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I lost my virginity while I was playing – part -1

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Jenny a physical teacher trainee, was coaching the youth group of her village. While playing, with her full consent, three boys fucked her.

I’m Jenny and at my 19 . I belonged to a very small village having just 50 houses. All the village people were daily wages workers, working in a farther village. So they went by 6 a.m. and returned by 7 p.m. They were accustomed of sleeping by 8:00 p.m. itself.
My junior Nancy and I were the only educated girls in our village. I had my physical training studies in Salem town. There only my room mates taught me about sex. Until then I was quite normal. But Nancy was more horny than I was.
Returning from there I could not control myself. When I was alone,I was kneading my boobs and inserting carrots like vegetables inside my pussy..
In order to divert myself, I started to give games coaching to the boys and girls of our village. For that I selected them in between the age group of 14 and 19. I was giving good coaching for basketball, volleyball and kabaddi. The time also fixed in between 5 p.m and 8 p.m. Few girls, joined that too for volleyball only.
7 pm to 8 pm was allotted for Kabaddi. As I was very much interested in playing kabaddi, I was the only girl in the set. Even after 8 pm three boys and I only would be there. Edward (15) ; James (14) ; and Ameer (13) were the three. Unlike the other two, Ameer was tall and handsome as if, he were in his 20.
Whenever Nancy and I were talking, the main topic was only sex and nothing but sex. She was mainly talking about the last session that was played with the three boys. She would ask me whether I would have a chance of being fucked by the boys. If it was so she begged me to admit herself also in that fucking game.
While playing, those three fellows only would be pressing my boobs or my pussy for some time. I thought, they were only little boys. But they only were teasing me lustfully. I also enjoyed that. Many times, I thought that, if they were youths, I would have got from them, a very nice fucking.
Some time those fellows also talked like this
” Would her pussy also be as chubby as her boobs? How lucky we would be, if we have a chance of matting with her?”.
I couldn’t believe my own ears. Yes, boys and girls of today, improved so much. Could it be done?, I thought.
That day, sorry, that night also came.
It was after 8.30 p.m. All the lights of the houses were switched off. Entire village was in darkness except the playground light. All the four were playing kabaddi. The boys were winking their eyes and passing some signs pointing me. I guessed that, something would happen that night.
James and I were on one side and the other two were on the opposite side. James went to their side and wantedly caught. Now Ameer came towards me and cornered me. He lifted his right leg and was about to touch my forehead. At that time, his long penis peeped out of his half trouser and saluted me. I thought it would be some 10 inches or more in length.
Though he had a chance of touching me and getting out, he did not do it. I did not know why he did so. But he and the other two boys laughed and murmered some words. Then it was my turn to go towards them.
Amir and Henry allowed me to go well inside.
Suddenly amir held my two legs jointly and made me to fall. I fell on the sand facing the sky. Amir suddenly fell on me and pulled away my lower garments. James and Henry fell on me and removed my T- shirt also. Henry ran and switched off that only light also. He returned back and both he and James started kneading my each boob and sucking my each nipple.
Now Ameer was caressing my both thighs and bit them here and there. Then he moved to the part in between my thighs. Yes, he bit my pussy and licked it. He started licking inside. As his tongue was long and rough, it stimulated extreme emotion in me. When he licked my clitoris, I lifted my hips up and down. All the three took me to the sky of joy. I had my extreme orgasm. Ameer sucked and drank the liquid oozing out from my pussy.
After that I couldn’t control myself. I begged Ameer to fuck me at once. He also started fucking me. James also inserted his thick penis inside my mouth. I was sucking it. At the same time, I was moving the fore skin of the penis of Henry.
The 10 inches long penis of Ameer went well inside and touched my womb. As the thickness of it was also some 3 to 3.5 inches around, it was tightly rubbing the wall of my vagina. So the happiness that I earned was immeasurable. Before Ameer, touched the peak, I had my orgasm twice. Ameer also had his orgasm and filled my pussy with the white milk. It was overflowing and was falling on the sand.
Having the heap of sand as my flower bed and Ameer as my husband, my first night was over. I lost my virginity with Ameer.
Following him, the other two fellows also did their job wonderfully well. Each fucked me thrice in a cyclic order. Then all three fellows fucked me at a time. Yes, Ameer, lay down and I was fucking him in the cow- girl style. At that time Henry also inserted his penis in the same pussy hole. Then James plugged in his stout boy inside my asshole. Thus three penises moved in my body like three snakes.
Thus I lost my virginity in the playground itself when I was playing.
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