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Long live! my lover and his friends

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This is part-2 of My lover and I Sophie a pre teen girl loved her neighbor Danie. He fucked her cleverly and arranged his friends also to enjoy her.

Let me explain briefly the story “My lover and I
Which is part-1, of this story.
Sophie, a pre-teen girl of 12 Loved deeply, her neighbor boy, as well as her classmate Danie. He was actually a playboy. But he acted as if, loving her deeply. So, Sophie with her full consent, allowed him to mate with her. Both enjoyed the matting game for days together. Now part 2 begins and it is narrated by Sophie herself.
As my parents had gone to Delhi, to attend a marriage, I had to be alone for 10 days. Danie had a single father, who was always on tour. So he was also mostly alone. On the first day we both enjoyed in my house. From the next day onwards I was going to his house and we both enjoyed the sex play.
When I was going to his house, I was wearing just a long towel. As soon as I entered into the gate, I would throw away the towel. Nakedly I would cross the open space up to the main door.
He also would invite me nakedly and would hug me as soon as I entered. In different different postures he made it with me and give me a good feast.
This incident happened on the 4th day. Like on the previous days I through away the double and walked nakedly towards the main door. When I switched on the calling bell and when the door was opened, I was shocked to see someone else instead of Danie.
He was none but Abdul, the thickest friend and sex guru of Danie. Daily head told many times and many things about Abdul. Both were doing homosex with each other even when they were in there 6th standard. The penis of Abdul was one foot long and 4 inches around. So many girls wantedly had sex with him. All these were told by Danie, when we were matting with.
When I saw Abdul in his naked position, I feel about and tried to run away. But Abdul got my hand advance and stopped me. He said that he came there only after getting the permission of Danie. I started hating Danie then.
Abdul hugged me tightly and carried me inside the house. There were two more boys. Almost all are about 13 years old. Two of them caught my hands and Abdul my legs. All the three carried me to the bed and caught me tightly without moving an inch.
There was no way for me to escape from there.
Even if I tried, they would rape me rudely, and would damage many parts of my body. So I had to obey for what all they would do. So I started to smile, seeing Abdul. Henry and Babu were the other two boys. Seeing my smile all the three left me freely from their tight holdings.
When Abdul was licking and sucking my pussy, Henry and Babu were playing on my boobs. I was holding their two penises and moved the fore skins smoothly. Henry held one of my boobs in his mouth and started biting it. Sucked my nipple also. He caressed my side ribs gently.
Babu, was kneading my other boob like kneading dough. His hands were also playing on my another side rib. He was kissing my eyes cheeks and shoulders.
That side, Abdul was moving his rough hands, on my two thighs and was licking, on and in my pussy by his long and rough tongue. When is tongue was moving on my clitoris, I could not control myself. I mood my head left and right and started mourning many meaningless words.
Why all this activities I became more and more horny. Slowly and willingly I indulged myself in their game. So I asked Abdul to give his one foot long penis in my hand. With great joy I inserted it into my pussy and asked him to fuck me. He also happily started that.
Of course, whenever my lover boy Danie was telling about the one foot long penis of Abdul, I imagined to have a fuck, with that tool. Now that imagination became real. Abdul matted with me giving heavy blows. For each blow my body had a jerk and jolt. Enjoying and extreme happiness The saliva was licking out from my mouth.
I thought, if I had run away from that place, I could have not got such a wonderful chance. At last the first round was completed.
Abdul laid down and asked me to sit on his stomach and fuck him in the cow girls style. I also did so. At the time Babu asked me to bend to some extend and inserted his penis also, in the same hole, where the penis of Abdul was inside.
I couldn’t believe that. I never imagined that my little pussy, would admit two penises at the same time.
You won’t believe this. Yes, Henry, smoothened his penis by spitting a large amount of saliva on it. And then he slowly and gently inserted his penis inside my asshole. So in my single body, three penises moving at the same time. Remember, I was yet 12 year old little girl. Of course I was looking like a 18 year old teen girl.
For more than half an hour those three fellows handled me and give me enormous pleasure. Yes I didn’t do anything. All the three fellows moved their hips and moved their penis inside the holes.
Oh my goodness, I never dreamt about that before
All the four of us enjoyed the miraculous matting game. At last all the four had our orgasms one by one. Like three fountains, white milks were flowing inside my body.
That was an unforgettable incident in my life.
Then in a cyclic order all the three fucked one by one, alternatively, each for two times. Do my body had become like a wet cloth, my mind and pussy didn’t get tired. Of course, my pussy bulged like a bun and became red in color.
Really, really, I wished my lover and his friends to live long.
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