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Jess, Ch 1: Dorm Room Surprise

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Jess has some fun with her roommate, a camera, and some ropes.

Jess set up the video camera so that it was facing her roommate’s bed. This should be fun, she thought, as she adjusted the angle just right. Her classes were done for the day, but Melanie wouldn’t be back for another half-hour.

Her tight-fitting shirt and jeans discarded, Jess moved about the tiny dorm room in her usual underwear, a lacy pink demi bra and matching thong. Her see-through thong did very little to hide her thin patch of hair or pussy lips. Jess’ bra was also sheer, showcasing her ample 34D’s. Her nipples were too large to be hidden by a demi bra, resulting in a good deal of her pale areolas exposed.

Jess checked her strawberry blond hair in the mirror. It was wavy, and almost long enough to cover her breasts. There was a twinkle in her blue eyes and a mischievous grin when she thought of her plans for Melanie. The soft bondage ropes were already tied to the corners of the bed, and a vibrator was on her roommate’s pillow. And she had a surprise that Mel would never see coming. All she had to do now was wait.

It was 45 minutes before Melanie finally walked through the door, tossing her backpack on the floor. “I had to do some serious flirting to get my grade on that test up to a B. I don’t think I can make it through the semester without at least giving him a blowjob. How was your-” She cut off when she saw the camera. “Well now,” she continued, eying Jess’ seductive outfit and the ropes, “aren’t you optimistic! What kind of a girl do you think I am?”

“I know exactly what kind of a girl you are,” Jess said as she walked up to Mel and pulled her shirt off. Melanie slid her hands down to Jess’ waist as Jess admired her roommate’s perfect 34B breasts, contained in her red bra. Jess unzipped Melanie’s skirt, letting it fall to the floor. The matching g-string left almost nothing to the imagination. It didn’t even hide the cute freckle next to her clit. “You’re a dirty slut, but you’re my dirty slut,” she said playfully. With that, Melanie’s g-string fell to the floor and she let Jess push her onto the bed.

The two girls kissed passionately as Jess tied the ropes to Melanie’s wrists. Her lips moved slowly down her body, lingering on her cleavage. With a twist of the front clasp, Melanie’s breasts were exposed, her nipples already hard. Jess ran her tongue over them, then continued down Mel’s stomach, and stopped to kiss the freckle. “This is by far the cutest part of your whole body.”

“Stop teasing me, Jess, please,” Melanie whispered. “Lick me.”

“Oh, I haven’t started to tease you yet!” Jess skipped her friend’s pussy and went down her long smooth legs, kissing them all the way down to her ankles. Then she brought up more rope and tied the ankles. Now Mel was completely naked and tied spread eagle on the bed. Jess’ hand brushed across Melanie’s breast as she got up and went to the camera. Checking the picture, she let out a sigh of pleasure as she saw her captive centered on the screen. Jess picked up the vibrator and turned it on, knowing it was her roommate’s favorite toy. She brought the toy lower, almost touching Mel’s clit, then said, “Now I’m going to tease you!”

Standing up, Jess removed her damp panties. She straddled her captive and brought the vibrator to her own wet pussy. It set her senses on fire, and she moaned softly. Melanie looked at her longingly as Jess rubbed the toy along her pussy lips, stopping at her clit. She had been waiting all afternoon for this, so she knew her first orgasm would come quickly.

Watching her naked friend squirm, Jess rubbed her breasts and started rocking against the vibrator. With a gasp, Jess convulsed, as her orgasm sent waves of pleasure through her. Once the waves had subsided, she ran the buzzing toy, now wet with her juices, across Mel’s hard nipples. “I suppose it’s your turn, my dear.”

Her body bucking against the restraints, Melanie moaned as the vibrator was pressed into her pussy. She was so horny and wet, the toy slid in easily. Jess set it on its lowest setting, and toyed with her roommate’s nipples. “Do you want me to turn it up?” She asked teasingly. Melanie whimpered that she did, but then there was a knock at the door.

“Ignore it, please,” Melanie whispered. Jess got up anyways, leaving her friend exposed and bound, with the toy still set too low. Jess didn’t even seem to notice that she was only in her bra as she opened the door, revealing an athletic boy on the other side.

The boy looked her up and down and asked, “Am I too late?”

