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Jenny and Jimmy Part 2

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From Part 1:

I moaned loudly as my gun shot out its load. Jamie giggled. As both girls watched my nuts unload their sperm. Jamie pulled my dick towards her and cleaned the head off. She swallowed it. I was impressed. Especially for her first time.

“You going to stand there Jenny or join us?”, Jamie said.

Part 2:

Jenny just stood there. Jamie giggled and licked the rest of my dick off. I sat up on the edge of the bed. “Come here Jen!”, I said. She smiled bashfully and shook her head. Not taking her eyes off my manhood in my moonlight room. I got up and grabbed her. I threw her on the bed and blew raspberries on her stomach. She laughed and kicked her legs in the air.

Our parents woke up. I jumped under the covers as Jamie got dressed. “Beat on me!”, I whispered. They started hitting me and I tickled them. Their mom yelled at us that it was time to go to bed! “They were messing with me!”, I said

“He started it!”, Jamie said.

Her mom told both of them to leave me alone. I stuck my tongue out at them as they left. Jamie flipped me off for blaming them. I chuckled.

Before everyone woke up I went into the twins room. They have a bunk bed. Revenge time. They were both dead to the world. Jenny was on the bottom. I slowly but surely removed Jenny’s pajama bottoms and panties. Her beautiful pussy before me. I touched her slit. Her legs clamped together. She gave me an angry “mmmm!”. As she squirmed uncomfortably. I went up to Jamie and did the same thing. I went back to my room with their clothes. They both woke up with no pants or underwear. I heard shouts of “I am going to kill him!”, I chuckled

They came into my room and bum-rushed me, attacking me and beating me. Not hurting me at all. Just a bunch of playful punches and hits. I grabbed Jamie’s ass as I moved my hand inside her pants. I moved my finger from her ass to her vagina. My finger was toying with her soft folds as she stopped hitting me.

“That is not fair!”, Jenny said.

“All is fair in love and war! And this is both!”, I said

Their mom called them. I moved my hand back. Jamie sighed and left first. I pulled Jenny close to me and hugged her and kissed her cheek. “When she takes a shower come see me.”, I said Jenny giggled. I spanked her butt playfully and watched her beautiful buns as she trotted away.

Our parents went shopping so they would be gone all morning. Being the oldest, I was left in charge of the twins. I told them I would discipline them and keep them in line. “Just don’t hurt each other or break anything!”, my dad said and chuckled. “They adore you!”

“As they should!”, I said. My dad shook his head and smiled.

Jamie went in for her shower. Jenny came into my room. I sat on the edge of my bed. “Come here.”, I said, “kiss me”. I touched my lips to hers and kissed her. “Open your mouth. I want to show you how to kiss.”, she did. We made out for a bit.

“Can I?”, she said

“Can you what?”, I said

“Can I see it?”, she asked

“See what?”, I smiled and said. She hit my leg

“Boys are so stupid!”, she said.

“Just for that you ain’t seeing shit”, I said

We teasingly went back and forth. “Yes I am.” And “no you won’t”

She said, “ok let’s just kiss.” She kissed me again. Her hand slipped under my pajamas.

“Not fair!”, I said.

She giggled, “All is fair in love and war remember?”

She grabbed both sides and pulled my pajama pants and underwear down. I hit her with my dick. “I said no!”, she laughed. She felt it up from head to tip.

“I watched a video last night after I saw Jamie with your thing in her mouth. Did a little research. Let me know if I do ok on this.”, she said.

She went down on my dick. Her beautiful blonde hair hiding her head. She took in as much as she could. She came back up and she circled my dick with her tongue. She look at me for approval. I nodded and she gave me an evil grin. She went down again and sucked as hard as she could “Mmmmmmmm ah fuck”, I said as my mushroom exploded into her mouth. She giggled. She lifted her head up, tilted her head back and swallowed it. She looked at me and smiled.

I laid down and she laid down next to me. She laid her head on my chest. “How did I do?”, she said.

“Great!”, I said.

She rubbed the side of her face on my chest. Feeling my abs. She kissed my chin. I moved my hand down her pants touching her ass. She grabbed my hand and moved it away and patted my stomach. “No! Now stop! Bad!”, she said

“Come on. Let me see yours now!”, I said She kissed my chin again and patted my face. “You saw it earlier when you pulled my clothes off.” I went for it again. She moved over to the wall.

