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Going on vacation with mom part 1

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I find out why mom to Jamaica very year by herself but this time she has to take me with her.

For as long as I can remember my mom has gone to Jamaica Over the Christmas, New year break. My mom is a teacher in a high school across town and on the night of the last day before the holidays she got on a plane for her holiday without dad or me. Dad would take me to the grand parents the next day and pick me up the day before mom got home.
This year after many fights between mom and dad It was decided I would go with mom to Jamaica For the holiday break. I was looking forward to swimming in the ocean and working on my tan. Mom said there were many things I couldn’t do with her so I would have to look after myself. I asked her what it was I couldn’t do with her and all she said was it’s none of my business.
When we got there it was almost midnight and walking down the hall at the hotel I heard a bunch of moaning and one woman yelling ” YES fuck that monster in me, give it all to me you black bastard.” Mom looked at me with a weird smile on her face. We got to the room and mom said there would be times that I wouldn’t be allowed back in the room and that she would have the only key. I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t want me in the room with her but I was sure she would tell me at some point.
The next day after we ate we headed for the beach in our bikinis. We didn’t get a 100 feet when this very well built black man came up to us taking mom in his arms in a hug with a hard kiss on her lips. As I turned on head I seen he had a hold of mom’s ass in both of his hands and mom wasn’t doing a thing to stop him. Once their kiss had ended mom said “Jack this is my 12 year old daughter, I had to bring her with me this year.” Jack almost jumped back and if he wasn’t so black I bet he would’ve turned beet red.
He said “Oh sorry, I didn’t know she was your daughter, I thought maybe you had a girl friend for us to play with like we did last year.”
Mom said ” No did you hear me she’s only 12 so there’s no playing with her yet anyway.” Jack smiled at me as he held a hand out to me. I was in so much shock having seen what I seen I just turned away. Mom said ” Sorry she’s a little sly at first.”
We 3 now hit the beach which had sand so white and water so blue it was picture prefect. With our towels down Jack put sun tan lotion on My back and legs then did mom as I watched out of the corner of my eye. Mom had her top undone so he could do he whole back but his hand went around her body to the side of her tits. I was shocked that she didn’t say anything then he did her legs and his hand went between mom’s legs and as he rubbed her there she give a little moan. I couldn’t believe my eyes as mom did nothing to stop him. He then put more lotion on her lower back and soon both his hands were under mom’s bikini bottom as he rubbed lotion into her ass cheeks which didn’t need lotion cause it was covered. I could’ve swore he had some of his fingers in mom’s asshole. And again mom only moaned. What the hell was she doing, I mean I can’t even remember the last time I seen mom and dad kiss and here was this black man with his hands all over my mom.
After sometime mom said to me “Honey why don’t you go for a swim as I work on my other side tan.” I took it as more like telling more than asking me. So I got up and ran to the water but as I played in the water I kept a eye on mom who on her back with Jack put lotion on her arms then her removed mom’s bikini top kissing her nipples as mom laughed. He then put lotion on her bare tits for the longest time before he went lower and pulled her bottoms off putting his head between her wide open legs. Soon she was pulling his face into her most private area. I just stood there not more than 50 feet away watching my mom with this black stranger doing something they shouldn’t be doing anywhere and surely not on a public beach. I hear my say she was coming as her hips became bouncing off the towel with her head thrown back. I could hear her moaning just like I heard in the hallway the night before.
Jack pulled her bikini bottoms back up and as he finished putting lotion on he said something I could hear but mom was all smiles. Later Jack walked away and she joined me in the water saying that everything that happens down here is our secret and if I kept my mouth shut on what I see or hear that she would buy me whatever I wanted back home.
I only said to her “Do you love him mom and does dad know about what you let him do that to you?”
Mom looked at me saying ” I love your dad but he can’t keep me happy with somethings. It’s not his fault it’s only cause he isn’t big enough where I need him to be so he let’s me come down here once a year to be made happy, do you understand sweetheart?”
I said “Mom you mean dad knows that you’re with other men down here and he don’t get mad about it?”
