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I’m 15(F) and I just started dating this guy candler 16(M), we both liked each other for the longest time but even tho we were aware of our feelings we didn’t date entil now.
Chandler is bigger, kind of like a “dad body” if I had to sum him up and is 5’8/5’9. I on the other hand am 5’2 and weigh 113 pounds
Even if we just started dating I’ve been fantasizing about getting absolutely railed by him,he’s so much bigger than me and I get so turned on just thinking about what he could do to me if we were alone.
The way we rough around and bicker is just a turn on, sometimes if we’re wrestling he’ll let me win or not, and it’ll just remind me how he could take everything from me and I’d willingly let him. He acts so tough and stubborn around his friends but when we’re by our selves even for a second he shows he loves me, and I know he wouldn’t hurt me,, but I think I’d let him. Even if we weren’t dating he could bend me over a counter top and fuck me and I wouldn’t complain a bit.
I’ve been told he has a bad rep with dating but I don’t care, we’ve wanted each other for years and I’m ok as long as I get to say I had his huge dick in me, I could die a happy little girl knowing that he made me his and I’m made for him to ruin

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    This is an excellent place to ask for straight forward honest advice. Sounds like Chandler has been very patient with you, so give him anything he wants, even things that may seem perverted and sick. Otherwise, the big boy could get very rough with you – violent even! And you don’t want that, do you baby? Well, do you?!

  • Reply Hellish ID:3057hetqra

    Not a good place to ask for advice. Like literally anywhere else would be better.

  • Reply Lebronjames ID:nnnn15rv0

    Yeah this isn’t a good place to ask for advice… This website is full of pedophiles and as an underaged person myself this does not seem like it was written by a 15 year old girl… More like a 43 year old pedophile

  • Reply I think sometime ID:aly275d3

    1.Probably not a good idea to ask advice on a website like this
    2.I dunno man you kinda ain’t the age of consent so I don’t think the time is right

  • Reply The Rizzler ID:bo2qeotzl

    Shut the fuck up pedo

    • Tp_bones ID:1cllxpjeoqc6

      I’m actually 15💀

  • Reply The Rizzler ID:bo2qeotzl

    Just let him know how you feel, or you could be fuck buddies if the time isn’t right for a relationship, just be safe with it all and everything should go over pretty smoothly