I thought we had a happy, monogamous marriage

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We did not know each other’s past when we married. Fiction, caught cheating, photo.

By PO469

Lynn and I have been married for three years. We get along just great and have a very active and enjoyable sex life with each other. We decided to put off having children for the first five years and then have two, hopefully a boy and a girl, so she was on the pill.

Lynn is a knock out. She’s 5’5” and weighs 120 pounds. She has a great figure; 34-C, 23, 34. Her tummy is flat and her muscles are well toned. She played soccer in high school. She has long blond hair, but it is not her natural color. She does not wear a lot of makeup. She doesn’t need to.

My name is Sam. I’m 6’0” and weigh 188 pounds. I guess you can say I’m good looking. I have brown hair that I keep moderately short. It does not come down over my ears. I am a computer programmer and in my spare time, I belong to a couple bowing leagues, enjoy fishing and during the season, on most Saturday nights, I go to watch the stock car races at the local half mile paved track. My favorite cars are the modifieds.

I make good money so Lynn does not have to work. She likes to volunteer at a couple local charities and belongs to several clubs. That’s fine with me.

At work one day, one of the other programmers came over to me and said, “Hey Sam, I have to tell you something. I was in the next town last night and I saw Lynn with another guy. We were in a restaurant. They were at a table not far from me. They were holding hands and laughing. One time I watched them lean over and kiss. It was not just a little peck. It was a pretty long, tongue swapping kiss. I could see that she was not wearing her wedding ring.”

I was shocked and thought he might have mistaken someone else for her. He had not met her very many times.

What he said kept running thru my mind for a couple of days and then I decided that I had to find out if it was true. That night I followed her to the meeting she said she was going to and that was just where she went. A couple nights later I did the same thing with the same result.

Saturday night I skipped the races and followed her one last time. If everything was right, I would just drop it as her being misidentified. She drove to a bar on the far side of town and parked in the parking lot. She didn’t go into the bar. She walked to another car. A guy got out of the car and they chatted for a minute, and then they hugged and kissed. I watched him grab her breast as they kissed. Then they got into his car and drove off.

I followed them to an apartment complex where they got out and went into an apartment. I sat in my car and watched the door and window for two hours. Finally they came out. He had his arm around her shoulder, holding her close to him, and she had her head on his shoulder. They went back to the bar. They spent several minutes making out before she got in her car and headed towards home.

I raced home and got there first. It had rained slightly so I could say I was home early because the races had been called off. When she came in I greeted her and told her that I was really in the mood to make love with her. I took her hand and started toward the bedroom. She hesitated but then came along.

“I have to go to the bathroom, Honey.” I knew she wanted to clean her bottom.

“That can wait. I can’t. I want you now.”

I stripped her and myself, and playfully pushed her onto the bed, and got between her legs. I kissed her lips and then her breasts. Then I took my hard cock and guided it between her legs.

I shoved in and out of her a couple times and then pulled out. With an angry look and tone of voice I said, “It feels like your cunt is already full of cum. Have you been cheating on me?”

Lynn started crying and admitted that she had been with someone else while she thought I was at the races. She begged me to forgive her and not to divorce her because she really loved me. I smiled and shoved my cock back in her.

I hadn’t felt my cock in a cum filled cunt from the day we were married. Before then, I often did. I used to love attending parties that turned into orgies. The last one was my bachelor party, three nights before our wedding.

I added my load to what she was already carrying. Then I kissed her and told her that I loved her. We spent the next hour talking.

Lynn told me that she had been a slut before meeting me. She thought I wanted a stereotype dutiful, one man wife so for the first year; she was faithful and had sex only with me. Eventually, the old urges overtook her and she started chatting with guys on-line. It did not take long before she met with one on them at a local motel. The old slutty feelings from her past came back. As much as she loved me, she also loved being fucked by different guys. She admitted that she started fucking many different guys and that many of her club meetings were actually skipped, to have meetings with guys. She said that she did not have any other love or steady boyfriend. She seldom hooked up with the same guy a second time. She cuddled up to me and fell asleep.

I lay in bed thinking, for hours. I thought about how I had only strayed once from when we had married.

Suzy was a young married girl at the place where I worked. I think she was nineteen. We had an affair that lasted a little more than two months. We really enjoyed sex together but there was no romance. Her husband only had about four inches and only lasted a couple minutes. She was really turned on by my seven inches and the fact that I could keep going for up to fifteen minutes before filling her with a big warm, wet load. We got together as often as we could but had to avoid days when she had her period and days when she was fertile, because I refused to wear a condom.

The last time we got together was at her house. We had been in bed for at least a half hour and I had given her two strong orgasms before having a good one, myself. We were laying next to each other when we heard the garage door open. I jumped into my pants and shoes, grabbed my shirt and jacket and went out the back door as her husband was coming in from the garage. I had to bend down below window level and sneak around the back of the house to keep from us getting caught.

We decided that, even though we really enjoyed sex with each other, we had to stop. Getting caught could cost us our marriages and possibly even our jobs.

Now that I knew what Lynn had been up to and why, I knew that our life together was about to change. We would no longer need to hide our sexuality and desires. We would now become a swinging couple, attend sex parties and openly fuck date anyone we wanted.

It is a shame that we had not told each other about our past and what we liked before getting married. We would not have to had try to be different people than we really were and we would have been having a much more open and fun married life together.

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  • Reply Bill S. ID:1dsd2qvu6pb0

    If I found my wife cheating I would be totally devastated.
    Divorce would just be the starting point and retaliation & punishment next.
    I cannot understand men accepting being a cuckold. If they do, I view them as completely worthless non-humans.