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Sucking a stranger’s cock for the first time in his car while hitchhiking home.

Fucking car..I thought after it broke down 50 miles from home. It was summer of my 16th birthday mom bought me an old beater but it was mine. Now what I thought…
Guess I better hitch a ride somehow trouble was I’m off the main highway haven’t seen a car for awhile. Walking for quite awhile I was getting hot took my shirt off wrapped it around my waist.

Suddenly I heard a horn honk..turning around a saw a car coming towards me.
“ That your car back there boy looks like you need a ride “

“ Oh thank god thought I was walking forever “ I replied as I got in his old Cadillac with a full bench seat. I looked at him he was older like 60 or something.

“ I live like 10 miles from here we could stop at my garage grab some tools and get you back on the road I am a pretty good good car mechanic “

“ Wow really mister that would be so cool I don’t have any money but I can pay you back later my name is Stevie I live like 20 miles away still that would be great “;

“ Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll pay me back somehow “ he said smiling… Damn boy you look really young pretty little boy you are”

I blushed when I noticed his cock was out his pants it was big twice the size of mine never seen one so big. For some reason I kept staring at it when I felt his hand on my leg reaching for my shorts. I just sat there not knowing what to do but did not move away as I felt his hand inside my shorts all I could do was stare at the biggest cock ever.

“ you like that boy I see you keep staring at it see how big it’s getting for you.. “
His hand was pulling my shorts down before I knew what was happening I was naked in his car driving down the road. I was like frozen couldn’t move my eyes glued to his cock.
I never had a gay thought in my life but for some reason I spread my legs open he was playing with me I was hard getting horny.

In a trance like hypnotized “ So you think I’m pretty? “ I whispered as I reached over touching his cock the first cock I ever touched besides my own. , , I heard myself moan as I started to rub my hands up n down on his massive cock.

“ Damn boy you are so pretty young never thought I’d find a little cock slut like you showing off your half naked body like a little Faggotboi “
He pulled over grabbing my nipples I almost screamed it felt so good

“ Little tramp you moan like a girl fuck you are so hot”
He leaned over kissing my nipples sucking on them I almost lost it.. I was naked in this strangers car his pants now down he keeps sucking nibbling on my nipples. I moan loudly!

“ Good little girl you like that don’t you” Before I could say anything he kisses me shoving his tongue down my throat. Without thinking I kiss him back swapping tongues. I’m moaning loudly squirming my naked body panting like a bitch in heat.

“ Good boy now suck your daddy’s cock you little slut bitch use your pretty lips like it’s a girls pussy lick kiss daddy’s cock fucking little queer slut that you are as I fuck your sweet mouth your pussy”;

He kept calling me dirty names it turned me on. Sooo much.
I leaned over started to kiss lick my first cock. Soon I was slobbering all over it like a lollipop I loved it soooo much I opened my mouth started to suck on it bobbing my head up n down my ass was moving in time going up n down.

“ Tell your daddy how much you like being my cocksucker my bitch my little cunt my slutty little girl”

I looked up at him lust in my eyes
“ Ooooh god ooooh yes you taste so good I love your cock in my mouth in my pussy oooh fuck oooh daddy yes I’ll be your slut bitch oooh god fuck my mouth like it’s a girls pussy “. I was begging pleading like a good little girl squealing as I started to make love to his cock.

It felt warm sweet he was cummming in my mouth I just kept it in my mouth not swallowing savoring the taste of cum. He kept cummming in my mouth his cum was leaking out my mouth. I pulled away he was still cummming now on my face.

I bent over taking as much of his cock in my mouth as I could swallowing his cum filling my belly. I started to cum all over his car seat moaning like a bitch in heat my body shaking in pure pleasure.

“ Fucking little Faggotboi Your cum is all over my seat lick it up lick your cum off it then kiss your daddy letting me know that you are now my little slut my bitch my little girl.

Licking my cum off his seat I had his and my cum in my mouth I kissed him swapping tongues our cum. “ Oooh my daddy yes make me your little girl my mouth is your pussy for your cock I love your cock it’s sooo fucking big so tasty so what I need “

He laid me down on the car seat spreading my legs wide.. next thing I knew he was licking kissing sucking on my asshole his tongue deep inside me.
“:Oooh god oooh fuck so good oooh yes I love this sooo much suck me daddy suck my cunt oooh fuck oooh god oooh daddy I’m cummming again oooh.”

He was catching my cum in his hands his mouth. He was pushing my cum in my ass my cunt I never felt so cheap slutty horny as I felt him slowly entering my virgin ass my cunt his cunt his pussy his little girl.

I thought t would hurt it felt hard inside me slowly he kept entering me I felt him cummming inside my ass his cunt.

“:Ooooh god yes fuck me daddy fuck me sooo good more oooh god your cummming in me seeding me like a girl your girlfriend I’ll be your bitch cunt whore Fuck me oooh god ooooh daddy yes”

“:Goddamn Frank who do you got there some little Faggotboi moaning begging pleading loudly for your cock screaming to be fucked as your little girl”
Shocked confused I looked around my door was open another guy was watching me sucking n fucking moaning like a whore. He was naked. Cum dripping out my ass my mouth i leaned over to him opening my mouth wide… my legs wider..

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    Oh fuck!! Really takes me back to my young slutty days sucking off strangers in cars and trucks.

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    I would love to be picking up and get my tight virgin ass used like that

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    A ride for a ride

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    That was nice of him to give you a ride

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    That’s so hot. I love being a little fuckhole for daddy’s big cock