” No sweetheart, he knows I have needs that he just can’t full fill and as long as I leave it down here he’s ok with it. Do you understand sweetheart that sometimes a woman just needs more than what her husband can give her.” I didn’t really understand what she was talking about but I never heard things like what I heard in that hallway comes from my parents room so maybe that is what she was trying to tell me. I began to wonder if every woman needed what mom and the other women here seemed to be getting or was it only some that needed it. I’m confessed.
At dinner mom said “Sweetheart do you think you could play in the video games room for say maybe 4 hours tonight cause I need to use the room just for me tonight?”
I said “You mean for you and Jack don’t you mom, You want him to do more than what he did on the beach today don’t you?” Yes I was being mean but I was worried about dad and what still could happen.
Mom smile and said “Yes sweetheart Jack and maybe a friend or two will be seeing me tonight, I hope you understand and be grown up about it and not like a little girl about it.” She knows I hate being called a little girl after all I do have a A cup on me and more than a few hairs growing down there.
I went to the video game room after dinner as mom wanted me too and there was 3 teenage boys in there all just like Jack. Black and in very good shape and all eyeing me up. Their eyes on me made me feel uneasy but also like the hottest girl these boys had ever seen. They asked me to play with them and after I had beat all 3 of them twice they said that we should make more interesting, so I asked how we could do that to which they said that who ever loses has to take a piece of clothing off. Hell I beat these 3 with no problem so why not. Won’t they be embarrassed when they are all naked and I haven’t lost any of my clothes so I said that it sounded like fun.
Well when I was down to my bra and panties I realized they had set me up and said that I had to go. They grabbed my clothes saying there was only one way I could get them back. I asked what that was and they said that I had to suck each of them off. I had no idea what that was but made it was like what Jack did to mom on the beach today. I said ok but no one could hear of it and if they told anyone I would call the cops on them. That seem to set them back cause the cops here are mean bastards to what mom told me on the plane.
All 3 dropped there pants and with me on my knees and first walked up in front of me saying if you can take all of me in your mouth you don’t have to do those guys. I thought well that shouldn’t be a problem after all he’s only maybe 4 inches long. Man was I in for a shock Once in my mouth with me sucking on it like I was being told to do it grew then grew even more. I had maybe half in my mouth with it pushing against my throat when I gagged. I took it out off my mouth seeing it had to be 9 inches long. Well there was no way it would fit in my mouth. I tried many times and he said swallow, it helps. So I did. Oh god I thought I was going to die. I swallowed like he said at the same time it hit my throat and it went in my throat and he kept pushing until his balls hit my chin. No matter how hard I pushed against him he wouldn’t pull it out, he just kept pulling a bit out then pushing it back in all the way. He finally pulled out letting breath before pushing himself back in my mouth. I was sure I was going to die when he said ” Here it comes, swallow it all.” He held himself against my throat opening so I had no choice but to swallow or drown. AS soon as he was done and next pushed his thing in my mouth and began pushing as hard as he could forcing his thing down my throat. By now I was beginning to learn when to get so air in my lungs. He didn’t last to overly long before I was forced to swallow his stuff as well. The last guy was huge and it made my jaw hurt just to get it in my mouth. By now I was like a rag doll and it was no surprise when he pushed his huge thing down my throat. He lasted a lot long than the other two had before he held himself in my throat as I could feel his thing pumping it’s stuff into my belly. They pulled up their pants threw my clothes at me and left me on the cold floor.
I walked back to my room and when I got there I could hear mom yelling “Oh god fuck me with that fuck horse cock of yours, Oh fuck I’m coming again.” As her screams more that likely could be heard by the whole hotel.
It was 3 in the morning when 4 guys walked out of our room past me lying on the floor and down the hallway. I got up and walked into our room finding mom sound asleep naked with white stuff running out from between her legs and stuff in her hair and on her face and then she farted and a gush come out of her ass. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. As I sat in the bathroom I thought this was just day one of 9. What could happen next.

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    Can’t wait for the rest. Amazing “story”. Please keep them up.

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    Great story. I’d love to hear more. Please contact me on lewd1976 on all apps

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      part 2 with 3 coming very soon . just click on the JLM for the next parts and other stories. thanks for reading

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      Good story, keep it up. I can’t wait for part 2 and others