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Double dogged in the corn field

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Hello everyone!

Long time no talk, as most of you know I was hard banned from Snapchat thanks to people who have nothing better to do then report because I wouldn’t give freebies but I’m here and back to writing with my latest experience!

As most of you know I’ve been pregnant and unable to have much interaction with my furry friends, but that’s no longer the case. I’ve given birth and just gotten the clear from the doctor to be sexually active once again! So you can bet I went out looking for a knot.

Thankfully I’ve learned that my neighbour is into zoo and has a 140 pound king corso and as of today I am his bitch. But now to the actual story.

When I was just 17 years old, our highschool sat on the back of a farmers field not a big field but still a fair size. The farmer had planted corn that summer so I took my boyfriend of then and took him into the field so we could get down and dirty, unfortunately he would never be able to get me off. He finishes and decides to head back to school which is fine because I still had more work to do. As I’m laying their 3 fingers deep in myself I hear a rustling and between the stalks to boarder collies come running out. I only assume they are the farmers dogs looking for pests in the fields.

They proceeded to sniff me from head to two growling. I slowly removed my fingers from myself and that’s when their ears perked up. I knew then and there what was about to happen. I raised my self to all fours and arched my ass into the air. With in seconds dual tongues were lapping at my pussy and my ass. Panting and moaning I was sure someone was going to hear us.

After what seemed like an eternity the first dog mounted and the other began to pace around me wimpering. As the first dog found my wet pussy and slide in with ease i jolted up as I thought I heard something and in that moment the other collie mounted my face and began to throat fuck me. I thought I was going to die gagging. The dogs knot began to swell inside my mouth but I was to slow and was stuck in the middle of a field knotted in my pussy and gagging on the knot in my mouth that was constantly sending streams of semen down the back of my throat.

After about 20 minutes both knots had full deflated the last being the one in my mouth I laid there for a bit as the dogs began to clean me up. Then at the sound of a whistle both dogs took off. I ended up taking a nap there and missing the rest of the school day and missed my bus home.

Hope you all enjoyed another tale of my fabulous life I’ve had. If anyone wishes to talk I do have a kik now

knottycouple22 is my username and the only place you will be able to get a hold of me and things will probably be much more mellow then Snapchat as I lost my entire for your eyes only when I got hard banned.

Stay tuned for more stories from me

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  • Reply Doggybitch ID:1evqse1nel21

    I wish I had horny dogs and guys in my neighborhood.

  • Reply Mike ID:fzqnlkm9i

    think I hit u up on kik but nothing back

    • Knottycouple22 ID:mp1idh0pv3j

      Nope haven’t received any chat notification

  • Reply GRWJ ID:fx7j3g20j

    Try xHamster or Mega

  • Reply Nat R ID:1ep4j7t5k6wk

    Why no comments working

    • Knottycouple ID:1ep4j7t5k6wk

      I’m 29

  • Reply Knottycouple ID:1ep4j7t5k6wk

    If anyone has any other suggestions of places to talk outside of kik please reply to my comment with your suggestion

    • ElDogBr ID:46kpli0qhra

      You have session?

    • DutchDrop ID:1dqdyedbk74i

      Whatsapp an idea maybe?

  • Reply Daddys slutt ID:1i2lwbtz6i9

    I loved this. I would love to be fucked by dogs. Any older men please message my discord it’s tama#3771

    • Dgod ID:hd43mjb0i

      How old are you?

    • Hunglo ID:2px1mmwn4hu

      Hi slut do you have a email

    • Daddy ID:7pqjf5w49k

      Tried adding u but u have to add