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Forced to be fuck meat

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My parents forcing misogyny on me before i could even think for myself

When I was around 20-10 my parents wanted me to be more girly. I wanted to be more of a tomboy but my parents had other plans. Mommy would keep me in pretty dresses my under developed tits could be pulled out of at any moment, give me baths, stretch out my cunt, and work on making me as girly as possible. She’d force me to nurse from her tits so I would bond to her, let my brain regress into a more flexible state. She’d hold me and spread my little cunny lips to show me all my parts, and take pictures for the photo album she shows guests. When daddy got home, they’d sit me on the couch to watch him rape mommy until she cries, beating her for every little failure to be the perfect housewife. Then we’d go eat the dinner she cooked, and daddy would ask about how me becoming more girly was coming. Mommy would tell him about any time I talked back, tried to have opinions, and especially anything I said about gender. I would be quiet while the grownups were talking. After dinner, mommy would clean up, and then hold me still for daddy to grope. He would punish me for anything I said wrong that day, spanking my cunt and slapping my face. Then he and mommy would inspect and talk about my body, what clothes to get me, if I needed to be waxed, breast implants, lip fillers… Finally, before putting me to bed, daddy would test my girliness for himself, having me suck his cock, lick his asshole, fucking my smooth cunny, all while he gives notes to mommy about how well I do, how my cunt feels, what he likes, what he doesn’t. She’ll said she’ll make adjustments to my body and train me on the relevant techniques when he’s at work. She started forcing me to do more things. She would force old men to fuck and take pictures of me. I would still always end up cumming on their cocks when I felt them pulse inside me as they filled up my tiny pussy with cum. The one I remember the most was a 20+40 year old man who fucked my ass until i was bleeding and screaming for him to stop. As soon as I made a noise he started covering my face and telling me this is what im made for and to thank him. The worst part was someone had saved my nudes and posted them to different sites without my permission. I found out later when I recognized my own pussy while scrolling and it was so humiliating to be on display for perverts and pedophiles. So many people have now seen it and know what I look like under my tomboy costume. My pussy starts dripping from reading the comments people would make about my naked wet cunt and how I must be such a pretty little fuckhole. Over time I just had to except it but now I love being a cumdump. My mom put me on birth control but eventually when im 20-7 i want to be a man’s slave for him to breed.

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  • Reply Donald Nickell ID:3zxjmhgw20d

    Ño birth control. God make girls to have babies. [email protected]

  • Reply Lina ID:58g1hxym2

    Would love to have parents like that to made me a slave cumdump

    • horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

      Then keep using you as a cum dump and then get you pregnant and make them a cum dump

  • Reply Grandpasgirl11 ID:1e0qpugx4gdp

    Little girls are created just to be sex slaves for their daddies and his friends. Daddy is using her how he should. Rape her and use her as early as possible and knock her up as young as possible so you have more baby kitty to use

  • Reply princess ID:nike3vrv3

    Such a good girl
    Proud of you for learning your place
    Hope you find a Master that’ll use you like the cocksleeve you are <3

    • AJ ID:1dx74vtvelbm

      Do you chat

  • Reply Hellish ID:3057hetqra

    This is… weird.

    • Lynn ID:mqvby9fk7dp


  • Reply baha ID:1cuhbvx7a9vz


  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    All young girls tour age should be made to fuck their dad and any of his friends

    • Elizabeth ID:oymogbwt0b

      You’re such an asshole- no we don’t

    • JTBL ID:on8tikx20a

      @Elizabeth I agree with you as far as made to, force is not the way the gentle approach is much better for both the girl and the man. It makes the pleasure for both parties much greater and enjoyable. Wickr me if you want to chat jack the bad lad

    • Radox ID:5rhv5lft0a

      Love a chat about this subject. Enjoyed the story Wickr and radoxio

  • Reply hornyman ID:hoohpbtb09