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Life of a typical housewife – part 1

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This is how my day goes on.

Good morning
I am Sakina. I am 32 year old lady, married for 18 years now. Like in Muslim families i was married off when I was 14. My first son, Wasim, was born when I was 16 and he is now 16. My second son, Kasim, was born next year and my two twin daughters, Asima and Nasima the next year. My husband, Wahid, is a typical upper middle class Indian man nearing 35 now. His sister, Nashida who is also my age stays with us along with her husband, Abdul and 3 kids. Elder daughter, Aabiya who is 17 then two sons, Aadil and Aasif who are 14 and 15 each. Her family lived just outside the main city but close to all facilities like college Market, shopping malls etc. Still silent and lonely locality.

This allowed all of us to be completely free. Our family was very open. Especially me. I liked to be a submissive lady. I never wore clothes in my home. Very rarely did i go out and wherever i did, used to wear only burkha and nothing underneath. In the family any one was free to have sex with any one. Even the cook, cleaner driver watchman and gardener, used to see me naked. They even had sex with me whenever they wanted. The other members were not as open as i was but still they were very much into sex. The kids were also very much into this life but i was always the nymphomaniac.

Coming back to the story. Daily morning i wake up at around 5 am. I complete my exercise to keep myself fit. I am all naked and love to see myself in the mirror especially when my 36D breasts jiggle. The milkman comes by 550 am. He makes me suck his dick right outside the house. Roughly pulling my hair and forcing his 9 inch dick right upto my throat. My gag reflex was difficult to control but i did. The watchman came and started putting his 6 inch dick in my dry ass. 15 minutes and both of them came one after other forcing me to drink and wTxham spraying on my face asking me to spread it like a facepack. My ass and mouth still was sore with the heavy pounding. Next i went to the kitchen. I started making the initial preparations for breakfast around 645 Abdul jaan came to kitchen. Immediately he came from behind and starting pulling the hairs of the thick bush on my pussy. I was forbidden by everyone to shave it. I wailed in pain. He immediately pushed me up on the table making me like down on my back. My head was dropping over the edge and he started throat fucking me with his 8 inch boner. He had not stopped pulling my pussy bush. 30 minutes later he came giving me my second dose. He left leaving me there for his daily excercise.

I completed my breakfast preparation and then started going to each one’s room. First my husband i woke him up and he simply fucked me in pussy and put second face pack of cum. Next i woke up Nashida by licking and cleaning her pussy which still has some cum in it. Next was the the room of aabiya who was sleeping with Wasim and Kasim. They had slept after a good Gucci and that was visible as both her ass and pussy was red and full of cum. I licked and cleaned it. Meanwhile both my son’s figured me in my ass and pussy. Next was the time of aadhil and Aasif. They made me drink thier piss and made me clean thier ass. Aasima and Nasima were next who also made me lick thier pussies. By 8 i was back in the kitchen. Meanwhile the cook was there and the men were getting ready to go for work and college. The cook came next to me and asked if I had finished my dose of protein. I laughed and told him that I had taken 4 loads. Nashida was hearing all this and asked the cook if she could take his load. While the cook was making omlets she sat down and sucked his dick.

By 830 everyone was on the dining table. Aabiya was sucking my husband, my two daughters were sucking the youngest two kids, while I was serving the men. Nashida was sucking Wasim and kasim simultaneously. Men finished their breakfast and then we ladies finished our breakfast. Every one left leaving me and Nashida in home.

Balance will tell in next part.

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ewobr0fyupf

    Can you tell me what your two daughter, s bra sizes are?

  • Reply gfy ID:1dfdunava304

    more habibi towel head crap from the dark ages in the sandbox, i wish more people would draw and post funny pictures of that mohamud jerk

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    I love this family setup , all females should be naked all day and ready to take cock in their cunt , arse and mouth . I hope you write more

  • Reply Oppressed family slut ID:ndomrl3m99

    I was from same background. Was spoken for at age 9 and married off at 12 to a 32 year man..i was his second wife. I was also expected to give myself to father in law. When my husband passed away after i had my second child at 15 his brothers had the option of taking me as their wife but father in law took me. That entitled father in law as well as all husbands brothers and half brothers to fuck me whenever they wished. The teenage nephews who are not blood relatives were entitled to me as long as their parents approved. Their mothers approved because it was their way of humiliating me. I met a 30 year old uk British soldier. Managed to get out of the country quietly with my childten at age 17.

    • [email protected] ID:1esiqj8bj2oo

      That seems really exciting my father-in-law comes over and checks on me when my husband is at work I’ve been fucking him for years

  • Reply shweta0508 ID:61nj8f7f6ii

    loved it, would love to read more stories like this where women are degraded from a young age