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Incestious Childhood

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A story on the best discovery between my cousin and I

This is a true story on what happened between me and my little cousin.. I was like 14 when it started she almost 10. We played games little kids liked to play the usual you know games like doctor, hide and seek, house, etc. Everything was normal for about a week then things started getting interesting, she came in one day asking to play house which I never really minded I would just lay there and listen to music really, we started to play and I was always the dad or ‘daddy’ as she would like to call it, she was always the ‘mommy’ one “night” we were just pretending to sleep and i felt myself get aroused as she would lay by me, I never tried anything ‘cause she had a big mouth so I chose to be safer, we continued to lay there and i had to adjust myself really quick she kinda noticed but didn’t say much then i felt her hand on my leg, she started at my knee then slowly went up, she was feeling my dick through my pants and I felt the ecstasy bolt through my body she looks down as she slides her hand into my waistband the she looks up at me saying “I’ve always felt something with you but I was nervous now I’m not really nervous my body feels excited” then she kissed me, feeling those lips made me hit my point and I gave him. I picked her up and sat her on me as we made out she started to grind on me while she stuck her tongue in my mouth at the same time I was feeling her body, from her ass to her titties I couldn’t believe how fast she was growing, she already had nice size titties with beautiful nipples that you could actually grip. She ends up saying she’s hot and gets off of me, taking her shirt off as i pull down my pants.. she looks at me and then my dick then grabs it, my dick jumps in excitement. It seemed as she done her research as she went to lick the pre-cum from my tip and take my head in her mouth, her warm mouth drooling on my dick, she stroked me as she attempts to take it all but she couldn’t which disappointed me but I knew she couldn’t ‘cause a niggas blessed if you know what I mean 😉 I forgot anyone was home we were just going at it then I started to feel the rest of her body I lower her shorts and rub her pussy, she lets out a little moan and smiles as she continues to suck and spit on my dick while I rub her juices all over her warm pussy then I just lifted her leg over and started to eat her as she moaned and sucked. Her juices were so sweet and succulent then I hear the front door we were in the room right by the door luckily no one walked in they went to throw the trash as I come to realize what we were doing I stop her and she looks at me sad so I just tell her to put her clothes on so we can do more in a more isolated area. We end up getting dressed as i put my wet dick in my pants she stops me and kisses it with a little suck then smiles and continues to get dressed at that moment I realized I was in love with her and maybe it was because of what we did but I just felt the love course through me, we walk out of the room like nothing happened my cousin still smiling and wiping her saliva and pre-cum on her lips just to lick them off. We end up going to the backyard which is a good 4-5 acres with trees and things all over the place before we go I told my parents we wanted to walk so we did we walk till we get to a distant tree and go behind it, instantly she pulls me forward and kisses me again while she feels my boner she unzips my pants and goes down again, I stand there watching her cute little mouth try to take it all, she starts to finger herself and says she wants me so I let her have what she wanted she pulls down her shorts and turns staring back at me with lust and love i kiss her really quick and rub my dick on her little pussy lips, she starts to squirm as I slowly insert my tip into her the wetness from her juices, spit and my pre-cum make it easier to slide in and the softness from her walls made my dick jump inside her I end up stroking till I can fully insert her as I get all the way I speed up and she moans while tears slowly fall down her face I was going to ask if she was okay but as I was about ask she moans “oh.. my fu.. fucking godddd, faster daddy show mommy how much you love her” once I heard those words I start to drill her insides as her limp body shakes and leans against the tree, I was going for about 5 minutes then blood starting coming so I slow down, she said she was okay and it felt good so I continue I feel my balls twitching as I stroke in and out of her I tell her I was going to cum and she turned and got on her knees taking off her shirt exposing her nude titties and nipples saying “this is my pretty shirt I don’t want it to get dirty” which is understandable, no evidence 😉 after she grabs my dick and just licks my tip as she strokes the base of my head with her hand as she starts talking naughty “you want to cum on mommys titties and watch her taste it then rub it in the outside of her pussy” hearing those words and feeling her hand doing what it was doing make me explode, i came all over her titties, on her face from cheek to cheek and even on her pussy. I look at her feeling so good as I watched the cum drip down her body she looks at me and stares in my eyes and wipes her hand across her cheek making all the cum go into her mouth then lick the top of her titties and play with the cum. She stayed like that for about 5 minutes cleaning herself off just gathering what she can and drinking what she could, after about 2-3 minutes she says there was a lot of “daddys dessert” and grabs a handful, I thought she was gonna drink it like she had been but to my surprise she rubs it on her pussy, all over her lips and entire special area as shes almost done she only has a little left I was watching her in love with what she was doing as she seemed confused what to do with it she just puts it between her middle and ring finger and inserts her fingers into her pussy and smiles at me saying “hopefully daddys babies will find their way” she gets up and gets dressed while we walk back we just smile knowing there would be more to happen and there was..

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  • Reply BLACKBEAR7 ID:7zv3ebba41

    The story was only true in your head as you wanted it to happen. More than 5 decades old, we never call ourselves nigga. With property that large behind the house, we would have been outside from the start. So if anything was gonna happen, we were already out of adult sight. For some teaching, we never play hide n seek, it’s hide and go get.

  • Reply Watchdog ID:2xbv2xs4xia

    The E-mail addy not working.. Please tell more stories! TY

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    thank you for sharing [email protected]

  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    Tell us more

  • Reply bonestt ID:3ynzgpw9499

    i have a stories like this lol same age too , she came over for a family party and end up sleeping over, i woke up with her kiss and just end up fucking her all night

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:9k0oovsz

    Sounds like you really shot a big healthy load! Would love to have licked all your creamy spunk off her body!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:y1rp63v3zwf

    great times hope you did it more

  • Reply Stonks ID:5nsu5t94h2o

    Nice! I’m not too bug a fan of having emojis in writings though it kinda tok away from it a bit for me.

  • Reply slvt.luvva ID:n3kfz8gb86e

    ig is username females slide through

  • Reply PervyD ID:1ec7vg69cc03

    Nicely told.

    • kink ID:n3kfz8gb86e

      only 2 not bad others have it for each word lol

    • farmer123456789 Tracy ID:6fji2i17qm

      Love to hear from you. My latest story is Farming is nice naked, it went up yesterday. My name is Tracy.
      This NOT my email
      this is
      [email protected]