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Jealous Indian Aunty

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I was good Indian wife and had an amazing reputation in my office too. But some women in my office despised me for that.

Hi I’m Indu, 33, in good shape. Married to the love of my life. Venkat. I’m a HR for a Builder Group and Venkat is a software Developer for an MNC.
In my department, including me, we have 5 women and 1 man. All the other members in my team were elder to me except Veeru. All women were in the age range of 40-49yr. They were all thick but well maintained beautiful women, but no one was as hot as me.They were jealous of my hourglass figure and youth. every one including my boss treated me special because of my beauty. They lusted over me and it was clear. And why not, I’m 5’8″, 36DD, 28 waist and 34 hips. I wears sarees with my navels exposed and usually half selves blouse. I have fair complexion and straight long hair. Every married man’s wet dream and young boys fantasy.

Anyways, my team women, though pretended to be nice to me, but were always taking behind my back. They always used to gossip about different women in office and laugh about their infidelity or slutty past. But when it came to me, they had no ammo. I had a squeaky clean past and an amazing present. So they didn’t liked that as well. They all were sluts and I was not. And this was also the reason men in the office respected me more than others.

But things were about to change. I never drank alcohol, like ever, but this year during our new year party, my colleagues forced to try one glass. Due to this over whelming peer pressure (Being forced into) I said ok. I was drunk in just one glass. But wait, I knew I never drank alcohol, but how come I was so drunk that I couldn’t stand straight in just one glass. Something was wrong. This was around 8pm in the night and we were supposed to go home to our loved one by 9pm to celebrate New Year with our families.
So the crowd was already getting thin. I was at the bar setup and trying to gain my balance. When my team mate, Usha(49) tried to hold me still.
“Are you ok baby doll”. She held a drink in one hand and my arms in another.
Then she directed me the nearest ladies room. I though she was so nice helping me to get away from this nonsense party. But when I reached there, I saw other members of the team. (Neha 40, Priya 43, Sanya 46, and Veeru 36)

“Chal chal jaldi jaldi kapde utaar kutiya ke” (Come come.. fast fast.. remove the clothes of this bitch) Said Usha, dropping me on the floor.
They thought I was completely out. But I could here them well.
Then they started to remove my saree…them my peticoat… them my blouse…
“Saali… matching sexy bra aur panties pehne hai.. apne pati se chudne wali thi shayad raat ko” (This btich is wearing matching sexy bra and panties, I guess she was expecting to get fucked by her husband tonight) – Priya said and they all laughed.
Then they ripped my bra off as well as my panties. I tried to revolt but just mumbled like a drunk and my hands just brushed past them. they all laughed again and took some pictures of my naked body on the washroom floor trying to get up. Then Usha Instructed Veeru.

“Chal chutiye, jaldi apne chadi utar aur chood randi ko” (come on you idiot, drop your underwear and fuck this whore) Usha instructed Veeru.

Veeru was more than happy to fuck such a nice piece of ass. He married a dark skinned village girl, obeying his parents words but he lusted over my fair and modern style well maintained body.

He jumped over me like a hungry dog.

“Aree pehle apna lund uske muh mai de na.. video banane hai kutiya ke” (oh come on first put your dick in her mouth. Need to make a video of this bitch)
Veera followed Usha’s instruction and forced his already hard dick in my soft wet mouth. I was a little off my head, so I too started to suck this disgusting black, covered in pubes dick. He kept trusting his dick in my mouth again and again.
“bohut sahi” (Very good) Usha said as she filmed me sucking Veeru’s dick.
But they something happened that I’m guessing on one planned for. Veeru came in my mouth.
“Aree chutiye, itne jaldi jhad gaye.. wo bhi uske muh mai.. chut aur gaand kaise maroge uski??” (Oh you already came.. that too in her mouth.. how are you supposed to fuck her pussy and ass?) Usha said in disappointment. Still filming my cum filled mouth.

“Ja ke dekh, Ravi aur Zaheer hai kya men’s restroom mai.” (Go and check if Ravi and Zaheer are there in the men’s restroom)
Usha sent Veeru to check out for our office Janitors.

Since the party was going silent, Usha locked the door once Ravi and Zaheer, came inside with Veeru.

“Toh.. Ravi Zaheer aise hai..Indu madam ko chaiye khada lund… Uska pati usko khush nahi kar pa raha.. Usne hame bola help kar do.. Veeru already uska muh chood chuka hai.. par usko aur mard chaiye uski chut aur gaand marne ko… Batao ready ho??” (Look, Ravi and Zaheer, your Indu madam needs some hard dicks.. her husband is not able to satisfy her… hence she requested our assistance… Veeru already fucked her mouth.. but she needs more men to fuck her pussy and ass… Tell me are you ready??) Usha said it with confidence.

“Par madam… agar kal kuch hua to.. matlab.. Indu madam to cham hai na… Kya usko sahi mahi hamara lund chaiye??” (But madad, what is something happens tomorrow… I mean… Indu madam is drunk… does she really want our dicks?) Zaheer asked.

“Aree haan..Yeh dekho kaye lollipop ke taraf chus rahi hai apne Veeru ka lund…” (Oh yeah.. look here how she is sucking on Veeru’s dick here…) Usha pulled her phone out and showed it to them.
They were happy.

