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Keeping it in the family

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I’m currently having the most amazing year, my 14 year old daughter, Chelsea, is 8 months pregnant, the baby is mine, and my wife allows it.

Chelsea has never been one to wear panties, even when she was a baby we struggled to keep diapers on her, because she doesn’t like covering up, and her whole life she walked around the house with nothing on under her clothes, even as she got older, and even when she went outside or to school, she never wore panties.

I guess in my mind, having seen her without underwear most of her life, my brain sort of filtered it out, but one day almost a year ago I came home from work and when I went upstairs to get changed I passed by her bedroom and saw her from behind, she was on her hands and knees on the floor trying to find something she’d dropped under her bed, and she was still in her school uniform and a very short skirt.

I got an eye full from behind, as usual she wasn’t wearing panties and I saw everything, suddenly my thoughts were focussed on her shiny bald pussy, which also looked wet, I went in to the room and walked towards her, stopping a few feet away, admiring the view, “What are you doing, darling?” I asked.

“Oh, hi daddy. I dropped a pen.” She replied, on her hands and knees, her head under the bed, wiggling her sexy little ass in my face, she then stood up and turned around, holding out the pen in her hand, “Got it.” She said.

Unfortunately I failed to notice the erection I’d gotten, but Chelsea sure noticed, “Uhm – Daddy…” she said.

“Yeah?” I said, and she pointed to my crotch, I looked down and saw the big bulge in my trousers, I quickly turned away, put my hand down my trousers and repositioned my cock in my shorts to make it less obvious, “Sorry, darling.” I said in embarrassment.

“Did I do that?” she asked, flirtatiously.

I chuckled nervously, then she stepped up to me and rubbed her hand on the front of my trousers, rubbing her palm along the length of my erection, at that point I should have stopped her, but she had such a nice touch, “It feels really hard.” She said.

Then she stood up on her tip-toes and kissed me, while she kissed me she unzipped my trousers, pushed her hand inside and pulled out my long hard cock and stroked it repeatedly, “Make love to me, daddy.” She said.

Well, I was in shock, “What?!” I asked, I couldn’t believe what she said and thought briefly that maybe I imagined it.

“Make love to me. I’m so horny, daddy. You can do it to me, if you want. I won’t tell mom.” She replied.

“Are you for real right now?” I asked.

At that moment she suddenly dropped to her knees and someone took my cock in to her mouth before her knees hit the floor and she was sucking on my cock like crazy, “Chelsea!! – Oooah, fuck.”

Well, I did what any warm blooded man would do, I picked her up, threw her on her bed, strip her and myself naked, and I fucked her virgin pussy good and hard, and damn was it good, so fucking good.

We continued to have sex on a regular basis, and she soon got pregnant, I’d knocked up my little girl.

When she was 4 months pregnant she started to show and it wasn’t possible to hide it from her mom any longer, her mom noticed her bump and questioned it, so I sat down with Chelsea at my side, and we just told her mom that we’d been having a lot of sex together, that Chelsea was pregnant, we’d had a scan, she was having a girl, and that the baby was mine.

As you can imagine my wife hit the roof, we spend all night in to the very early hours of the morning, fighting and shouting at each other, it was brutal.

But the next morning, after she’d managed to get some sleep, forcing me to sleep on the couch, Chelsea and I were in the kitchen sat at the table worrying about our future as a family, and the strangest thing happened.

Her mom came downstairs and walked in to the kitchen smiling and looking happy, “Morning.” She said, walking in and giving Chelsea a kiss on the top of her head, and me on my cheek, “Oh good, there’s coffee in the pot.” She said, walking over and pouring herself a hot cup of coffee, then she sat down at the table opposite us.

“Are you okay, mom?” asked a nervous Chelsea.

“Fine.” She replied, “Couldn’t be better.” She added.

“I think we need to continue our talk.” I said.

“About what?” she asked, acting like she didn’t know.

“Chelsea – The baby – and me, Chelsea and I.” I said.

She shrugged her shoulders, “There’s nothing to talk about.” She replied.

“I really think we need to talk.” I said.

She slammed her cup down on the table, “No!” she yelled, then she spoke calmly, “Everything is fine. We’re not going to talk about the fact that you slept with our little girl, and got her pregnant, and hid it from me for the last 6 months. We’re not talking about it. Everything is fine. I’m fine. We going to continue being one big….” She said, the she stood up in anger, picked up her cup and smashed it against the wall behind us, “…happy fucking family!!” she yelled.

Both Chelsea and I tip-toed around her for the next couple of week, we argued some more, and talked some more, and eventually she just accepted it and she wasn’t angry anymore.

My wife now sleeps in the spare bedroom, by her own choice, because Chelsea was 4 months pregnant she wanted Chelsea to be with me so Chelsea and I shared the marital bed while my wife slept in the spare room at night.

Sleeping with Chelsea every night is incredible, she’s such a horny little devil, especially now that she’s pregnant, lots of nights I’ve wanted to go to sleep and Chelsea wanted sex, “Daddy…” she’d say, in her sweet voice.

“Yes, darling?” I’d reply.

“The baby wants cock.” She’d say.

“Does she now. Well, we better give it to her, hadn’t we?” I’d reply, sitting up on my knees, pulling Chelsea’s legs around me, forcing her to slide up my lap, and I’d fuck her hard and deep, somehow the sex had gotten better since she got pregnant, and her breasts had grown bigger.

So, this has been my life for nearly a year now, fucking my daughter every night, she’s carrying my baby, and I still make love to my wife, I still love her just as much as I love Chelsea, and she is so amazing, stepping aside like that to give me and Chelsea time together, I couldn’t ask for a better wife, or family.

I love my family, and it’s about to get bigger.

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    I love swapping photo’s (legal) and stories, would love to correspond, Australia

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      Hi Tracy,
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    The bull shit stories you guy’s come up with on this line is unbelievable.their also stupid as hell.your wife is ok with it.such horse shit.the kid would most likely end up retarded or other issues.

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      Kim stop being so bitchy. You’re obviously not mad about this story. It’s pretty fucking good. What’s bugging you?

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      its made up “kim” calm down

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