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Fuckmeat Teacher – 4

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More degradation and humiliations for teacher. How much more can she take?

“Tell us how magnets work while we piss on you, stupid” the boys giggled.

The piss on its own she could deal with psychologically by closing her eyes and imagining a hot shower in a luxurious hotel getaway, but the evil requirement that she concentrate on explaining a concept to her boy-masters kept her in the moment. She was a fuck toy to young bullies who, in this moment, wanted to humiliate her for valuing education and knowledge while they sprayed her with urine.

They fucked her all over her house On this day. No space went undesecrated. It was especially humiliating that they forced their teacher toy to act out Donnie’s current favourite porn series. A Japanese adult video series called “tissu ni narimasu” (I will become your tissue). The submissive Japanese model is tasked with licking up and swallowing all sperm in a house full of masturbating porn geeks.

The boys made Amanda crawl around in her own home in her underwear to lick their cum off of family pictures, heirlooms, furnishings and even her grandfather’s urn. No load escaped her belly.

At this point at least part of Amanda’s body was made of cells generated from digesting these bullies cum. Just days ago she held a position of authority over these boys she now had to look up to for permission to stand erect.

She wondered, at times, what everyone at work thought. She had been absent almost everyday; probably for the best since the last day she went to school Chester inseminated her in her classroom. Her workmates probably just thought her absenteeism was related to the wedding. Everyone else got a break from the two slugs who owned her ass.


“Oh my god, shut the fuck up bitch. No one cares how magnets work. You suck at teaching. You’re exactly where you belong with us taking charge of you”

Maybe they were right, she thought,

“It time for drama class” Chester stated.

The boys explained they felt a bit guilty having her all to themselves and her character lessons taught them to share. She would be fucking and sucking other people starting with Morry Sanders, her neighbour’s fat 17 year old son.

Morris was essentially what Chester would become in four years. Obese, dirty, a shut-in living in his parents basement. He kept to himself mostly. Amanda had caught him one time a few weeks back staring at her out the window while she worked in the garden.

She did not know this, but some of her looser-fitting tops exposed a very nice view of her massive cleavage if one was positioned just so as she crawl about the garden pulling weeds. On one occasion, Morry snapped a photo which he could zoom in and masturbate to over and over and over again.

Chester explained that her drama class consisted of convincing Morris she wanted to dump Martin and be the grotesque boy’s fuck friend forever. She needed to make him believe she lusted after him and would do anything to have him.

“To keep you honest, I want you to take this novelty sized shot glass (8 ounces!) with you. You must return in 3 hours with this thing filled with Morry’s cum” Donnie added “do what you need to do to make me proud teacher.”

In his basement, Morris was spanking off as usual. He has been having a marathon of sorts. He wore the same jogging pants and t-shirt combination for three days as he ate pizza pockets and watched porn.

Sometimes he was able to jerk to completion just thinking about his neighbour Amanda’s body. He would mumble to himself “just look at your body. Look at that ass. Look at how hot you are. How can you hide these beautiful tits? Do you know how hot you are?” As he envisioned himself groping her in her gardening attire.


Morris didn’t usually answer the door, especially mid-spank but his mother told him she was expecting a UPS package that needed to be signed for. Her pulled up his filthy pants and waddled his 345lbs body up the stairs to the front door.

Morris couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Hi Morry. I’m your neighbour Amanda, my fiancée and I live next door since last summer” she realized she had never even spoke to this goblin, “can I come in to chat with you”.

Morris didn’t respond right away. His eyes were saucers pointed directly at the loose fitting tank top worn over bra-less tits and black yoga pants ensemble.

“Yes. Yah please come in miss” morris finally babbled.

Amanda got right to business. She needed to follow her instructions and time was short. “Do you like me Morry? Because I have been watching you since my loser fiancée and I moved in”

The stench of old pizza and cum became almost unbearable as she pushed her huge rack into his grotesque frame, “I have a few hours today finally and I wanted to know if you’d like to play with me”.

“What about your fiancée…..Morgan?” He asked.

She giggled “ha you mean Martin? He is a loser. I want you to be my new boyfriend” she leaned in for a kiss.

The word unequal or unmatched does not fully depict the view the boys saw as they peeked through the window. Here was a sexy, buxom, hard-bodied 6” tall 28 year wet dream pushing herself up like a slut to a grotesque caricature of sloth. The boys knew playing this role was humiliating her more than any piss shower ever could.

“I see you looking at my tits through the window. Grab them. They’re yours now. Feel how big and soft they are. Wrap them around your cock and use them to jerk off.” She appealed “I want to save your cum in this glass so I can slip it into Martin coffee.”

She got down on her knees and pulled down his pants on the way down. “Why don’t you sit down lover. Get comfortable while I take care of this for you” as soon as he plopped himself on the couch she engulfed his 5” dick in her soft mouth. After bobbing a few times she moved her tits up to fuck his dick while keeping its tip in her mouth to capture his load.

“I can’t believe this is happening. Yeah. Fuck my sick with your mouth and tits slut” Morry started to parrot porn lines.

She had only done a tit-fuck blowjob for Martin once. Something felt dirty and demeaning about it, even if she had done each separately enough times. Now it was her first move on this stinky fat lump of a boy.

She gave Morry her pussy three times, in all positions that day. She sucked him off 3 times as well. After each session she scooped, licked or captured the loads required to fill her “marriage” cup, swallowing but one and a half by force of sex slave habit.

“Thank you, Morry” she said as she walked out the front door “I have to go clean up for that piece of shit loser fiancée of mine but thank you for letting me suck and fuck your today. This body belongs to you now.”

She played her role as commanded. She had her full glass of cum, very little of it she had to swallow and no neighbours saw her go in or come out. Not at all bad with an hour still left before Martin returned home.

She felt almost giddy knowing as she did that she would be released from this horrific obligation the moment Martin said “I do”. The ceremony was scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm. She had exactly 24 hours left as a sex slave for these little demons.


The door to her home was locked. Those fucking little shits had locked her out of her own house. Mindful of her disgusting but precious glass of troll semen she tried stealthily and quickly to get to the side door before any neighbours walked by.

She found the door locked and two grinning faces looking out to her.

“What’s the password?” Chester giggled “go to the front door and say the password. If you get it right we’ll let you in”.

She again moved to the front door focused on not spilling her precious cargo and trying her best to hide her dishevelled cum-pizza-sweat coated slut costume.

“Uh, open sesame” she whispered. “What!? We can’t hear you!” “OPEN SESAME” she repeated loudly. Still no nosy neighbours honing in on her.

“NOPE! Try again teacher. What do we want to hear , do you think?”

“I AM A DIRTY WHORE” she screamed, no longer caring. The humiliation was complete. She would do or say anything for this door to be opened. The door to her own home.

“Close! But no cigar! Try again.” She heard a dog bark and spun around. Must have been just from someone’s yard.

“I LOVE FUCKING AND SUCKING MY YOUNG STUDENTS COCKS!” She yelled, desperate. Tears began to stream down her face.



The door opened. “HAHAHAHA the password was PLEASE, you dirty cum bin!”

After fucking her in each of her holes the boys left just before Martin pulled in.

“Honey, I’m home” Martin called as Amanda got in the shower. It took extra scrubbing to return her to the appearance of an adult woman living a normal life. Though she consumed the bulk of her little tormentors semen, a lot of furniture and portraits were due for a deep cleaning.

Tonight she was left with strict orders from Donnie not to provide any sexual relief to Martin. The bully boy would own this pie until otherwise directed

Tomorrow’s the big day. Rate and comment and let me know what should happen next.

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