bent her over the kitchen table and started pushing he’s dick inside Stephen and she said see it tight but it fits in me Sam and he said yeah your right but how much can you take in you and pushed it all in her and she yelled out just a little bit and said slowly to Sam but he said it’s all in now just don’t move ok and she said as he pumped in and out of her little cunt as Meme watched hem fucking her little sister Stephen and she said I’m next and got up on a bench and spread her legs apart and her little pussy open and she said now me Sam and pulled him closer towards her and he’s dick popped out of Stephen and she grabbed hem by the cock and lined hem up and said push it in and pulled him closer to her so he’s dick was pushing into Meme as she looked at it going in her little pussy and she said push it in like you did with Stephen and he said ok and tried pushing it into her little red cunt and she yelled out screaming saying fucking hell daddy and she was watching Sam pushing it into her cunt and it started bleeding a little bit and she started crying and Saying it hurts it hurts and Sam said it’s ok baby just a little bit more and pushed again into her tight hole and it slipped in her really quickly and she yelled saying you Fucking cunt to Sam and he slowly pulled out of her a little bit and she said no and pulled him closer to her making it go back inside her as she watched the blood run down to her ass hole as Sam kept on pumping in and out of her little cunt covered in blood as she looked at Sam crying and Stephen say you did it Meme and hugging her as Sam kept on pumping in and out of her little red cunt as Meme looked down at Sam’s dick slipping in and out of her little cunt and Sam saying Im going to give you a something Meme and pumped faster and harder in her pussy and Sam yelled out saying I’m cumming inside her to Stephen and she just looked happy at Meme and saying you did it baby girl you did it as Sam cum filled her and he slowly pulled out he’s long 6 inch dick out of Meme’s little body and she looked like she just ran a marathon looking tired as and blood run down her legs as she stood up off the bench and Sam said ok you 2 can’t tell anyone else what we did here they both said yes we know Sam and he said ok good I’ll be back in 2 hours ok and they said ok see you soon and said we are going to have a shower and a sleep

The end

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    Was probably a good story. I grew tired of trying to figure out your slang. “tail” instead of “towel” for example.. slow down, spell check or something..

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    So hot