“You couldn’t have timed it better!” Jess let him in and shut the door. “Mel, you remember Tom, don’t you? You must, especially after what you let him do to you last week.” Melanie moaned, and thrashed against her restraints. “I’d love to help you, but I promised Tom that we could have some fun first.”

Jess helped Tom with his shirt and pants, and he removed her bra. “I don’t mind at all if you watch,” she teased, as she led Tom to her own bed. Tom laid down, and Jess got on top of him with her hips above his head. She pulled down his boxers and released his hard cock. It was average in size, but perfectly formed. She sucked on the head, and let out a loud moan as Tom started licking her pussy lips.

Melanie was starting to sweat as she watched longingly. Knowing her roommate’s desires only made Jess more aroused, and she started hungrily sucking on Tom. The harder she sucked, the faster Tom licked. Just when she thought her pleasure couldn’t grow stronger, she felt a finger in her pussy, followed by another in her ass. It overcame her in a wave, and Jess cried out as she came hard over Tom’s face.

“I’m being too mean, aren’t I?” Jess got up and walked to Melanie’s bed. Straddling her roommate, she pinched Melanie’s exposed nipples, then reached for the vibrator. She moved it slowly in and out, watching her prisoner squirm against it. She let go of the vibrator, leaving it in Melanie, and still set too low. Jess rubbed her body against her roommate, loving the feel of their naked skin together.

Tom got on the bed behind Jess and grabbed her hips. She reached under him and guided his throbbing cock into her. Tom started slow, but Jess was so wet that he was immediately able to bury his cock inside her. He began to thrust faster, and the dorm bed started squeaking under their weight. Jess looked over at the camera, she could see herself in the tiny screen, her tits bouncing over Melanie’s face, which was panting and covered in sweat. Tom squeezed her ass cheeks, and Jess pushed against his cock. “Please,” Melanie whispered. Tom responded by leaning over and grabbing the bound girl’s breasts, squeezing as he thrust. She moaned loudly, and Jess was worried that Mel would cum too soon.

Jess forced Tom’s hands to her hips and moaned, “Fuck me, Tom.” Tom started thrusting faster, and Jess could feel the pressure building in her. “Fuck me, fuck me!” She repeated, louder and louder until she was yelling. Tom grunted as he pounded his cock into her, and Jess screamed as her third orgasm struck her. She collapsed on top of Melanie, sweaty and exhausted.

“I’m done, but Tom hasn’t cum yet. It would be rude not to take care of our guest.” Melanie began to plead with Jess, but she cut her off with a finger on her lips. “Once you take care of him, I’ll untie you.”

With that, Tom positioned himself so that his dick was in front of Melanie’s face. She opened her mouth and started sucking Jess’ juices off of it, desperate for the release that would follow. Jess quickly made sure the camera was catching all the action, because she knew it wouldn’t take long given how hard Tom had fucked her. She was right. Barely a minute later Tom let out a long moan and shot a huge stream into Melanie’s mouth.

Jess grabbed the pulsing cock and directed the other streams onto Melanie’s tits. She licked the last drop off of his cock and thanked him for his participation. Then to Melanie’s relief, Jess finally untied a wrist strap.

Melanie responded by spitting most of Tom’s cum on her captor’s face. Jess wasn’t surprised, she had earned it. Then Melanie’s hand reached for the vibrator and turned it up. Jess started licking the cum off of Melanie’s nipples, and Melanie started shoving the toy in and out of her dripping pussy.

She started moaning, and grinding into the toy harder and harder. Finally, with a sharp cry, Melanie started convulsing with the most powerful orgasm she’d ever experienced. Wave after wave struck her, so powerful she almost blacked out.

Once the intense pleasure had subsided, she took out the vibrator. and stuck it in Jess’ mouth. Jess started licking the juices off, as Melanie untied her other hand. Once it was free, Melanie slapped Jess hard across the face. Then she grabbed her roommate by the hair and started licking the cum off her face. She and Jess kissed, sharing Tom’s cum, then Melanie bit Jess’ earlobe – a little harder than she usually did – and whispered, “That may have been the best orgasm of my life, but don’t think you’re not in trouble. I’ll have my revenge.”

Jess believed her, and wondered if it would be as much fun. Even if it wasn’t, at least she could watch it again whenever she wanted.

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