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Living with my aunt

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My dad passed away and mom went off the deep end so the courts had me move in with my aunt.

Dad was working construction when a piece of steel fell going through his body and into the ground. He never knew what hit him but it made all the news cause he was dead standing up with steel rod holding him in place. Mom couldn’t handle it and went off the deep end. She in a hospital that work with people like her. At this time she don’t know who I am or even who she is, it’s like her mind shut down or like it short-circuited. I go and see her and all she does is look straight ahead and even if you touch her it’s like she don’t feel you. I can’t make myself go anymore cause it rips me apart inside.
My aunt is single living in a 1 bedroom apartment so I have to sleep on the couch. I never thought of her as my aunt but more of a friend with her only 7 years older then I am. She’s dads sister and mom told me how she would play mommy when I was very little, I don’t remember any of that but we did play house when I was like maybe 5 or 6. I do remember one time when she was babysitting me she give me a bath and she had me stand in the bath tub with her washing my whole body. If I remember right she washed my prick 4 or 5 times saying that it has to be kept very clean. I remember it got hard at her rubbing on it and just how good it felt. I was too young to know she was basically jacking me off even thou I was way to young to cum.
For the first month nothing happened other then a few hugs but as time went on hugs went to kisses on the cheek then about a couple weeks ago she kissed me on the lips. At first it was just a quick kiss but when she moved back from the kiss I looked into her eyes and then I kissed her back which was longer and harder. when I moved back her breathe was much quicker and deeper when she said ” We shouldn’t be doing this.” As I kissed her again only harder and a lot more deeper. I touched her lips with my tongue and she opened her mouth taking my tongue in. I will say now that I have kissed girls I went to school with a few times and twice got to feel their boobs through their clothing but that was all the experience with girls up until that point in my life. My aunt got up saying we can’t do this and went to her bedroom.
The next morning she told me we have to be careful. I really didn’t understand what she meant by it. but that night after we ate sitting on the couch which was still made into a bed I turned her and kissed her again and when my tongue touched her lips she all but sucked my tongue in. She was moaning as we kissed and we both fell back on what I would call my bed as we kissed with a lot of passion. I cupped her ass cheeks with my hands pulling her tight against my very hard cock and she give what sounded like a animal growl. I moved my kisses to her chin then down to her neck. She let me kiss her neck for a few minutes before she grabbed my hair, pulling me up and looking into my eyes said ” my bedroom.” I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom placing her on the bed. I was surprised at how lite she was but then she is only 5-1 and very slim with a nice set of tits, now big but on her tiny body they look big, with a very firm rounded butt.
When I bent over her she started to unbutton my shirt so I did the same to her button down the front dress. Once in our underwear she said ” Your a whole lot bigger then when I give you your bath before bed time, do you remember? ” I nodded as I went back in for more kissing. This time I kissed down to the tops of her tits which was showing above her bra and she pulled her bra up guiding my lips to her nipple which was already hard as a little rock. I was sucking and licking her nipple when she groaned bite it, I don’t care if it hurts bite me. So I bit her and she groaned harder bite it harder. I got worried that I could really hurt her but she seem to really love it. As I started on her other nipple I slid my hand down to her bikini panties which were fairly wet as I rubbed my hand over her panties. I slid my hand under her panties finding no hair at all just a leaking hot pussy. I had heard on a girls clit and about where it was which from the moment I touched it I knew I had it. Soon she was panting as she lifted her butt up as I rubbed her clit and bit her nipple. She give a little scream as she dropped tp the bed with her whole body vibrating. She looked into my eyes after looking into my head saying ” Make love to me, I need you inside of me now.”
I slid her panties off which were wet enough to drip her juice on the floor. I got between her wide open legs and with me having problems finding her opening she grabbed me guiding me inside of her. I’ve had guys said how good it feels but their words fell way short on what I was feeling, so wet, so hot so, so, so oh my god. My aunt said “Fuck me hard you won’t hurt me just do it hard.” it wasn’t long before she started coming under me and I felt myself getting ready to cum as well. She groaned “Inside, I want you to cum inside of me.” her last word wasn’t out of her mouth when I started firing off inside her.
I never got soft maybe cause I never stopped moving and once fully hard again started fucking her all that much harder. My aunt was going from one orgasm to the next and after who knows how many orgasms she said ” Please pull out I’m getting a little sore.” So I pulled out lying down beside her on the bed she kissed me then moved down to my neck and soon taking my cock in her mouth giving me my first everything. Oh god if I thought her pussy was heaven, her mouth was even better in some ways. It wasn’t to long before I felt my cum getting ready and I told her so thinking she would back off but instead she went faster and deeper until I blew my load. She held me in her mouth until the last drop had come out of me, before lifting her head and looking at me before she swallowed my cum.
I pulled her to me kissing her and tasting my cum on her tongue. I can’t say I liked the taste but if she can put up with it then so can I, I guess.
I turn 16 next week and have 2 more years of high school to go and if my aunt still wants me maybe we can get a better place and with me working maybe live together for the rest of our lives, who knows.

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