“Stop it!”, she said. I reached for her and she slapped my hand away. “Stop! Your bad! I am just an innocent little girl.” She was fighting me. Kicking at me. I gave in and stopped. I got up and was going to go check out Jamie in the shower. She got up and she kicked me. “You give up to easily!” She jumped back on the bed and got back into her defensive position on the bed. I came at her she started kicking at me. “No!”, she laughed and giggled. She kicked me in the chest. I grabbed her feet and got her legs over my shoulders. She was beating the back of my shoulders with her feet as I slid her pajamas off. She was twisting and fighting. I pushed her legs to her chest and rubbed her pussy with my thumb. Her legs locked around my head. I shoved my thumb inside her. Her eyes opened wide. I wiggled my way down to her belly. I blew raspberries on her belly. She giggled. It took away some of the weird new feelings she was experiencing. I moved my head down from her belly button to the pubic mound giving raspberries along the way. I blew some on her pubic mound as my tongue wiggled down her slit. She tasted amazing. She was squirming. “Calm down. Baby. Just relax.”, I said. I spread her lip exposing her little clit. I swished my tongue on her little pearl. She was starting to get into it. Her hips started rocking.

Jamie walks in with a towel around her. “Hey what is going on here?”, she asked. Jenny laughed.

“Playtime!”, Jenny said “wanted to see that it was all about!”

“He any good?”, Jamie asked. Jenny giggled and then Jamie started giggling.

I rammed my thumb into her hard. I was pounding her pussy with my thumb hard as I could as my tongue danced on her clit. Her eyes about popped out of her head and her mouth shot open. I kept rubbing her and licking her. “Mmmmmfffff”, she said as she grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled it as her head went back into the pillow. “Mmmmmfffff dammit! Aw dammit!” Her legs closed around my face. “Errrrrrrrr awwwww”. Her legs locked and her body twisted as her orgasm peeked. She held me in a leg clamp until her orgasm eased. Her pussy squirted juice onto my hand as she went limp. “Aw Jimmy! That was amazing!”

I laid next to Jenny and Jamie shed her towel and laid next to me. I was laying between my two angels. I touched both their pussies. They looked at each other and kissed my cheeks. They shared a glance again and nodded. Reading each other’s thoughts. Both got up and played with my dick. Jamie grabbed my dick at the base and Jenny grabbed the upper part. They were jacking it and taking turns licking and sucking the tip.

Jenny said “watch this!” and went down on my dick and sucked as hard as she could coming back up until I came. I blew another load into her mouth. She giggled and swallowed it.

I got up and grabbed Jamie and lifted her up and slammed her onto the bed. She was laughing as Jenny was kicking and hitting me playfully defending her sister. Jamie rolled on her stomach and I bit Jamie’s ass cheek as she laughed. I tickled her and got her on her back. She spread her legs with no hesitation. I laid down and spread her little lips. There was a little moistness on her lips. My finger entered her easily as she was already soaking wet and obviously turned on. Jenny went back to work on my dick again. “I think we found your talent Jen!”, I said.

“I think we did.”, She smiled at me. “I just love your thing.”, she hugged it to her face.

I stuck my index finger in Jamie and rubbed her clit with my thumb. I moved up and made out with Jamie as I rubbed her. Her tongue and mine dancing a waltz together. Her kissing becoming more passionate as time went on.

Jenny was doing her favorite thing. Sucking on my sausage. She loves giving head. She was just kind of licking it and licking the head. I think she was trying to time it. So I came when our sister came.

Jamie’s cunt reminded me of a water slide. She was soaked down there. I heard an “mmmmmffff” and I added my middle finger to her hole. “Oh god! Oh….mmmmmffff”, she said. Her hand held my neck as her kisses became madly passionate. I jammed my fingers in her hard and rubbed her clit with the other hand. Her legs locked on my hand and she dug her face in mine. Holding my head tightly. This was Jenny’s cue as she went down and sucked my dick hard as she could. My whole body just clenched as I came into her mouth. We all laid together. Both girls with their heads on my chest. We got up and showered before our parents got home.

This was our routine for about 3-4 months. Oral sex on each other. I wanted to add something new. I wanted those beautiful asses but knew it would take a whole lot of coaxing.

To be continued…

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  • Reply Hard rocker ID:gyfea0vgf0

    O Jose it is just fantasy. Jimmy, Jamie and Jenny do not exist except in my creative imagination.

  • Reply Trickster ID:7zv2w16r42

    O Jode sounds like you are in the wrong place

  • Reply O Jose ID:1dkkuhgsfpy0

    I’m very concerned for my mental wellbeing reading this. Being 15, I’m too intrigued with this story to not want to keep up, but I’m also technically reading CP as a minor. Again though, good story, but I feel bad

    • Hard rocker ID:gyfea0vgf0

      Chill out. It is all fantasy anyway. Jenny and Jaime do not exist. My name is not Jimmy either.

  • Reply O Jode ID:1dkkuhgsfpy0

    What the fuck? Lol and ew

  • Reply CWC ID:mqkz2z8wlpu

    Awesome man!!! Keep it going

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    Let’s have fun. I’m 19 yr boy with 6 inch long dick and has no gf.