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Going down by the river

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Her exhibitionist side is realized one dark night by the river and new adventures come

First off this is a true story of my life with Mary I have changed the names because of this being true.
I met her when I was like 26 , Mary was a little younger not my much though.Mary was a very beautiful woman with long red hair and a fantastic body completely shave and very clean ,she took very good care of herself
You see Mary was a closet exhibitionist remember we were just out driving and decided to go camping at a spot I knew by the river . Usually we would have had the place all alone, but not tonight all the spots were occupied
Well we were disappointed to say the least. It was an extremely dark night no moon light or any glimmer of a star ,just the flickering of campfires bit 20 feet in 4 directions of where we parked. Mary was sitting on the hood of the car in modest running shorts ,and I haven’t told you yet but she never wore panties or bras. I was leaning on the car infront of her making out with her and softly feeling her up she resisted a little and whispered “they’re just right over there”. I kept on running my finger gently up and down the tight slit of her beautiful pussy pulling her shorts off with my other hand Mary replied in a soft moaning voice “but they might see us” i reassured her that they couldn’t because we have no fire and that’s why we could make out the outline of our neighbors.
Mary raised her sexy but up enough to give me access to pull her shorts off.
I kissed her softly on her lips before I started my journey down her luscious body with soft sucking kisses , pausing long enough to und her blouse and uncover her beautiful tits and suck on both before continuing my trip down to her pussy , which was now wet and ready for my kisses,and not worrying about the closeness of our camping neighbors
Well I sucked and liked her pussy and clit through several orgasms and trust me a tasty dish does not smell like fish.
Well she bragged to her and our friends about that night by the river ,and swears I was down on her for at least an hour and a half,me I don’t know because time flies when your having fun.
I think that night she realized that she loved the thought of strangers probably being able to see her ,so there are many more stories to come.

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