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Family sex for money

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With the help of a friend we started safely making under age sex videos to show on-line and make money from. Fiction, video, boys with wife, oral

I sat in the chair with one hand around my hard cock and the other holding my cell phone camera. In front of me was the king sized bed in our bedroom.

My thirty-five year old wife, Carla was naked in the middle of the bed, on her hands and knees. Our fourteen year old son, Tommy was on his knees in front of her, as naked as she was. His cock was in her mouth. Behind her, with his cock buried in her cunt was Tommy’s also fifteen year old friend Harold.

Tommy held her by the hair and fucked her mouth while Harold held her hips and slammed his dick in and out of her pussy. This was not the first time the two of them had fucked her but it was the first time we had filmed it. In the chair next to me was Tom, Harold’s father. He was also slowly stroking his cock.

Tom was the one that got us all involved doing this on video. We had been friends for years. He was a single father with one son and two daughters, one not quite twelve year old daughter, Trisha and the other, Sally who was fourteen.

One day while we were chatting, after a few adult beverages, he told Carla and me that he had made more than a thousand dollars by letting Harold, who was then fourteen then, fuck a fifty-six year old woman so the video could be part of a movie that someone he had met was making. As he told us the story I felt myself harden and watched Carla slide her hand down inside her shorts. That night Tom, Carla and I had out first threesome.

In addition to my cell phone camera, I had also set up three fixed position cameras around the room to catch all the action and give different angles to make the video from. I am a computer professional so I am able to make videos as good as any you see on-line. I have all the proper equipment.

I focused my hand-held in on the action that is one of my favorite things to watch in any porn movie. I was shooting a close-up of Carla’s big tits, hanging under her and swinging back and forth as she was being fucked. I could watch that for hours. After several minutes, Tommy groaned and filled his mother’s mouth full of cum. I got up and got a close-up of her cum filled mouth before she swallowed his warm, thick, slimy load.

Soon after that, Harold jerked repeatedly and then held himself deep in Carla’s pussy. I was getting a close-up of that also. You could see his ball sack tightened multiple times as it released his load into her. This sent Carla over the edge and she orgasmed loudly. “Oh fuck. Fuck yes. Fill my cunt with your seed. Pump it in me.” She actually intentionally over-acted a bit but she wanted the microphone to get a good reaction for the video. I recorded cum leaking from her shaved snatch.

Carla had the boys stand on the bed, next to each other and she went back and forth between them, sucking them till they started to get hard again. Because they were young and horny, it didn’t take long. Then they reversed from their original position so Harold was at her face and Tommy was behind her, dicking her pussy.

She placed them carefully, just where she wanted them. She told them not to move at all but to let her do the moving. Carla started rocking back and forth while the boys remained still. When she rocked forward, she took Harold’s cock in her mouth and when she rocked back, her cunt engulfed Tommy’s prick. She kept this up till both boys came again. Then she turned and sucked Tommy clean. I shut off the cameras and turned off the lights.

“Gee Dad, why did you stop filming? We could have done it again.”

“We have all we need for this time. I have almost a half hour on each camera. That’s more than I need to make a ten minute video. If you guys want to keep going, go for it.”

The boys both looked excited but Carla said, “Not tonight, Guys. You’ve worn me out.” They got off the bed and dressed.

The next day I was home editing, till I got a super hot video of the night’s action. We all gathered in our living room and watched it. Then the boys watched as Carla gave Tom and I blowjobs.

We weren’t about to sell this one to the movie maker for a thousand dollars. Tom had done some research and found a guy overseas who ran a website specializing in videos featuring young boys and girls from ten to sixteen, sometimes with other children and sometimes with adults.

He ran a very private website that you could not find with any search engine. Over 10,000 people, from all around the world paid a membership fee to watch the videos, and then paid with tokens to watch a live session where they could pay and request specific things, at different prices, to be done just for them. He used tokens because of the different currencies around the world. He would then split the payments with the makers of the videos. So if a lot of people watched our videos and then wanted to chat and request special things afterward, he might bring in thousands of dollars and we would get half of it. I had to send it to him heavily encrypted and he would send it out to his members. There was almost a zero percent chance of ever getting caught.

After it had been available for a week, we were notified that, so far we had made $2645 US dollars. He told us that the first one was well received and if his members liked us, they would start following our videos and chat sessions and we could make a lot more.

We were already planning our next video. We planned to make one a week. The next one was going to be of Tom’s daughters, dressed up like puppies and making the video with just the two of them, an eleven year old and a fourteen year old doing some hot strap-on fucking and pussy licking action. We were sure that the people would have lots of requests during the private live session after the video ended.

My mind was racing ahead, thinking about more fun things to do that people would want to watch, and of course, about the money.

I got a strong mental picture of Tom and me doing a home invasion video, breaking into the house and raping Carla and Trisha, who were to be playing a mother and daughter. We would break in and do a hard B&D scene with Tom and me having our way with both of them and also forcing them to do things together.

Life is going to be fun, and profitable.

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      Planning at least one follow-up story.

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    Just the title alone speaks for itself.total fuckin’g moron.this guy is retarded.dumb ass predator.just to say your doing that shit online speaks about how much of a loser this ass hole is.”dumb fuck.”

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    Tom and Tommy 😶 couldn’t find other names? Lmao

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      Good story

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