“Chaliye phir side ho jaeye.. Ab koi beech mai nahi rokega” (Ok then, get aside.. now no one is going to stop me) Zaheer said un-buckling his pants.

He lifted me a little and put my head to the side wall. Then he started to lick my pussy. mmmm it was so good.. He knew what he was doing…Ravi in the mean time was playing with my tits and stroking his cock big.

Them Zaheer pulled me close, now I was on my back with my hands spread apart. He lifted my pelvis, spit on his hard cock and shoved it inside me in one stroke..
“ummmm…. ” I said with my eyes closed and in drunk voice.
He was on his knees and was holding my hips up and trusting his massive dick inside me. The I felt Ravi shoving his dick inside my mouth. Still squeezing my boobs really hard.

Zaheer fucked me like that for a while.
The he turned me me over and lifted my ass up. He folded me half like a rag doll and started to fuck my pussy like a little bitch. Ravi lifted my front side and placed his dick again in my mouth. They were spit roasting me.

“Dekh dekh kaise chud rahi hai, saali randi” (See.. see.how she is getting fucked this whore) Usha said to others. I opened my eyes to see, she was still recording getting my back blown out.

They kept fucking my like a fuck toy taking turn on my pussy and mouth.

“Bohut hua.. isse pehle ke tum log jhad jao..dono baari baari uski gaand maaro… Uski gaand phad do chod chod ke… kal theek se chal na paye saali kutiya.. aise choodo usse…” (It’s too much, I can’t wait any longer. Before you guys cum, I want you to fuck her ass… Tear her fucking ass.. Fuck her such a way that she should be able to walk properly tomorrow..) Usha instructed Zaheer and Ravi.

Zaheer lifted me up and placed my semi awake body on the sink counter. Neha and Priya helped me to stay there with out falling. I was bent over by my waist with my head on the sink.
Then Zaheer spits on his glistening hard dick and try to shove his dick inside my ass. I was making mubbling voices. I was saying to stop, but was unable to speak properly, it sounded more like I was enjoying. Zaheer held my waist and started to apply more force, and this time it went inside completely with a pop sound. Now I had lost all types of my virginity. He rammed his dick inside my tight white asshole, again and again. It was hurting me so bad, but I couldn’t revolt. My boobs were jiggling with each thrust. Hitting the front the sink counter.
Everyone was laughing as I was getting my ass fucked.

After like 10 mins.
“Mera pani nikalne wala hai” (I’m about to cum) Zaheer announced
“Nahi uski gaand mai nahi uski muh peh jhadna” (No not in her ass, cum on her face) Usha instructed.

Zaheer followed. He laid me down on my back and came on my face as Usha recorded with everyone laughing and enjoying my humiliation.

Then Ravi Turned me over and with ass up in air and face on the wet dirty floor, he shoved his dick in my already red, asshole. He kept fucking me for a while and then he too came on my face.

“Usha ji mai bhi phir se bhar jaya hu, kya mai bhut Indu ki chut mara lu?” (Usha, I’m again all filled up, Can I too fuck her pussy?) Veera asked Usha
“Haan Haan kyun nahi… ” (yeah sure.. why not.) Usha said.
“Veeru lifted my pelvis and started to fuck my pussy. But he came again very quickly and this time in my pussy.

“Aree.. Veeru tu nahi sudhrega..Chal nikal” (Oh ho Veeru you are not going to change.. now get lost) Usha said with disappointment.

Usha came near my cum covered face and pulled me up by my hair.
“Dekh kutiya. teri aukat… bohut sati savirti banti hai na… ab tu bhi ek bajaru aurat ban gayi hai… agar kisi ko kuch bola to tera video viral kar dungi…” (See bitch.. this is your standard… You were too poise right?.. Now you too are nothing more than a street whore… And if you try telling anyone about this.. I will make sure these videos go viral)
Usha threatened me.

Then she spit on my face and so did other ladies. Then she lifted her saree, pulled her panties down and squirted on my face. Then she started to pee on on face and boobs. I wanted to stop, but I was too weak. I just flopped my hands around in slow motion. Other ladies also followed the queue and lifted their sarees and peed on my face.

I was laying there on the bathroom floor all covered in cum and piss.

Soon I passed out.. for real. when I woke up, I was still on the bathroom floor but in my clothes, my face was dripping water as if someone splashed me with it. But my clothes were dry. It was 5am.

I got up and looked in the mirror. My makeup had washed out, and someone took my bra and panties. I guess it was Veeru the pervert. He must be sniffing and jerking off to them right now.

I thought I would have a lot of missed called from my husband, but there were none. Apparently Usha unlocked m y phone using my fingerprint and sent whatsapp msg to him saying that I’m going to stay at Neha’s place for the night.

I gathered my heels and ran off the wardroom.

The security guard was shocked to see me leave at this time. I called a called and returned back home.

I wanted to forget everything. Like a nightmare. I lied my ass off in front of Venkat. He didn’t had suspicion of what happened last night. Speaking of ass, I was not able to walk properly the whole. Next afternoon I received a few pings from Usha. My night mare was real. she shared all the videos of me sucking and fucked these men in the ladies room.

Let me know if you want a part 2

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